A+ Federal Credit Union

Credit union A+ Federal Credit Union, 6420 E US 290 SVRD, Austin, TX 78723, United States: 102 reviews of visitors, the most complete information about the address, business hours, location on the map, photos, phone number, website and other contacts.
A+ Federal Credit Union
Rate: 4.1
Address: 6420 E US 290 SVRD, Austin, TX 78723, United States
Website: aplusfcu.org
Phone number: +1 512-302-6800

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Latitude: 30.3230138
Longitude: -97.6966228

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Mimi Piquepanse
Very understanding, thorough, and you all try and help out where you can, offering excellent financial options to your customers. This was actually my experience and I am grateful. Thank you. You all have been excellent, especially when the pandemic hit.
4 months ago
Clara Ramos
A+ Federal Credit Union has been by far the best bank that I have banked with. From the day that I open my account, I have felt at home with the staff. I would recommend opening up an account. And if you use my referral code below, you can get up to $20 for opening an account when using my referral code 257110A
3 months ago
Tim Sowell
The 183 branch has always had excellent customer service. Employees are efficient and very personable. Some of my most recent interactions have been with J. Fox. He is an outstanding young man. He is always professional and polite.
4 months ago
Christian Rickers
Some of the nicest people you will ever meet. I have made several transactions for myself and relatives and NO MATTER who has assisted me the customer service has always been superior wether it’s in the drive-thru or inside. Glad I become a member and very proud to part of that Credit Union family. Keep up the great work.
4 months ago
Andrey Khoroshikh
Archaic website, awful payment platform and poor communication. I have a car loan through A+FCU and have had the hardest time, despite auto-payment enrollment, having the correct payment amount withdrawn on the correct date. I have spent too long on the phone with collections about an $8 past due amount. Do not recommend.
3 months ago
Deb Borwig
Went in to lobby at Harker Heights location. Both women there were very pleasant to deal with...got my business take care of promptly and with no problems! Much easier than trying to get something done on phone...that is not so pleasant!! Ilive about 80 miles away from your nearest location or I would do everything in person... Don Mannis
4 months ago
Kathy Orvis
I L-O-V-E A+ Georgetown :) I have always been treated kindly and with patience. The staff is professional and I feel secure. Thank you A+! Best bank I have ever had stateside.
5 months ago
Jordan stoy
The staff at A+ goes above and beyond. Very professional and friendly. I am always greeted by my name. My transactions are handled thoroughly and quickly and most importantly, I am always thanked for being a customer. We are and will continue to be loyal members because of the people who work at A+ FCU.
4 months ago
Padlo Escobar
Worst customer service I've ever experienced with a mortgage company. Lack of professionalism, completely dropped the ball on writing a letter CORRECTLY tot the State of Texas, when very specifically given instructions on the way to do so. Did not answer or respond to the State of Texas in regard to the incorrect letter written which COULD HAVE corrected the issue. This lack of professionalism and interest in solving the problem for their customer (me) is currently costing the homebuyer and me (the seller) thousands of dollars by dragging the process on and on and on...and it's still not resolved. By their lack of action to such a time sensitive and important matter it is clear that my business and being a customer does not matter.
4 months ago
Ivan Egorov
I really love this Bank.They are always professional,caring,and just a great Bank.Rather you go in person,or over the phone,their very attentive and pleasant ????Just what the World needs more of! I really appreciate you all,and all y'all do.
4 months ago
Isabella Perez
After nine plus months of lobby closed and long waiting lines to try and do transactions, its time to close my accounts and move forward. When the lobby was open, it was ridiculous to have to take off cap upon entering building. Also, I found I could get a loan easier and better rate at bank. The cashiers were always nice and professional, but the negatives out weigh the positives in my case. Thanks.
8 months ago
Nip Jordan
A+ customer service is super. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. And fast too.
4 months ago
Stephanie Streets
If your not a member of A plus then you need to be!! They have Excellent service!! It is so easy to do any kind of business with them!! I have been with them for 30 plus years!!
5 months ago
NCd Ness
Adele in the loan office was very patient with me. She walked me through the loan process. Thank you very much!
4 months ago
Randall Hurst
I applied for a loan and everyone that I spoke with was very helpful and informative. I honestly felt that everyone went above and beyond to make sure I was informed about the loan and the options I had that would best benefit me.
6 months ago
David Oluoch
DO NOT USE THE ATM FOR CASH DEPOSITS AS OF 04/23! I put roughly $480 into the ATM in an atempt to make a depsosit into my account, and the ATM kept my money & didn't procses the transaction,
4 months ago
Qaadir Haamid
I pulled in to the outside window and was met by your banking associate who was professional, courteous and very timely. I made my check deposit, received my receipt in the tube and I was on my way within 3 to 5 minutes. My experience today was great!!
6 months ago
Justin Sali
I had a bad experience with a seller on Venmo who was unscrupulous and took my money. Not only did the bank understand the situation, but also helped me work through the mess this created and even refunded my overdraft fees! I love Jess she was amazing and courteous and so patient! Thank you APlus for being my bank!
6 months ago
Jasmine Hawkins
Friendly staff at drive-through. Quick service, electronic receipt, and I have always had a good experience at A+ Federal Credit Union, both inside one of the branches or at the drive-through.
6 months ago
Jamari Davisjones
Wasn't ready to take care of this business in the drive-through but I did...with great assistance!
6 months ago
Anthony Caston
Very easy to work with and have always been there to help when needed.
