Velocity Credit Union (Downtown branch)

Credit union Velocity Credit Union (Downtown branch), 705 E 12th St, Austin, TX 78701, United States: 111 reviews of visitors, the most complete information about the address, business hours, location on the map, photos, phone number, website and other contacts.
Velocity Credit Union (Downtown branch)
Rate: 2.5
Address: 705 E 12th St, Austin, TX 78701, United States
Phone number: +1 512-469-7000

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Latitude: 30.2716625
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william hockman
There are better choices and safer places for your money. I will be closing all my accounts and family member accounts. I gave them 3 weeks to contact me about a serious matter and they instead just closed my account. The worst customer service, no one to help you even if you suspect fraud and are just trying to protect your funds, they are cowards when you call the supervisor tells the line level employee what to say and the message is...we can't help you, we don't answer the phone and we do not publish phone numbers to speak with anyone directly. they should shut their doors - a disgrace to the term credit union. incompetent and uncaring. do not even deserve one star.
3 weeks ago
Gretchen Licata
I Love Velocity and the customer service is great. I would just love that if I need to deposit money through the ATM the money would go in that same minute, in case I need to make use of it immediately. Besides that great job. I love banking with you guys ????
10 months ago
Hari Subhash
I typically don't write reviews; however, I felt it necessary to write a review about our experience with Velocity. I can't stress enough as to how bad their customer service is. We've been a customer with Velocity for over three years and we've never had an issue, until about 4 months ago. We had sent out a check for payment in the mail, but for whatever reason the check was never delivered. Needless to say the late payment was reported on our credit report before we even knew it was late. It would have been nice if they could have called/ sent a reminder that the account was late before reporting it. A simple 30 second call saying, "Hey, we haven't received your payment yet, and before we report it, would you like to make a payment now?" Apparently they don't have the staff/ infrastructure to be able to handle that simple courteous reminder. As soon as we figured out that the payment wasn't made we immediately called to make the account current, but it was too late at that point. Before you do any type of business with Velocity, please remember this review and know that they won't give you that courtesy reminder before they report it on your credit score. Thank you for the seven year reminder of why I will never do business again with Velocity.
4 months ago
Daniel Casey
Impossible to get a living person at the site. Every few months I can't sign in, security changes, who knows. Since I visit dozens of sites every day, I can always count on several being screwed up, so you can count on losing several hours, at least a week, while people work on their security problems. Time saving computers, it often would be quicker to go in person to do your business.
10 months ago
Jody Shaw
Worst lending experience EVER! I bought a GAP policy from Velocity when I purchased my vehicle. I was in a not at fault accident with an uninsured motorist. After my insurance paid Velocity I was unaware GAP didn’t pay the balance until 6 months later. I then contacted GAP who stated they were waiting on paperwork from Velocity. 2 years after I thought the problem was resolved Velocity hits my credit report and sends me a charge off. When I contacted them again the day GAP still hasn’t paid........ it’s been 2 years and neither GAP or Velocity has contacted me that this was still an issue....... I’m trying to resolve it but neither company is being responsive!
10 months ago
Taunya Pickles
This is the only bank I've had this kind of terrible experience is almost impossible to talk with someone.. my loan got shopped to them by dealership.. Had no idea I was going to a nightmare. The hold times are ridiculous..45min or more.. And they will charge you for making payment even if its on time..if you try to do it by phone. They will of course give the standard corporate responce that are other avenues to make payments ect..customer service is our priority...blah blah.., point being, just call them and see what happens. They have some of the most absurd rules and customer service is a after thought, not a priority, cause if it was , they would correct there hold times and be more available for the customers who actually keep them in business..i love the answer they give when they say we have spike times in our calls, its bs, doesn't matter when you call, it's the same wait time, they have like 2 people to answer phones..but since they are primarily a last chance bank..they really just dont care. They figure ur lucky to get the loan so just deal with it...they are correct in telling you to do it online, it's the only way u can get anything done and without being charged for bothering them..
