State Employees’ Credit Union

Credit union State Employees’ Credit Union, 2421 NC-54, Durham, NC 27713, United States: 18 reviews of visitors, the most complete information about the address, business hours, location on the map, photos, phone number, website and other contacts.
State Employees’ Credit Union
Rate: 3.8
Address: 2421 NC-54, Durham, NC 27713, United States
Phone number: +1 919-806-0903

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Latitude: 35.9011743
Longitude: -78.8875873

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Aditya Choudhury
Building is always super clean, and every visit I've made has met all my expectations or above and beyond.
3 months ago
Dawn Kitchekeg
Always friendly, courteous and willing to help.
5 months ago
Miriam Herman
Melvin is my super hero! I financed a car through him last year and this year. There were so many hurdles this time around. Things had changed, other factors played in as well making this process very time consuming. He quickly relieved my stressed and assured me we would work through it together. His calm demeanor, commitment to go above and beyond, and sense of humor to make things run smoother truly made me feel valued as a person. I couldn’t ask for a better experience!!
3 months ago
Damian knox
I agree with Jazzriel! This is the worst bank to go to for first time home buyers. My husband and I spoke with a representative with a British accent (forgot her name) and she had a very negative/nasty attitude and borderlined insulted me for having school loan debt as I am currently in grad school. ('am I'm sorry (not sorry) that I made the decision to further my education). She gave us an estimate of how much our loan would be, which was a low amount that would put us in a terrible neighborhood. My husband and I went to another branch, received a loan that was 3X the amount and we are now under contract for a 2017 home in a nice neighborhood. I will never do business with this bank.
2 months ago
Alex Golshani
i switched from Wells Fargo to SECU, thinking i was upgrading but i regret it . it’s really the simple things and they can’t even seem to get those right. it’s bad enough that they done offer temp. cards until your actual card arrives in the mail, but for them to be so irresponsible enough to “forget” to send my card in the mail.. is sad!!! it’s been past the 10 business days and now they have to send another one and I can only imagine how long this is about to take!
5 months ago
Ginger Hansen
Solid State Employees Credit Union. I can usually get in and out pretty fast. Every one is nice. I go here all the time. I also like the fact that it's right next to the library. I often do a 2 for 1 and pick up a book, the drop off a deposit at the bank. Good location.
8 months ago
Jon Vorbeck
Worst bank known to man. I can't EVER get a loan and I finally have proof that money gets taking out of my account. Now I have to look for another bank which is also more time out of my life to do so.... Fml
3 months ago
Kevin Gooch
If your a first time home buyer do not go to this branch !!!!!!! I’ve had the worst absolute experience everyone was very nonchalant and really didn’t seem to care. No one even walked me thru any of the paperwork to further explain anything to me , buying a house for the first time is very stressful and I truly felt no one really cared and no one could even give me a postive answer on anything I asked . I spent a total of 4 one hr lunch breaks going around and around just to have to call secu to have things straightened out. This branch needs a serious wake up call on customer service , standards and knowledge
8 months ago
Nicole Conaway
Fast Service, everyone here is always willing to assist or point you in the right direction. One of best branches in Durham in addition to the Slater Rd. Branch
10 months ago
Matias Sturla
Always friendly and helpful at this location, and a great organization in general.
6 months ago
Maxwell Lazaroff
This bank take care of families, indeed of finance, jobs, vacancies, and many more. I have been working with the bank with all my needs. I like to be with them.
6 months ago
irfan mehmood
Great service inside. Drive-thru a little slow
2 months ago
Laura MacLeod
Consistently the absolute slowest drive thru I have ever used!
8 months ago
Jim Stilwell
Very very friendly and patient, the tellers and the front desk even though l have a lot of questions!
4 months ago
Kayla Shoffner
Smooth experience, normally busy around lunch. Friendly staff, no issues.
10 months ago
Jodie Holt
Good quality
3 months ago
Sam Sullivan
Friendly people.
2 months ago
phillip gautreau
10 months ago

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