Navy Federal Credit Union

Credit union Navy Federal Credit Union, 2470 Briarcliff Rd NE Suite 43, Atlanta, GA 30329, United States: 109 reviews of visitors, the most complete information about the address, business hours, location on the map, photos, phone number, website and other contacts.
Navy Federal Credit Union
Rate: 3.4
Address: 2470 Briarcliff Rd NE Suite 43, Atlanta, GA 30329, United States
Phone number: +1 888-842-6328

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Latitude: 33.8268306
Longitude: -84.3327016

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Austen Iglehart
My son is on disability, I am his payee. We had to open a joint account for his checks could go direct deposit. This branch let him open another account and close the joint so he could have access to his money. This was after I explain to them not to and to keep a note on the account. I've told them multiple times please do not let him opt-in on an overdraft, guess what they did anyway. No longer will receive business from me. The account is closing.
2 months ago
Perry Conley
Cora was amazing,helped me to water and getting me to correct teller. Friendly staff and quick to serve. Onnnnnllllyyyy thing is we need another Navy Federal by East Point or South Atlanta... took 34 min to get here and 48mins to get back .. whoaaaaa.... please open a navy federal closerrrrr.... good Lord!!!!
17 hours ago
Sarah Handler
I joined Navy Federal a couple months ago and switching soon. No matter what time of day, 7am, 3pm, 6pm, 9pm, 3am there is a LINE. A LINE TO GET IN THE BANK AND A LINE AT THE ATM. Whew I can't wait 20-30 minutes to withdraw cash especially at 3AM! One ATM is always broken. And then they don't reimburse ATM fees if i go elsewhere to withdraw my money. All this equates to a NO from me. Trying another bank, Personal & Business.
2 months ago
Evelyn Dodson
ATM never works. My card got stuck inside and it took forever for somebody to come get it out
3 months ago
Apurva Koti
Very convenient and clean. Really busy on Saturday.
20 hours ago
Luis Calderon
For y’all to only have a few locations, THIS locations ATMs are ALWAYS out of order.
5 days ago
Wes Thompson
ATM NEVER WORKS ! So inconvenient, which creates a line so long you wonder if there are any employees working. I love the bank as a whole HATE this location. I wish there was a better one near me with a working atm and a drive through one at that. The ATM also is outside which I hate as well. So frustrating to be local to this horrible location.
10 months ago
Chad Foley
Warning!!!!!!I had some fraudulent activities on my account. I have been lied to by the security team and when I called to discuss the issues I was treated like a criminal. I feel deprived!!!!!
6 months ago
Maggie Murphy
They were great until they started charging for check returns
6 months ago
Sherrie Hackathorn
Lines are always super long and the ATM never allows you to deposit. You'll literally stand in line for a hour just for them to come out and say they're about to close so no one else can come in. Might as well just tell customers to call and schedule an appointment.
3 months ago
CR Toliver
This location would be okay if the ATM machines worked
1 month ago
rachel sockbeson
Bravo zulu (great job) to Tiffany. She helped me today pick up a check for an auto loan.
7 months ago
Kyle Rider
Imagine driving 20 min out the way to use an atm that is down.... feeling some regret
7 months ago
Jon Burris
Just came from there, what an awful location (Brookhaven, Atlanta). They must have been understaffed because the line was wrapped around outside of the building in the blazing, direct 96°F temperature. Neither ATM was accepting cash and only one was in working order. For years I've noted the tense parking situation at this location and today it turned into a parking lot accident that almost fell into chaos and a parking lot brawl. Security stood silently inside the coolness of the window watching, doing nothing. I finally left after 20 minutes of the line not moving because the heat became dangerous to more than one person in the line and it showed no sign of moving. My choices were heat steoke on the side of the building or leave and do my banking elsewhere. For some reason NFCU refuses to open anymore locations to ease the constant insanity at that one.
11 months ago
John Branson
I don’t have a problem with this location but with this bank in general. I am a physician who opened personal and business accounts at this branch hoping to partner with a smaller bank that might be more accessible and supportive than BOA has been. They’ve been a huge disappointment. During this COVID pandemic they limited their processing of PPP loans, marked up interest rates for mortgages almost a full percentage point simply to discourage people from applying and its shameful. Their rates as of the date of this review are no where near what they’re advertising online. Is there any bank left that is actually in business to serve the community????
