Dementech Neurosciences

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Dementech Neurosciences
Rate: 4.5
Address: Lister House, 11-12 Wimpole St, London W1G 9ST, United Kingdom
Phone number: +44 20 3848 4500

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Latitude: 51.5174024
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Narda Miller
I had to deal with Dementech a few months ago in relation to my mother deteriorating health. They were very responsive and professional all the way. Dr Lucio was very professional and Anca, in the office , was very helpful and responsive to my queries and issues. Very professional service. Thanks again to both Dr Lucio and Anca for their continuous help and professionalism!
7 months ago
Jennifer Beckford
All my dealings with Dementech have been positive, professional and first class, thus far. From my first contact through an inquiry on the website, followed by polite and professional phone calls, and then to the visit to the clinic - all excellent. The admin/secretarial staff work smart, polite, and dealt with matters promptly. I mainly dealt with Anca, but all the team are first class. The consultation with David Choluj was exactly what I wanted, and we speedily developed a plan after discussing his initial assessment. My subsequent appointments and tests were set up (by Anca) within a matter of an hour or two, and fitted in with my busy schedule - everything on the same day in only 1 week from my initial consultation, which I am so grateful for. This is a high performing team. The bar is set high, don't lower it - that is the ultimate challenge!
7 months ago
Amir Murillo
Excellent, very professional personalised service
7 months ago
Armando Cabrera
Dementech Neurosciences is one of the most unprofessional and disorganised clinics on Harley street. Dementech wrongly affirms to be a highly knowledgeable clinic when it comes to neurological diseases. I experienced a very expensive and disappointing consultation with Dr Lucio D’Anna who pretends he has a Phd in Neurosciences. I was charged £450 in advance for an initial consultation! Besides his secretaries being completely disorganised in terms of setting up this virtual appointment, my impression of Dr Lucio D’Anna is that he can barely express himself in proper English, his questions were very predictable and very simple - you don’t need to be a doctor and moreover a Phd professional to ask these kind of questions. Dr Lucio D’Anna was also not able to read my MRI results and did not bother to do so not even after the consultation, even if he promised to do so. After this useless consultation, I finally received his report letter only because I had chased many times his practice asking for a diagnosis letter confirmation. The letter was pathetic. A person holding a phd in neuroscience should be ashamed to deliver such a poorly written letter. I called back his practice to chase them again to send back my MRI and other personal documents. I also informed them about my very disappointing experience with Dr Lucio D’Anna and asked for a refund. They never refunded me, nor offered a solution. Do not waste your money and time with this pretentious clinic.
9 months ago
david parkhill
I have been pleased with the excellent service I have received to date: discreet, compassionate and very helpful in every aspect. All my concerns were listened to carefully, my questions answered accurately and relevant documentation sent/ received efficiently. The practice manager Ms S Butt could not have been more helpful and considerate. This encouraged me to have confidence in the staff and the Consultancy with the most important person in my life and I look forward to the Consultation and the results thereof.
1 month ago
Amy Windus
My family and I experienced one of the hardest times of our lives having to deal with my wife’s deteriorating condition. I would like to personally thank the lovely young lady Zobiaa from Dementech, for showering us with compassion, empathy and genuine care and concern. Her professionalism, high-level customer service and communication, eye for detail, and willingness to go the extra mile to accommodate our needs and make not only my wife, but our whole family, feel as comfortable and supported as possible, is something we will always be grateful for. Thank you so much for your friendly and polite presence Zobiaa and taking the time and effort to build a relationship with us. You really made our visits to the clinic a positive, 5 star experience.
10 months ago
Tami Justin
Have had nothing but kindness and professionalism from Dementech and all their staff. From their initial guidance by Shakeela, through to staff conducting the MRI tests and Dr. Lucio D'Anna for his expertise clarity of explanation, compassion and consideration. Special mention to Zobia, who saved the day with her quick thinking that helped my mother-in-law to obtain extended care. Overall a perfect experience. Cannot recommend them enough.
