Navy Federal Credit Union

Credit union Navy Federal Credit Union, 500 W Central Texas Expy, Killeen, TX 76541, United States: 41 review of visitors, the most complete information about the address, business hours, location on the map, photos, phone number, website and other contacts.
Navy Federal Credit Union
Rate: 2.9
Address: 500 W Central Texas Expy, Killeen, TX 76541, United States
Phone number: +1 888-842-6328

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Latitude: 31.1051002
Longitude: -97.7444499

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Mia Castillo
The worst credit union around or banking business in the area. Again very slow , the worst online reviews and they still do nothing to change it. Very slow in drive thru almost 10min a transaction, poor. Cove manager is the worst, i won't go back ever to cove. Hopefully harker heights is better or I'll change.
6 months ago
Karen Thomas
Awful person. Just took a picture of the lobby hours and this lady came out and asked if I needed something. I told her I'm taking a picture of the lobby hours. She then went on saying "you need it for any reason?, Just taking it to have it?" Did I ask you? You have the wrong hours on Google.
6 months ago
I should have had more cautiou when I enter specially because of how many one star reviews it has. These people just care about commission and takes advantage of (thank you for serving) mentality. They had my wife and I get a checking account because they confirm to get a credit card I had to pay it with a navy federal checking account OR walk into a navy branch. Which is extremely inaccurate. The second you download the app it notifications you to add a external bank account to pay your credit card. You don't know the basics of your job or you're flat out lying.
3 months ago
Shanna Nelson
Would not notarize a document that I needed to send off to the state department. UPS store did it just fine. If you cannot do something this simple, why would I trust you with my money? Bye!
3 months ago
Shannon Bowman
Amazing how the experience between this location and the one 1 mile down the road. This branch is very rude and in no way any help. They put a hold on checks for 2 days.... Got that. But not supposed to hold pay checks. I get checks directly from insurance companies as a contractor and stimulus check... And i have to hold. However when I go to the other branch, no problem, they discuss the transaction with you, and are CONSISTANT. Dont know if its due to the more experienced tellers and staff or what... But the younger staff at this location need a new line of work.
7 months ago
Kathy Quigley
Only Military bank where you can’t even go inside to make a deposit. You have to go through the drive-thru only which can take a hour before you finally get seen. Going back to USAA
10 months ago
Deb Fulmer
I needed to deposit a check. The teller was on the phone when she waved me over. She took my check, I swiped my debit card, and she deposited my check. I assumed the money went into the account associated with my debit card, so I asked her if she could transfer the money to a joint account that I have with my spouse. She does this and that was supposed to be the end of it. She is still on the phone at this point. Then she tells me something is wrong and I need to check my Navy Federal mobile app. I look and my account is negative by thousands of dollars. I show her and she starts trying to fix it, all while telling me, "I can't hang up the phone, I NEED to make this call." I quickly realized her mistake. She deposited the money into the joint account to begin with, which was the wrong account for it to go into at first. Then when I asked her to transfer the money from my personal account (where I assumed it was) into the joint account, she transferred money that did not exist because the money was already in the other account. While she's working to fix the mistake, I hear her tell someone on the phone "hold on, I'll have to call you back." I can not help but think that she would not have made this mistake if she were not on a PERSONAL phone call at work. 2 stars because of the subpar customer service, but they eventually got around to what I needed them to do, I suppose. Edit: I changed this to one star after reading the other reviews. Screw this place.
7 months ago
Adaline Ortiz
Marlene was pretty rude, not sure why you would place her in the front to welcome anyone...
3 months ago
Leif Miller
Not a good bank for Minorities, My personal experience. I believe that it's alot of red lining going on here. Regardless of the I'm sorry...etc you still get know real resolution.They want to hold your money, lend your money to make America great again. But want loan you a red dime. With a credit score over 700.. income over 4,500 a month. And know debt. I feel like my nationality is the deal breaker... WARNING FIND A NEW BANK... please know response, these people are .... .. ..,,,,@$##/^@@^
8 months ago
Jake Sweet
Slowest branch in town. The drive thru is a parking lot.
10 months ago
Gary Rogers
I've had Navy Federal Credit Union for 1 day and I hate it!
10 months ago
Luke Richardson
Went to this branch yesterday but the lady didn’t help me. She didn’t took the time out to listen to me. It was a simple request that I was asking. I had was to drive to another branch down the street and they help me and still couldn’t figure out why this branch couldn’t help me with such a simple request. I hate this branch!
6 months ago
Karen Callender
