A+ Federal Credit Union

Credit union A+ Federal Credit Union, 6420 E US 290 SVRD, Austin, TX 78723, United States: 102 reviews of visitors, the most complete information about the address, business hours, location on the map, photos, phone number, website and other contacts.
A+ Federal Credit Union
Rate: 4.1
Address: 6420 E US 290 SVRD, Austin, TX 78723, United States
Website: aplusfcu.org
Phone number: +1 512-302-6800

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 30.3230138
Longitude: -97.6966228

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Judy Dorr
Love these guys! Always so cheerful and helpful! You get money cash back rewards for using debit and credit! The best!
9 months ago
Kristian Boehmer
Been a member for over 25 year service has gone down hill need appointment for a wire transfer ended up losing the deal they did call me back till the next day late and other disappointments
1 month ago
matthew relihan
Excellent customer service!
8 months ago
Verlinda Hinton
7 months ago
Chris Romp
Only located in Austin and absolutely no help when trying to access my account after paying off my loan. Told me I had to drive 4 hours to nearest office if I wanted assistance
8 months ago
Harvey Ross
Very quick and efficient
9 months ago
Dontavious Talley
Always very pleasant
9 months ago
grace murray
I was experiencing some login issues so stopped at Killeen office. The super friendly and helpful Lita Miller solved the issues and I was on my way. She was so genuinely friendly and helpful I just had to do this. To her a big thank you, D.D. Worman
6 months ago
Scott March
This bank has the worst customer service. The tellers are not helpful and in fact they are quite frankly lazy. They are using COVID-19 as a reason to give poor customer service. Times are stressful enough, without the people who are holding your money, be disrespectful. If you are thinking about a bank, I would look elsewhere.
11 months ago
Maureen Einfeld
Friendly customer service. ????????
8 months ago
Ralph Wark
The online services are terrible and it's all very frustrating to deal with.
11 months ago
James Shaw
Great customer service.
10 months ago
Madalyn Jennings
Exceptional customer service
8 months ago
cory swan
quick and friendly
6 months ago
Catherine Garcia
For 40 years A+ has been an excellent partner in my purchase of a home, major house remodeling and repairs, cars through the years, and putting my kids through college. Excellent service. No stress, no push, no scams. Trustworthy at all times.
8 months ago
pratik adhikari
This bank is trash. Horrible customer service. They decline transactions for no reason. Managing your funds is difficult with disappearing and reappearing transactions on their app.This bank is in capable of managing your funds. Close your account and choose someone else.
11 months ago
I was waited on right away , by a very nice , knowledgeable , lady.
3 months ago
Rory Allen
very good and smooth
11 months ago
Daniel Sullivan
Only worried about taking your money.
11 months ago
Vsevolod Kovaev
I am not a member of this credit union but I would like to share a act of kindness the credit union did, along with a employee named Cynthia. While standing in line, waiting for a script, Cynthia approached me and asked if I was a member. I said no. She explained the credit union was celebrating 70 years in Austin and gave me a $20 HEB gift card. I was pleasantly shocked as I am a newbie to Austin and haven’t found it to be as “great” as others say. I do have to give this credit union and Cynthia big big kudos tho! What a wonderful act of kindness! Way to go A+!!! And Cynthia!!! To those looking to become a credit union member, all thumbs up to this one!! From: the lady in script line at HEB’s Mueller!!
11 months ago
s coursey
Fast friendly experience always!
11 months ago
Brian Anderson
While the staff is very helpful, the website is difficult to access and to navigate. I don't have recommend them..
7 months ago
Nick Sergent
I was in a hurry and the ATM was not working, had to back up, drive around, go to Teller, take time to fill out form dig for my ID, etc....quite irritating.
7 months ago
As a new customer, I clicked through the entire website to explore the options, thinking perhaps I would make Aplus my primary bank. Part of this was clicking on the Bill Pay section since this is an important area. I now have recurring $7.50 charges on my account going back months. What bank charges to have Bill Pay enabled. I had to call customer service to cancel bill pay and will only get 90 days of refunds. Stay clear of this nickel and dime bank.