2 months ago
I hate this location
6 days ago
Mikel Martin
Atms are always down or "Unavailable" during peaks hours. This is a high volume branch & Navy Federal should be better prepared for such volume... completely unacceptable... I will atleast give 3 stars because I honestly vouch for the great customer service and friendliness of the staff... However, there is room for improvement at this branch...
1 day ago
Patricia Peoples
Beautiful environment. Very friendly, polite staff. Lines actually move at a great pace.
2 months ago
Steph T
The workers are nice, friendly and professional. The lines are short whenever I go. You can get in and get out.
1 month ago
Danielle Pelaez
Awesome branch, amazing bank! Chandler and Robert took great care of me. This location is very organized and everyone is helpful and has a great attitude.
6 months ago
Joy Borchman
This branch location has to be the worst in the world. No one knows how to do their job. So rude. No one greets you when you walk in even though there is a welcome desk right at the door. I’ve tired to go into the branch to get things done that literally take 3-5 minutes to complete but instead they have your check in and have a specialist see you. The wait time for the check in is at least 30 minutes minimum. I have never been so upset with this navy federal credit union location. I will file a better business bureau complaint on this location. That’s unacceptable.
4 months ago
Nedra Hines
Super friendly and helpful staff Cara was amazing in getting my new accounts set up
2 months ago
Barbara Davies
Phenomenal, needed a new debit card today. They printed it out in the bank! If you have not tried Navy Federal you should. One of the best banks around!
6 months ago
Amal Baidoun
The atm machines are always down and u can barely ever make deposits on Sundays and most late evenings. It’s super annoying and frustrating! Damn
3 months ago
Kurt Drager
9 months ago
Violeta B
I need a unsecured card to build up my credit score limit 300.00 dallors.send information to: Janey Lyons 15. Carteret pl. Apt15. Decatur Ga. 30032
6 months ago
Dekya Granderson
4 months ago
James Sprague
The customer service is professional and sensitive to needs of the customer's that have computer challenges, with disabilities and the elderly.
3 months ago
Charlotte Cooke
This is one of the best options out there for a bank or credit union to go with. I have been with them for a little longer than one year. They have been excellent in every way possible. Everybody is eligible to join this credit union too. It’s not just exclusively for the military.
1 day ago
Juan Castillo
This is the worse Navy Federal I've been to. First, it's close to my house so I came to it on a Saturday to pick up a cashier's check for the closing of my future home. I timed it so I can grab the check then travel from Brookhaven to Kennesaw and not worry about traffic... This turns out to be the only location in Georgia that closes at 1pm unlike the rest that close at 2pm. Rushing to the nearest branch to it, Marietta, I missed my closing because I didn't make it by 2pm. Then on Monday, after getting my closing pushed back, I come in to pick up my cashier's check... No one can seem to find it in the system. Which is odd, because the Kennesaw location, which I wish I were at was able to find a previous cashier's check that I ordered walking into the branch. They really need to get their stuff together at this branch, that I will no longer be going to... Ever! It's pretty sad when I would prefer to go to a branch inside of a Walmart before I go to a stand alone.
6 months ago
Ian Clark
Great experience. Popular location. Make sure you have patience. Lines can be long at times HOWEVER, the lines move quickly!
4 months ago
Jacqui Williams
I was able to open my account over the phone with $5 put in a checking account. I applied for a automobile loan over the phone they sent me a check for $25,000 so I could go buy a car. I decided not to buy a car at this time. I have made four phone calls to try and close this account over the phone. They said I must go into a branch to close the account. This not very convenient for me. I cannot believe I was able to open the account get $25,000 mailed to me but yet I can't close the account over the phone and it's only a lousy checking account with $5 in it. It's just not rational and doesn't make any sense the only reason they could give me was for security purposes I'm like there's only $5 in the account. They said I would start occurring charges for non-use of that account if I don't go into a branch and close it. So obviously they don't want you to close the account or they just want to charge you. I would advise you to take your business somewhere else
7 months ago
Jason Howe
Always get treated with respect. Great customer service.
4 months ago
Hank DeBoer
You would think based on all of the complaints about their ATMs never working they would do something about it. It is mostly on the weekends when the ATM is full and will no longer accept deposits. This is more than an inconvenience, it is also a risk that you may not be able to pay your bills on time if you are unable to deposit your money. And since there are no other convenient branches you are stuck. Yes they have co-op credit unions that take deposits but if you make a deposit at a co-op branch then your deposit will not be available for 5 business days. Even if it was a cash deposit vs a check. Ridiculous! They need to make banking as accessible to their customers as every other bank seems capable of doing.
