Mountain America Credit Union

Credit union Mountain America Credit Union, 735 S State St, Salt Lake City, UT 84111, United States: 121 review of visitors, the most complete information about the address, business hours, location on the map, photos, phone number, website and other contacts.
Mountain America Credit Union
Rate: 3.7
Address: 735 S State St, Salt Lake City, UT 84111, United States
Phone number: +1 801-325-6228

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Latitude: 40.7533338
Longitude: -111.8876585

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Vitaliy Vilshanetskyy
Very impressed with professional staff as they are both knowledgeable and kind. Candice Nguyen helped me with opening multiple products that is now saving me money. I couldn't be happier with this branch! Great work guys.
8 months ago
Amber Hurley
Thank you to Melissa Luevano for assisting me in getting me approved for a credit card as well as assisting me with a auto loan. She excelled proficiently and professionally. Thank you Melissa, you're a great!
7 months ago
Megan Norris
This bank looks so big and gorgeous its just fantastic as any of them are just this bank is a little bit more fancy. ????
7 months ago
Taylor Varilly
Pre-covid, in-person they were quite helpful. I've been waiting a week for a return call. This has my experience with the last few interactions with Mountain America Credit Union in general. No one will return my call. Used to be great.
7 months ago
eunice agar
Great branch. Quick transactions. Monday-Friday 7:30pm, the drive thru lobby service starts at 7 am.
5 months ago
Damon Pickens
Every single thing about my experience applying for a MACU loan was dismal. Weeks went by without communication. I visited the branch to complain and was assured by the manager and in-bank loan rep they'd look into it. That day the loan officer sent me an email that he was "too inundated" to communicate with applicants and because he was so busy it "put a strain on some of his applications." After a 1 day flurry of emails, complete black hole silence again. I do not believe it should take 7 weeks to approve or deny a simple loan application. I do not believe the burden of communication should rest entirely on the customer because MACU employees are too busy or too unsupported to provide basic customer support. MACU failed completely to deliver their advertised "Placing Members First."
8 months ago
Scott Dunavant
When any of my accounts are accessed I am alerted promptly thank you so very much for staying on top and ahead
9 months ago
Alexia Thomas
This branch is absolutely horrible! Every time I am forced to come to this branch the service is terrible, the wait times are beyond ridiculous and the managers are completely unapologetic anytime they make a mistake. I cannot begin to express how horrible everything at this branch is. Someone needs to take note.
8 months ago
ann goliat
Hands! Down! Helpful and definitely helping with ANYTHING!, Loan Officer Sarah seriously took the time to truly help me even 30min after closing, I can't say how happy and great full i am!.
8 months ago
Selena Ramsaywakh
I’ve been banking with Mountain America for years. I trust them. I believe they have made everything from simple banking to taking loans out very easy. I’ve always been treated well with every visit.
11 months ago
Super friendly staff much better banking service than any bank in town
8 months ago
Alexandria Pease
Hot banker. Thanks for the help. Hope the ceo sees
9 months ago
Jessica Massad
Wow, what a positive experience working with Leydi! Thank you for having such proactive helpful people on staff.
11 months ago
Chris Bingham
Fantastic service with this best bank always. This branch in Salt Lake City is especially helpful. Thank you Marie!
9 months ago
project zorgo
Have not had the best experience with this credit union. Not only do they only provide services on a biased basis but they are incredibly rude and not professional of helping me when issues arose with a claim of identity theft. The guy in the front, Lena, not only was the one who told me that they will and only provide refunds for the atm fees charged by other financial institutions to those members they chose. He said, “ we have the right to only provide to those members that have a certain amount of money and no issues on their accounts.” This was for a $2.00 charge that they charged me for a statement fee. A STATEMENT FEE? Thanks for all the additional stress during an already stressful time.
1 month ago
This was the branch that had loan officers and management that got me to join MACU. Since then they have driven away senior loan officers under their new management, have drama between the PC crowd and their senior staff who actually have life experience. This place has become the opposite of a melting pot in interest of people feelings it seems and the customer has suffered. All I needed was a notary today and I sat in the lobby for half an hour before deciding to leave and go to another Bank where I also keep funds. Probably going to have to move all my accounts if this is the service that MACU offers now. Just another company falling to the woke 2020s.