I love this CU it has been great to me and my family low car note wonderful and I don’t work there.either one I go to I never have a problem also when I call customer service great people keep up the great customer service til the end of time this C U will be mine.
6 months ago
Ash Kumar
The only one in the local area with a drive thru and it still doesn’t help speed up how slow they all are. It’s also nearly impossible to get a loan through them even with a 750+ credit score. Thankfully I’m still a multiple property owner with no advice or assistance from them
4 months ago
Ivar Bruijns
I moved and came back 2 years later and they are still great! Ms. Crystal D. Provided my family and I some wonderful notary services. She dealt with us being all over the place AND in a second language. Thank you for your patience! The front desk was also great. The lady there got us everything we needed to prepare our forms. Thank you Navy Federal for always giving us the best Customer service!
2 months ago
Eric Johnson
I love banking with NFCU but the customer service desk is Rude and unwilling to help customers. She doesn’t acknowledge customers with a proper greeting and has a nasty attitude.
7 months ago
Andrew castle
Depending on the representative you get when you call, you either get assurance of ignored. I was charged by a company before an agreed upon date which led my account being overdrawn. Navy Federal refused to do anything. Instead they told me to fill out paper work that would have to be reviewed. I have a daughter and bills so I couldn't wait. They act nonchalant about the issues of their customers that have used them soley since 2010. I would highly recommend considering USAA if looking to open a new account. Navy Federal certainly isn't worth the headache they tend to cause their memebers.
7 months ago
Waverly Welborn
this bank is so nice and helpful
3 months ago
Tis Rachel
Absolute worst experience ever first off the front clerk was rude the entire time. She spoke in Spanish saying I was rude like I don't speak Spanish. You took my expired ID to start my account, but now that I want to close my account you refuse my ID. To easy I will be back to cancel BOTH mine and my husbands account you lost our business and I will be sure to tell others of your blatant disrespect.
9 months ago
Russell Longyear
Set me and my fiancee an account up two weeks ago and have still not been able to access any of our money because there system has been down for over two weeks now!!!!! SMH NOT HAPPY AT ALL................
5 months ago
Dr bartoo
I love this bank. They have given me the best treatment.
2 months ago
Gabriel Gabor
They are so rude Everytime I go in to make a vehicle payment. They try and make things so complicated just to make a payment. Can't wait to be done with my vehicles and this place .
7 months ago
Sarah Hamilton
BEWARE. Most of the reviews are people that work with or are benefiting from the review please don't be fooled. Be careful this bank will steal from you until you notice it. And when you do notice your money will start to come up missing EVEN MORE esp when you make deposits get a receipt of the transaction because you will never see it deposited into your acct and if they didn't leave notes in your acct you will spend weeks fighting it and asking for videos and sign in proof Before getting your money back then they will ask you to close your acct with them for one reason after another. These people are out to rob the military and no matter how good your credit is will give you high interest rates on loans because they feel they gonna get the money anyway and they think all young soldiers, marines and navy is dumb. BEWARE BEWARE BEAWARE. Don't let the military name make you believe they will support and protect your money. You have better treatment and money security at Wells Fargo or Bank of America. If I could give a zero star I would have.
8 months ago
Lenis Herrera
Simply amazing customer service! Thank-you! Navy Credit Union.
11 months ago
lorraine mills
If every bank in the central Texas area was like this, life would've been easier
9 months ago
Ian Stanley
I am a new member. I went into the Harker Heights office and was very impressed with customer service, layout, waiting area and the Ipads.
8 months ago
Lee Borden
I love NFCU but this branch has a rude and overall unprofessional staff. I will take the extra couple minutes to go to the one down the road from now on.
1 week ago
cher mclaughlin
Great friendly and professional service
9 months ago
RD Mandell
Greatest Credit Union I have ever done business with.
11 months ago
Josh Little
I like the Killeen local best, overall Navy FCU is great
2 months ago
Evelyn Rice
Great customer service and very nice people.
5 months ago
Tyler Mays
They get the job done, the employees are always nice.
5 months ago
Jose Almendarez
Great service... everything you want in a financial institution.
5 months ago
James Shannon
Received terrible customer service from their teller today. I will no longer be banking with them.
9 months ago
Wally Billiet
Good bank
10 months ago
Samantha Chapman
Great bank this is my bank anywhere!
5 months ago
Andrey Bezryadin
This is the place to take your financial needs
2 months ago
stephanie watkins
Very friendly and helpful staff.
1 month ago
Ana Hoyt
Friendly, fast and helpful staff.
11 months ago
Kody Clark
Do they charge to cash change
8 months ago
Hugh Hussey
Love the people love the bank.
3 months ago

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