2 months ago
Duane Drake
Great except for right now trying to cancel my accountants over the phone because I had moved away from the Austin area they had made the security so tight even with putting my social security, date of birth, and my account numbers it still wasn't good enough to get help.
4 months ago
Corey in the Lending Department in Austin is amazing. Me and my husband are rider to rider purchasing a 2013 Victory. The seller along with us live 4 hours away and per bank policy long distance loans have to be signed in person both seller and buyer at bank branch. That is ridiculous and they are definitely stuck in the dinosaur ages. After getting frustrated and requesting to speak to a manager i talked wumith Corey. He has done everything to make it to were we could complete the purchase online and over the phone. Hes very nice and thorough with max details. We also have my car through VCU and i have always had a pleasure working with them. Good rates and awesome customer service. I have had one bad experience with a rude phone rep but the rest has been an excellent experience. I will be referring others.
4 months ago
Jacob Young
4 months ago
Anna Henschel
Other reviews of one star surprised me and haven't been consistent with my experience at all. I have banked with Velocity CU for years and have always found their services to be friendly, helpful, and convenient. The only reason that I didn't give them 5 stars is that there is sometimes a 15-20 minute wait when you go in to speak with someone in member services. I'd much rather bank with a local community based credit union than with a megabank.
6 months ago
Edgar R
By far the worst CU we've ever encountered or worked with. So bad, we literally traded in my vehicle to get out of the loan. We went through Rate Genius to refinance my vehicle originally just two months ago. Initially it seemed like Velocity CU was a great financial decision as it lowered our payments and also our interest rate. The first time we had to contact the CU, oh my gosh was it the most annoying and obnoxious situation to endure. Thirty minute wait time for someone to answer at a CU and then you have an attitude and say you cannot help me to every question I ask, gee thanks. I am very disappointed and now your charging hidden manipulative fees to get our loan paid off. On top of that, their website is atrocious and have to call in and wait on hold for 30+ minutes to TRY and get anything done. STAY FAR AWAY FROM! Worst Credit Union Ever!
10 months ago
Neeraj reddy
Velocity CU has been my primary CU since the early 2000's, heck I even worked there!! I have always directed folks to bank with this them and have never had a bad experience. But today.... Velocity has decided that loyal members are no longer necessary. On the 19th I made an external transfer from my other CU (this external acct has been registered through Velocity's website, and has had several transfers back and forth with no issues for 2 years) and the transfer was placed on hold. Not only was it placed on hold, which seems ridiculous, but they placed it on hold until the end of the month!!! When i asked why, they claimed that it's their process? Funny how this "process" hasn't impacted my previous tsf's! Velocity then claimed that they contacted my other CU, and could not confirm that I was the account holder or that the funds were available!! I asked who they contacted, and they declined to provide that info. When I asked for them to remove the hold, they declined to do so, and would only promise to review my request with proof that I am the actual account holder and proof that the funds were available. Now keep in mind, the other acct already shows that Velocity took the money via ACH on the 21st, and even if jump through these ridiculous hoops, the earliest they would release my money would be the 26th or 27th!! Of coarse, I called my other financial institution, which I have also worked for, and they confirmed that NOBODY from Velocity has contacted them in regards to this transfer. So not only did they place a ridiculous and unnecessarily long hold on a transfer made by a loyal customer, but then they blatantly lied to me about contacting my financial institution!! Then to add salt they want me to go through these hoops to be given the "courtesy" of a review to remove a hold that should not be on the account in the first place. Needless to say, I will be closing ALL of my accounts and moving to another credit union who value's their members and relationships that have been built over several years.
6 months ago
Evgeny Akhundzhanov
Fast drive thru and quality customer service I have been a member for six years now
10 months ago
Cindy Johnson
Service with velocity credit union is the worst banck experience i had. don't ever use this bank when financing a car.
4 months ago
Mags McGarr
I don't understand why anyone would trash Velocity's customer service, whether on the phone, at the drive-up, or in the lobby. During my nearly two decades of banking with this credit union, I have always been treated in a friendly, courteous, respectful, and professional manner. These employees get nothing but a :) from me.