10 months ago
Good credit union, but this location's ATM machine is notoriously unreliable.
9 months ago
yahya alsalmi
First time I have been to a bank that takes care of their customers first! Christina did an awesome job of getting all the good rates on my car and my house!
9 months ago
Karen Frankel
Don’t recommend going here if you need anything done quickly. They are constantly understaffed and have the slowest drive up in slc. Love macu, this location just seems to struggle with the volume of members.
11 months ago
Gloria Ritchie
They have always done what they can to help and got me out of a pinch multiple times. They will work with you to keep your account open and continue business with them. Helped boost my credit and give helpful information to keep my score up. Would highly recommend to any person young or otherwise if you are just getting started in the credit world.
5 months ago
Gabriel G
Miss KC was very helpful. Very personal service.
10 months ago
Rosmiza jaafar
Always very kind and friendly...very helpful????????
9 months ago
Best bank and Credit Union ever. Love it ????
9 months ago
Victoria Orr
Always the best. No other financial institution compares.
14 hours ago
Mitchell Jones
Mountain America proactively reached out to help me restructure my personal debt and home mortgage not just so I would be successful as a small business owner during the COVID-19 crisis but so the I could stay on track toward my business and personal retirement goals. I recommend them highly and thank their staff for acting on the values they hold in caring for our community!
11 months ago
victor leblanc
Never had a problem, 4 years. Leaving the State, or I would still be with them.
1 month ago
Mateus Corazon
I’m not sure why the drive through workers aren’t wearing a mask if they’re still touching our money & IDs.
9 months ago
William Mack
What is not to love! Member driven credit union, fair rates, quality customer service and convenient locations/times.
11 months ago
Latecia Blackman
Not quite "right." I just don't get why every time I go there to do something so simple, the interaction just seems so broken. Just now, I was holding on the phone while "Andrew" "went to get the manager"...For 11 minutes I had to listen to an insipid recording/advertisement of a woman with a gravely annoying voice over and over and over. Why oh why would I be surprised? Every time I use their drive-thru it's like they are training someone new there. Every.Single. Time. Why does this place always seem so "broken" or "off"...something is definitely not right. . . I see my review garnered a response, which is nice. I have to clarify that my review above was for the 700 S State St branch and it's the drive through tellers there that I really don't think are adequately trained...
8 months ago
Faye Andrews
First time at this location and I’ve never waited this long in a line. Will try to avoid
9 months ago
Natalie Simpson
This branch is awesome. If you’re sitting and waiting for more than 2 minutes, you’re bound to have someone come and ask what you need help with. So attentive! Also CJ is the best banker EVER.
9 months ago
LA Carrasco
Everyone has always been great. The reason I love it and suggest it to anyone interested.
5 months ago
Dave Haffner
I recently came into this branch and was treated with excellent customer service by loan officer, CJ. He was extremely helpful in helping me figure out how to take care of my finances. He listened to my concerns, assessed what could help me and immediately got to work to help me out. My finances have gone from a scary burden to something far more manageable thanks to the help of CJ. 10/10 would recommend going to CJ with any financial questions or concerns, you will be treated with prime customer service and a judgement free zone.
4 months ago
Dawn Roth
CJ helped my boyfriend and I with our auto loan. He was incredibly helpful, friendly and fast. He provided us with superb customer service. It only took a few hours for us to go from looking at the car we wanted to actually owning it. Thank you CJ and MACU for this great experience. I highly recommend this institution!
6 months ago
Eric Anderson
MACU has got to be the coolest bank I have ever been with !
3 months ago
Kerry Batt
I've been banking with MACU for nearly a decade. I've used different branches and all of the staff have been helpful, nice, and prompt with service. Recently I have been working with CJ Dever at this branch and he has done a spectacular job. He has returned every phone call, and been able to help me with a myriad of topics and issues. I don't want to leave MACU because of the service that I have received.