9 months ago
Dylan Johnson
Everyone is always friendly and professional. Great people and great rates. They go out of their way to help you. I wouldn't bank anywhere else. I would highly recommend!
11 months ago
Carolyn Scarebrook
You all are always very helpful.
8 months ago
I've always had wonderful service with them since 2004.
8 months ago
Tim Walls
I have nothing but praise for this financial institution. After banking with Union State Bank for over 30 years it's like the difference between night and day. Your always treated with friendly curious service and a big smile. I haven't found anything to complain about and I doubt that I ever will.
5 months ago
Julian Ferguson
GOTO TO TEXEL! Got my auto loan thru a+ and never received a welcome letter . Ok that’s fine, but when I call in I speak with Cat in member services and she was nothing but rude and had a attitude the whole time then wanted to laugh at me ok. As a credit union she only get paid if customer want there money there it’s crazy ...
7 months ago
George Everett
Very bad bank don’t over do business with them. They paid over charge $700 and I was want paid the 700 but they don’t want me they are want me paid them 2500 ? It’s crazy
10 months ago
Elson Choong
Great rates and top notch customer service. You will be so glad you chose A+. I am
8 months ago
Jonna Wright
Extremely helpful staff all around and very friendly. Went above and beyond to get an acct open to do a wire transfer on time to make a large purchase! Thank you, Eli!
11 months ago
Gary Lu
They will lock your debit card on mother's day and not bother to warn you, explain why, or be available to help you. Ruined this year's holiday for me and my family.
5 months ago
Best bank EVER!!! Everyone is so friendly and they dont have crazy hidden fees like other banks. My whole family has A+ now and my friends do too. HIGHLY recommend thos bank
11 months ago
Axel Madge
I've been banking with A+ since they were the Austin Teachers FCU. I have always had excellent service when I've had the occasion to need banking services. I prefer to stay away from the large banks and have always had good luck and services from FCU's. A+ is friendly. They have a points program also that saved me a little on the interest rate on my last loan.
5 months ago
pleasant attitudes and smiles!
6 months ago
Bev Sherman
Everyone is so polite and helpful. No long waits.
11 months ago
Bruce Determann
Great bank
10 months ago
Uday Posia
A+ dose not want anything to do with currency like Bitcoin or crypto anything. so if you use coin-base look elsewhere. i will say however they do have good customer service. one time a error stacked 190$ in fees and they removed all of them for free. (so im changingt this from a 1 to a 3 star)
11 months ago
Chris Demeur
Worst bank. Definitely moving to amplify
7 months ago
Crystal Ban
Awesome. Friendly, very helpful and make you feel as if they care.
3 days ago
Scharese Thomas
Very nice location the staff is very friendly and helpful.
5 months ago
kari benton
Friendly staff, many locations, great loan rates.
11 months ago
Eduardo Soto
I have business accounts and all my personal accounts with A+ FCU. I am closing all my accounts and moving somewhere else. These people have no common sense. They will lie and tell you they will beat the rates you have, go through days of paper work and at the last minutes make up reasons that they cannot beat rates. Stay away.
7 months ago
Jouni Lehtola
5 months ago
Dani Cai
not a bad location for a plus but the hours posted on gm are totally wrong
5 months ago
Raymond Fisher
Just good people
5 months ago
Tatyana Gubin
The worst branch . I went to opening an account there I was left in an office set for over 20 mn . The banker left me set in her office and did not tell me she was living . When I went to the front to ask they told me I have to wait for another 20mn.
11 months ago
inna Derestova
Worst location . If you're North I will highly recommend you to go to the Pflugerville location . The 290 location drive through is very slow not to mention there is always something wrong with the ATM .
5 months ago
Mellanie Large
10 months ago

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