9 months ago
Tay Smith
Dementech nourcienes have very good people anca floresku very comunicable people very good service
8 months ago
Kyle Miller
Great service! I approached Dementech in order to set up a Lasting Power of Attorney for my father. The solicitor was concerned about my fathers speech impediment, which could imply dementia and required a specialist medical letter. The NHS seemed reluctant to provide anything that had a legal requirement. I must mention my father does the Times crossword everyday and runs his own household. Dementech where very fast at providing an appointment and very professional all the way through, even sending reminder texts about the date, time and consultants name. The consultation was very professional and thorough. Dr Lucio D'Anna treated my father with great respect and interviewed him in detail. I have no hesitation in recommending Dementech for dealing with very sensitive situations.
9 months ago
Samuel Hargrove
The staff at Dementech have been so helpful these past few months during very difficult times, especially Shakeela and Anca who have been so responsive and supportive, and Dr Areti Pavlidou who has that rare prefect mixture of expertise, sound medical advice and sincere compassion. Thank you all!
1 month ago
Jennifer Franks
The clinic is very welcoming. I would especially like to thank Shakeela and Sobia who took good care of us and made sure my father in law was comfortable as he was very nervous. They were very polite . Dr was excellent. I would recommend this clinic . My father in law was very nervous when he arrived in the clinic but he left with a smile. This explains it all about the clinic . How wonderful they are. Thanks again
7 months ago
Leslie Snow
Amazing service! Took care of every single need I had and made sure I felt comfortable through out the whole process!
3 months ago
Lakshmi Saranya
Friendly welcoming reception, the expertise is evident, but most of all the people who work there are warm and supportive.
10 months ago
Marc El
I would like to thank all the staff at Dementech Neurosciences for making this very stressful and worrying time in my family's life, the most reassuring and now a very happy time in our life as my mother is responding better than we ever could of imagined to the treatment and advice and support that Dementech Neurosciences have given us, I would like this chance to thank personally from the bottom of my heart Zobia the senior secretary at Dementech this lady from the first point of contact to still right up to now has been in constant contact with my family checking on the progress and my mothers well being I feel she has become apart of our family now and with out her constant support and outstanding professional nature this would have made this very worrying time in my families life feel like the most traumatic thing we ever could of faced. Thank you personally from myself Zobia you truly are an amazing and caring lady who I can not thank enough for everything you have done for me and my family Thank you from the bottom of my heart Rebecca Row x
7 months ago
Azra Mahmutefendic
I would like to thank all the staff at Dementech, Zobia and Shakeela at the reception provided excellent customer service and care and both are very friendly. Mr. Stelios Kiosses is truly one of the best, he has been very helpful in every way possible. I highly recommended this clinic
10 months ago
Mauro M
We went to Dementech for my husband medical condition (Parkinson) and saw Professor Ray Chaudhuri and Professor Dag Aarslands. They were both extremely helpful and my husband responded very well to the treatment. All the staff is very well trained and the follow up is very good.
10 months ago
David Lewis
We were hoping to get treatment on helping pain and agitation within a dementia patient we needed a second opinion and pinned our hopes on supposedly the best Doctors available - initially promised a Professor but given a rushed and disorganised Doctor who did not send us the referral letter within the time that they stated. I sent through all the documents that showed conflicting opinions on what had been diagnosed for lower digestive problems and a fully documented history of mental disorders as well. When we arrived the doctor seemed late and in a hurry - he couldn't even access these critical documents from their file share about the most recent operation that were shared to him and he clearly had not read any of the background supplied. Therefore we spent the appointment just talking about combining two dementia drugs (which is not recommended by NICE) and confirming what we already knew and so much consultation time was wasted, they do not seem to review the full picture at all as promised beforehand. This combined with a very unpleasant MRI scan has left the patient in a much worse state and we are still trying to keep her calm and no further with her constant pains. They were very helpful in the surgery promising everything we sent them would be looked at but to be honest it was a complete waste of money and the NHS have showed much more enthusiasm and respond much quicker with referral letters. They refused to give me any feedback on my concerns (after many attempts to get a response) for the visit and potential ways that they could improve so I am forced to express them here for others to be aware of. They have exposed a very amateur, disorganised, money driven, dis-compassionate and tin pot service. ***AVOID*** for second opinions.