5 months ago
Diana Vazquez
After banking with MACU for more than 22 years, we are switching our relatively significant and multiple accounts to America First Credit Union. The problem is MACU‘s upper-level-management incompetence (over an extended period of time) in creating a mobile app that works. MACU apparently entered into a contract with a company called Alchemy over a year ago to handle their online services. More recently MACU apparently entered into a much larger and more lucrative contract with Alchemy to “upgrade” MACU’s mobile app. In our case we rely quite heavily on mobile banking. We have tried for over three weeks to get the “improved” mobile app to work on our brand-new iPhones. We have worked with our branch manager, customer service, and the digital division of MACU. We have tried setting up new account and starting over. Nothing has worked. Constant lockouts, and error messages. For at least a month now MACU has had a recording play when you call customer service that apologizes about their mobile app. So my wife and I are not the only ones who apparently have had a problem. We have significant savings accounts (significant to us at least) and several accounts with MACU, and various automatic payment options set up with MACU. Despite this long-rooted relationship with MACU, we are switching at this point. The employees we have worked with at our branch have been personable, professional, and easy to work with. Unfortunately, upper-level management has put their employees in the untenable position of dealing with their (management’s) incompetence as they (the employees) try to deal with frustrated customers. I can no longer recommend MACU to anyone. About 15 years ago I worked with MACU in providing estate planning services. I even went on a cruise with upper level management. Now as I think of upper-level management going on cruises while employees have to deal with shoddy online and app services, it makes me sick. In brief, because employees at the digital and customer service divisions at MACU do not dare to criticize their employers, I will step in for them and say the following to upper-level management: “Get off your thrones—in which you are in a state of thoughtless stupor—kick Alchemy in the rear, and fix your mobile app before you lose even more customers.” Craig and Karen Hughes
1 month ago
Ted Bara
everything was handled very well during my 2 transaction visit, thank you guys, you rock
2 months ago
Chris Landry
I'm new to the credit union and they have been great with personal and business account's!!
7 months ago
sanaa hassan
Excellent professional service
8 months ago
Konrad Florczak
I have always had an great experience with macu. Whether online, in a Branch or just by telephone.
1 month ago
cindy meyer
Listen. If you are trying to get an auto loan, go to CJ. The man is a pleasure to work with. Super friendly and a bit of sarcasm goes a long way when you are putting yourself into a financial crisis. 10/10 recommend you ask for this dude.
11 months ago
TL Wallace
The website and app clearly state that the drive-through at the location opens at 7:30 during the week. This is apparently NOT the case as I arrived at 8:25 to find it still closed.
8 months ago
Rick S
Mountain America Credit Union is the first financial institution I have used that is on my side. Time after time, when something comes up, they have my back.
4 months ago
Laura Hardin
I hate banks but, there isn't anything to not like at Mountain America Credit Union. I absolutely love interacting with Kristen, she has always been there for me.
7 months ago
Norman Bellina
This is the worst bank I've ever used, call at any point and you will be on hold for 30 mins at least, lazy staff don't like to answer phones. I've been inside where I watch them blatantly ignore the phones, wasting customers time with lack of integrity
10 months ago
Every thing goes well with me
10 months ago
Pavel Chinyanin
When you choose a bank, shareholders make money off of you; when you choose a credit union you are a part owner. This branch of Mountain America has always served me well, through a home equity loan and two car loans. Bri has helped me each step of the way---she has first desk on south side. Parking is easy, drive through has nice hours, you can have a safely deposit box and they can notarize important papers without charge. Love 'm! ????????????
10 months ago
Hichul Chung
I'm totally satisfied with Mountain America, I will stay with them forever
4 months ago
Ron Fleming
I had an amazing experience at this branch! I lost my wallet and needed a new debit card. The gentleman helped me right away and even let me pick a cute doggo to put on my new card. I had my new card within minutes of arriving. The service here is outstanding and truly makes me proud to be a MACU member. Thank you!
9 months ago

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