4 months ago
Libby Khan
After being with this bank for a couple of years I have to say that I am extremely pleased. I seldom have any questions or issues but when I do the staff was knowledgeable and friendly. I’ve tried other well known banks in the past and there was always an issue, and those issues were difficult to resolve because I was always dealing with someone who didn’t really know what they were doing AND they were rude about it. I was so unhappy about dealing with any bank that I just stuck to using a Netspend card for years. I don’t see either myself or my family switching banks ever again.
9 months ago
Alan Krzesinski
Very professional. Was able to help me set up saving acouunt and 2 CDs right in the drive through. Great CD startup rates of 5.25%
5 months ago
esmail anwer
Excellent organization for banking, equally the staff is professionally skilled in dealing with the public.
4 months ago
Running Pro
A Plus CU Lakeway is the friendliest, most efficient and professinal banking experience!
5 months ago
Alex Lukas
This is an awesome bank everyone needs to be apart of the A+ family you will not be disappointed i am so glad they let me into such an awesome bank..
6 months ago
Andy McGinnis
I was very pleased with the assistance I received today. I had several transactions to take care of. Both transactions required different attendants. One was able to contact me the other to finish my transactions. This was very helpful. The attendants were very kind and helpful. I wish my family could speak as they did with caring words and voices. May transactions were quickly completed. Thank you,
7 months ago
Zach Lozon
The drive up tellers at the Georgetown location are always so pleasant and helpful. Very grateful for them since there is minimal lobby service during this challenging pandemic.
8 months ago
Sean Dennis
The A+ loan staff are the most friend and helpful. Very timely and professional. Personal thank you to Ms Amanise from the loan department. Very helpful and makes you feel comfortable at all times. Thanks again for the assistance.
10 months ago
Mike Whalen
I’ve been with A+ for 4 years. I needed to refinance my 15-month old auto loan to reduce the monthly payments. I was unemployed due to the pandemic and wasn’t sure of my future employment so I had a relative co-sign with me. They have a stellar credit score and make over 100k/year. We spoke to the rep before submitting, went over every single detail about ourselves, and he gave us the APR, term, and monthly payment up front. My relative is an underwriter so we knew to prepare for some changes but we were pretty surprised to hear that we were denied ONLY because my co-signer lives out of state. That’s it. I’m serious, I double checked. I might not be so outraged if the rep, I don’t know, maybe mentioned when we were giving him our addresses that hey you’re gonna get denied if one of you lives out of state. That would probably be an important detail. Of course I fought it; I wrote a couple emails and asked to escalate the issue. They shrugged off all of my appeals but offered a loan to me for 17% APR vs the 9% I currently have. ???? I know A+ serves Texas, but do they truly and honestly, considering all the infinite possibilities of the world and against all logic, believe that everyone in Texas has ONLY Texas relatives to co-sign with? On top of all of that, because A+ pulled my credit twice, we were denied by another bank due to too many recent inquires. Now it’s just a waiting game for those inquiries to drop off or A+ to pull their head out of their
7 months ago
Service was awesome. Needed something done promptly and they executed flawlessly.
7 months ago
LE Eastman
My wife and I have been with A+ for savings and checking since February 2020. The website works nicely and has many nice features. When we applied for a loan to help with our new home they approved it the same day and with minimal paperwork we were funded in two days. Everyone has been very friendly, making us feel included and recognized and even have a specific advocate to call or meet directly when we have questions.
2 weeks ago
Twist Mist
I have been a member of A+ for 20+ years and turn to them for mortgages, loans, and money management. The staff has always been helpful and extremely professional.
7 months ago
Siva Kumar
Excellent service delivered with empathy and patience.
4 months ago
Brenda Cooper
It was amazing I received an answer 48 hours applying. Everyone was professional and friendly.
7 months ago
Shirley Saenz
I rate the service is poor for the reason that the drive-through service has been so slow.
5 months ago
Theresa Mathis
Great Service and have always handled all transactions correctly and professionally
9 months ago
Michelle Tepfenhart
I like that I can communicate with a live person.
4 months ago
Haris Konstantinu
Paid off my car yesterday. The staff were both friendly and professional.
3 months ago
Rachael Mesler
Good workers helpful all the time..
4 months ago
Patrece Vaughn
Ever since I became a member whatever problem I've ever had a+ was able to solve or resolve it timely and with my interests at heart. THAT is the most amazing thing to me about this Bank. THANK YOU SO MUCH A+
2 months ago
Jakie Robinson
The service was very pleasant and prompt.
5 months ago
Jennifer Leinweber
This is a great place to bank with. Wish I’d discovered them years ago when I opened my other account
16 hours ago
Most courteous and helpful bank teller!
5 months ago
Shantell Wilson
Taz displayed wonderful patience while helping me with my transactions in drive thru. She offered solutions as well.
10 months ago
Joel Vargas
Kind and very informative...feels like home when I take to the represenative.
11 months ago
wilson montgomery
Thank you all very much for being there for myself and my family. You all have been great by just caring. I am truly blessed to deal with the A+ employees. Everyone is respectful and caring. Thank you all again. You all are the best.
5 months ago
Ramey Littell
Quick, easy and always courteous!
6 months ago
Casey Darnell
I have been a member with A+ since it was Austin Area Teachers Federal Credit Union. For all these years A+ has always been there to guide me into the right decisions as well as looked out for my best interests. From a simple checking account to my mortgage. Thank you for the excellent service you provide!
5 months ago
Very professional and helpful!
4 months ago

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