6 months ago
Tereasa Brady
They are social distancing but the line moves fast
1 month ago
Charlie Daboub
Everyone is always so nice. It's very neat and clean. The customer service is impeccable.
3 months ago
Betti Green
When my husband enlisted, he opened an account with Pearl Harbor Credit Union because at the time it was convenient. It wasn't a full year before he switched over to NFCU, it's been over twenty years now, and hasn't looked back since. They've been wonderful with everything from personal loans, car loans, overdraft protection when times were hard, and more than helpful when my wallet was stolen and debit card was ran up. Would recommend them time and time again.
6 months ago
Mark Baran
Best NF I've ever been to! They have a very effective system that other banks (and branches) need to follow! I will drive to this location over ANY in the city.
9 months ago
Jamar Campbell
I use to go the NCU because I can use relate to connect other CUs locations
2 months ago
Murali Srinivasan
Horrible customer service! If I could have given no stars I would have. Sat and waited to see an office rep an hour, only to get left in the office while still handling my issue and rep Nisha left me and went on her lunch break. I asked another rep if they could go get her before knowing she was gone. The rep came back in went straight in her office without telling me anything. And when I asked her if she was able to locate Nisha for me she said oh she is gone to lunch. I looked confused at both reps customer skills as one left me in her office and went to lunch without finishing with me and the other came back and walked past me straight in her office without giving me an update as if I never asked her to find the rep for me. After that I left and will not be going back or referring ppl to be a customer of Navy Federal as I have also had problems with the phone reps at Navy Federal. From my experience this is a horrible company.
6 months ago
Adam White
Did not have a good experience with any of the representative I spoke with. Had to wait in line to speak to someone at the counter, then was told that I need to wait in a long line to speak to someone at the desk only to be told to wait in the line again to sign up and speak to someone at in the office. Meanwhile the representatives had some attitude. It would be helpful if you could check the need of your customer first before pushing them off to the next person.
5 months ago
Anon ymous
Thank You so much for great service, Ms. JANICE!!!
1 day ago
Bianca Bronstein
Quick service, most are very friendly except the front desk lady. Not friendly and very unhelpful, although she worked quickly she didn’t seem to want to be bothered
15 hours ago
lucas Oliveira
The worst service in Atlanta.. I come in. Give access number. Told to take a seat. 2 hrs pass and the associate approaches unaware of what tf im doing here... After im seen it takes 3 minutes to print the information. I advise everyone to repeatedly bug them about the order of which you're to be seen. If not a 30 minute wait will turn into a 2 hr wait
2 months ago
Andrew Christopherson
Great customer service. If you can get an account here you don't need to bank with anyone else.
4 months ago
Jason Gregg
Y’all gotta do better. ATMs are always out of service and the damn lines are always long.
8 months ago
Derek Fowler
I am SO unbelievably sick of coming to this branch to make a deposit and the atm machine saying it can't accept it. It is BEYOND frustrating. It is not like there are a lot of branches in the area or even branches close to one another. I'm not the only one who has this experience either. Today makes my 3rd time in a row conversing with another customer while at the machine who has the exact same complaint. It can not be that difficult to devise a plan to allow the machine to accept more money or for someone to empty it on the weekends! My first complaint fell on the ears of a customer care rep. This time I will be sure to complain to corporate office!!
2 months ago
Daniel McNeill
I would give this branch 0 stars if I could. A couple of weeks ago their atm took my money and completely shut off. A couple of days of me being misinformed by several employees and after me having to go into a branch, I received a voicemail stating that my money was accounted for and was credited back. Let's fast forward to today, where I happened to check my account, and they have deducted my money. So I gave ya'll money, you credited it to me, and now ya'll taking my money from me, and stealing. Stating that my claim was denied?! But have no reason nor a right for a denial?!. Notes weren't even left on my account for your customer service reps to read back to me. I need my money back ASAP!
4 months ago
Audry Wichelns
I love Navy Federal and I understand NFCU can off better rates because of fewer locations. But at least place more ATM's within the Atlanta Metro area. Why risk death in traffic, wait 30mins in line to hand money transactions. Logistically, services need an upgrade. Love you tho!
1 year ago
Michiyo Young
Great service. Just wish they had more branches closer to me. Gotta travel close to a he to get there. Still love them tho
3 months ago

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