11 months ago
Cinthia Silva
I do not usually write reviews but I felt compelled to share our personal experience a few months ago, to shed light upon others who are perhaps indecisive whether to book with this clinic. In comparison to the other private clinics we have been to in the past year prior to Dementech, I cannot recommend Dementech highly enough. The service the team offered was nothing short of first class. What can I say about the amazing, practice manager, Shakeela! She was my first point of contact and she continued to courteously assist my beloved mother throughout her treatment at Dementech, even providing her personal mobile number to us, in case we needed assistance out of hours! Not only did she show outstanding professionalism throughout but also remarkable kindness, discretion, patience and understanding on occasions when my sister broke down in tears. Shakeela managed to rapidly arrange my mother’s clinic tests, scan and consultation all within a few days of my initial call! The medical secretary Zobia, was pleasant, greeting us with a smile, making us feel welcome, offering beverages etc and ensuring my mother was comfortable and relaxed. Thank you. The clinic was clean and remained calm and peaceful even though there were a few other patients being dealt with by the above two ladies. I did not personally meet the consultant, but was told by my mother and sister that the specialist was extremely professional and experienced. My dear mother’s health significantly improved after her first visit to Dementech. She currently feels better than she has in years. I can not thank the doctor and staff enough. Thank you in abundance Shakeela for everything you have done and also the considerate courtesy call you made a day after our first visit to ensure all went well and thank you so much Dementech for a very positive experience!
9 months ago
Agatha Nelson
Dementech Neurosciences is a relatively new clinic specialising in the scientific assessment and treatment of Parkinson’s Disease. It represents a significant development in the treatment of Parkinson’s and has done a great job to establish itself and its reputation in a short period of time. The premises are extremely well situated in central London, the consultant neurologists are all at the top of their field in their specialisation of the treatment of Parkinson’s Disease, and the clinical and administrative staff are of a similar standard. The atmosphere of the clinic is positive and the results, in the short period of time I have been able to assess, have been similarly positive.
9 months ago
Bea Edison
We have been using Dementech for the last five months for my mum’s treatment. I have found the team extremely professional and empathetic. The service starting with Shakeela Butt and Zobia Yasmin has been absolutely wonderful. It is sad to see your parents sick, however the help and support provided by the team of doctors and other staff members makes it less stressful for the patient as well as relatives. The appointments, treatment and the scans were all organised by Shakeela and Zobia. The appointment process is very simple and Dr Singhai has a very balanced personal and professional touch towards the patient. The location of facilities is easily accessible by car as well as tube. I highly recommend the service provided by Dementech Neurosciences.
3 months ago
Aphrodite Navab
I went to Dementech for treatment of anxiety and I walked out a different man. Thank you so much for your service and help. M.F
10 months ago
Jeane Taylor
I took my father to dementech in march 2018 for a second opinion as he was not doing well. Firstly, we were very well greeted and the service was flawless, thanks to the staff. Secondly, they put me in a consultation with a specialist in parkinson who took good care of my father, reviewed his medication with some new technologies and his life changed ever since. Thank you sementech and see you in 6 months for the review.
4 months ago
Pedro Saavedra
I've been a patient at Dementech for nearly 5 months and my experience during this time has been extremely positive. I came to the practice experiencing severe depression that was affecting essentially every aspect of my life and over the months have learnt techniques to reduce its hold over me. My therapist Silvia has been instrumental in assisting with my recovery - demonstrating great profesionalism and knowledge of psychology and psychiatry, but also the emotional intelligence necessary to build a relationship of trust and openness. I also particularly appreciated her flexibility to try different approaches when the current path was not working. Dementech also has a very friendly atmosphere. Zobia, the office manager has been very profressional, and flexible in organising appointments given my sometimes extreme working hours. Overall I would highly recommend Dementech to anyone seeking a safe environment to treat their mental health.
11 months ago
Daniel Dekker
They have the latest technology in their domain. From the service I obtained they have very professional and experienced staff; kind and more than eager to help.
11 months ago
Cameran Nelson
It's been about a month since I've be going to Dementech for the treatment of my panic attacks and I can say that the treatment I've received has been truly exceptional. Very professional staff with warm welcomes from Zobia and Shakeela and always making sure I've been taken care of. Also, the care from Stelios Kiosses has been exceptional and on point, as well as, Dr. Sotiris Posporelis who is very thorough and professional too. Well done all!
7 months ago
Carl Trader
Truly exciting addition to the Dementia Care and Neurosciences offer in the Harley Street area.
10 months ago
Gerard Marrone
Good one
6 days ago

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