8 months ago
Crucita Hernandez
Horrible customer service. You will wait in line in drive through for 45 minutes because they don’t staff correctly. They are also extremely rude
1 month ago
Rahiem Goode
Awful Bank, do not do your banking here! When you get fraudulent charges on your debit card they will do nothing to help you try and get your money back. We have contacted them several times, gone in to fill out the paperwork, and still no help. If you want yourself protected then go to another bank. This bank will NOT protect you, your money will be GONE!
6 months ago
Eylul Cavac
I have had several bad encounters with them and zero good. Long wait times, trying to make a payment several times and it never reflects in their system. Horrible online services, nobody can give me explanations. I am currently waiting for a call back just so I can make a payment after an hour of trying, and the system repeatedly getting my account wrong, they think I'm calling from a number that I don't recognise. Honestly having trouble even articulating I'm so frustrated with this company. Best of luck if you ever have to deal with them
4 months ago
Gardelle Lewis
We were in the market for our 1st car and they were the only ones to finance us. They have been so helpful and beyond understanding. Would definitely buy 2nd car with them!
4 months ago
Patricia Crane
The credit union needs to take control of the company that services there credit cards. The 800 number has the worst attitude and service.. completely condescending and disrespectful. We told them that we Will let velocity know but they basically said they don't care. At this point wer thinking about closing the credit card and taking our car loan somewhere else where they care and there's plenty of credit unions around . This is the names of the supervisor who can care less about velocity... John Carlo operator # u55137 In case anyone cares at velocity.
2 months ago
Gareth Howe
Do not use this credit union! There are plenty others that are better than this one. I have experienced problems paying bills, transferring money, and communicating with staff. Please do not use them.
6 months ago
Ivan Godomar
WORST CUSTOMER SUPPORT EVER!! Do NOT become a member of this credit union. They do NOT care of account problems or the clientele. Especially when the problem was caused by one of their own account managers!!!
2 months ago
Cameron Cooper
Poor online service. Rude telephone service. Almost non-existent communication. Charged me late charges for two years without my knowledge when the loan got out-of-synch. I called, paid off the loan and all the late charges and then they charged me another late charge. I just want to be done with them. Hopefully they will accept this latest pay-off and leave me alone.
4 months ago
Don Phillips
Friendly group of folks at the Round Rock branch. April and all of the group are always great to work with.
1 month ago
Aaron Cook
Awful experience. The customer service it bad and they have some of the most nonsense practices. For example you have to wait about two weeks to get a debit card from them when you open an account. Now that wouldn't be a problem except for the fact that you have to have $55 at least to open an account, so you can't use that money for two weeks. As well as If you put your money in an ATM it doesn't automatically deposit it in your account, it takes two business days to actually be checked by someone who goes out to get the money at each ATM. So if you deposit money in the ATM on Friday, you won't see it until Tuesday. I had to pay late fees on my rent just because I deposited it in the ATM vs. going in the branch. Thats way to long to wait when every other bank just puts it through right there. Also there is no customer service besides the people in the bank, so if you have an issue outside of the branch hours you're screwed. Oh and Time Warner won't take payment from Velocity so you better find another way to pay for cable. Overall there is no credit union charm that outweighs the cons of baking with velocity.
6 months ago
Marquis Eberhart
It feels like being part of a family when you bank with Velocity. I enjoyed my banking experience and they great rates!!
7 months ago
Stan Johnson
I have been a member of this credit union since 1991. Recently we decided to start using our personal checking again after being dissatisfied with another bank we had been using. We changed all of our online bill pay back to velocity (was still an active account on our bills) and have had nothing but issues. We have had multiple payments returned from Velocity saying the account is not valid- keep in mind the account has been used since 1991!!!!!! Just before these issues I opened a business account- huge mistake- they had to re-enter our business information more than once- took a month to get our debit card numbers, and just received our business checks- 250 loose checks! Who does that??? I'm beyond disappointed with this bank.
3 months ago
Chasity Thibodeaux
Good rates Haven't had too many experiences that were not great . I've been a member for over 27 years. I have three auto loans.
3 weeks ago
Becky Christianson
A member for 16 years, they have great service and rates.
10 months ago
Stephanie Butkus
This location has a great drive thru ATM. Unfortunately Velocity still doesn't work with Android Pay for nexus phones (they work with Samsung and Apple Pay only). They have not updated me to a chip card yet, and their site does not have 2 step authorization yet and feel archaic. May be time to look at other options.
3 months ago
alexis lane
Phone service is HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!! Customer service, over the phone is worse than HORRID!!!!!! RUDE, DISRESPECTFUL, OBNOXIOUS!!!! This is about the 7th time I have dealt with them over the phone. I understand why people loose it!! This is why we are refinancing BOTH car loans and going else where. AWFUL!!!! If I treated my students, parents, or coworkers that way I would not have a job. Completely UNprofessional!!!!!!
10 months ago
nee Ramsri
Never in my life have I ever has a customer service rep speak to me they way Tina did today. I'm so disappointed in how she handled my situation. I have reached out to the President of the company and hoping to hear back soon.
5 months ago
Elsie Shirley
Don't bank here, they are the worst I have ever dealt with and they just steal your money with all these hidden fees. Go somewhere else where the stupid phone app would work.
5 months ago
Jhoy Ross
3 months ago
Jessica Raba
I got an auto loan from them... I was like one or two months behind payment because of financial issues... As I was trying to explain how I was going to pay them.. A lady from the collections agency was being so rude and not trying to understand what I was trying to explain to her... I was telling the lady I was going to pay them whatever I owe them this month in June... She already call the repo on me... And I really want my car back... but at this moment... I'm like forgeto it.. I'm not perfect... I am human just like her.. to sit behind a desk and past judgement on someone mistakes... God have mercy on your soul...
10 months ago
Tim Foss
I can do everything online pay loans, connect with quickbooks etc. I Could take deposits with photo from phone if I give up my printed statements but I am not willing to do that. I think that policy is pretty poor. That and their allegiance to mastercard. I was forced to give up my debit card and go to a mastercard. One of the reasons I left mainstream banking was to be free from that cartel but now, here I am again. I would be happy to remove or edit this review if Velocity would bend the rules for a Small Business and allow me to deposit with pictures of checks and still receive my monthly statement. Otherwise, unfortunately, your just another bank to me.
6 months ago
Justin Pedersen
they are really helpful. beats wells fargo. bank of america, by far.
10 months ago
Lidia Mantesso
11 days for a large check to clear. Absolutely ridiculous.
2 months ago
Arielle Roche
Love these guys! Been with them since 1997
4 months ago
jimmy Dostes
Great bank been with them for 10+years
1 month ago
Chandan Narayan
Tina is terrible, collections department is terrible, very rude, very demanding, don’t care about customer, wont work with anyone. Only THEY can have a attitude, if you have one they will straight up hang up.. haha what a joke
4 months ago
Celine Tranchard
I tries to get a balance on my car loan! Was unsuccessful, called 1800# and got a long wait just to hear there are closed! How are we supposed to see our loan amount or payoff amount?? Really frustrated about the online or automated service!
10 months ago
Stephen Cross
can never get them on the phone !!!!
11 months ago
Nick Sergent
Terrible customer service.
1 month ago
Julie Cousins
This is the worst bank ever. They keep your money and never send you a statement. Even if the loan is paid off they continue to withdraw the money and keep it.
1 month ago
Veronica Sage
The loan department came through for me when I need them.
10 months ago
Daniel Na
Horrible customer service. I've multiple time found myself without access to my money because of their peculiar policies. I will be closing my account.
10 months ago
Rod Chee
They changed they online payment system. Cant find a browser on Windows, Apple, or Android that works. Really frustrating. A New Year and the online payment system is still a failure.
4 months ago
3 weeks ago
Natalie Simpson
Extremely rude!!!
6 months ago

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