Carson Cars

Used car dealer Carson Cars, 13806 Hwy 99, Lynnwood, WA 98087, United States: 230 reviews of visitors, the most complete information about the address, business hours, location on the map, photos, phone number, website and other contacts.
Carson Cars
Rate: 3.8
Address: 13806 Hwy 99, Lynnwood, WA 98087, United States
Phone number: +1 425-697-6969

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Latitude: 47.8726885
Longitude: -122.2746449

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Johannes Jeitler
I bought. A car from them a litterly it have to go to the shopp and was there for the better part of three weeks they gave me a Chevy aveao that I couldn't even get home in . I had to pay the shop after purchasing a warranty that cost almost 3k and my car still has problems / check engine light on which I've already paid for to be fixed. I was promised by Scott that it would be taken care of and no one will call me back to resolve the issues.. WORST PLACE TO BY AC FROM I SUGGEST ANYWHERE ELSE THEN HERE YOULL GET ROBBED OUT OF WHAT U WANT AND YOUR MONEY
3 months ago
Rayne Juniors
I had a very bad experience with this company. We bought a car that was overpriced and then gave a guarantee for the used car. They gave us one price and details of the car, but the documentation and invoice was completely different. The price was higher than the promised price. Within a couple of days the car broke down on the highway, and no help was provided. We were told that the car was in good running condition, and with a big sticker saying "Carson guarantee", but once the car broke down we were asked to pay for the servicing and repairs. I am still being called by these people who are asking us to pay for those services which were never supposed to be charged. These folks are only looking to sell, and lying through their teeth to get your business, These people lack any business integrity or customer focus. In one word you will find cheats at Carson Cars. Never go there.
7 months ago
Lion Lion
I bought a 99 Cadillac Catera from Carson Cars a few weeks ago. Raul was my salesman and he was very patient with us as we test drove multiple cars and were unsure of exactly what we wanted. After the sale was complete they were very helpful with any issues that arose with the car and quick to fix anything that wasn't quite right. I would definitely recommend this car dealer to others. Their service was professional and made for a pleasant experience from start to finish. Thanks again!
8 months ago
Tony Zebrowski
Carson cars has been very helpful getting me approved for a loan, finding and communicating the types of cars available for my personal price, and loan. I have worked with there cars sell Rep Holly, she has diligently worked to find my truck, very grateful.
3 weeks ago
They were incredibly responsive. Tristan sent me pictures of trucks that they hadn’t listed online, yet. They didn’t have what I was looking for, but they were extremely nice and willing to go the extra mile.
3 weeks ago
Tulsa Fox
This is the worst car dealer shop once you leave the lot they won’t answer your call or up hold their warranty! Go ANYWHERE ELS!!
6 months ago
Sarah Alli
Co-signed for a friend in 2014, HUGE mistake. She totaled the car, but then Carson somehow LOST the gap paperwork? I found out they were still charging me when the collection calls came a few months later... I asked them what was going on and they admitted they had an employee working for them that threw everything away and that they would file the paperwork and have the account brought up to date and removed from my credit because of their mistake. They even put it in writing for me! I just looked and guess what?! STILL ON MY CREDIT REPORT 5 years later!!!! Every step of the way with them was shady and it looks like I’m still paying the price for their unprofessional, inexperienced, and undone work. So much for your word Carson Cars.
2 months ago
Michele Ellis
Unbelievable!! THE WORST. I bought a car from this place about six months ago. Within less than 48 hours, the car broke down, radiator exploded and the car overheated in the middle of downtown Seattle rush hour traffic with anti-freeze spraying everywhere. They were initially very quick to respond and offered to replace the radiator and correct their wrong. The owner even personally called and told me if I continued to have problems, I could return the car and choose another. While they were fixing my car, I found an ad for the SAME CAR on another dealership site for $2,000 less than the lowest price they were "able to sell it to me for" the VIN #'s were a match, it was undoubtedly the same car. I got the car back and within a week, the radiator blew again. Obviously, they didn't replace it like they had said. This time they were rude about fixing it for me and said that if it broke again it was my problem. I'm not sure why a brand new radiator that they supposedly put in would continue to break.... but, shocker.... it indeed has leaked and broken over and over again, at my expense. Also within a month, the emblems fell off of the car, exposing that they had been held on with tape. The driver's side window fell into the door, costing over $1,000 to repair because the mechanic explained it had been duct taped and glued previously, they had to rebuild the inner workings of the door. I bought it during the summer, once it rained, I realized the sunroof leaks, and rain pours through all of the buttons on the roof. The speakers quit working one by one, then the radio quit working all together, the engine and transmission lights came on, the suspension went out as well as the power steering. All of the heat, ac, radio buttons, etc, have fallen off because they were broken and super glued on. If you lock the doors, the alarm goes off constantly. The bluetooth was broken and has never paired any devices although I was guaranteed it would work. The battery drains because of the electrical problems so it needs to be jumped and the battery needs to be replaced regularly. The warranty they sold me has covered nothing that has broken. The owner and salespersons quit returning my calls after the second time they "fixed" the radiator. Also, it came with one key. They wouldn't agree to get me another one at the time of purchase so they salesman said to make the sale, he would personally pay to have the key made for me and gave me his number........ he lied. This is the worst experience I have ever had with a business. They sold me a lemon and they couldn't care less. They got their money and clearly don't care about return customers or word of mouth.
8 months ago
Rachel Waghchoure
I worked with Tristan and received great customer service! He did his best to get me into a vehicle
9 months ago
kit love
I absolutely love working with Mike and the team over at Carson Cars. They are always open to suggestions and brainstorming sessions. Looking forward to continuing our digital marketing relationship. Cheers to a great 2020!
4 months ago
Nathan Lefebvre
Usually I try not to refer to companies just because if they drop the ball, it reflects on me if they don't follow through. However, when I find a company that wins me over, I recommend them. When we were at Carson Cars, everyone we met through the process was friendly, helpful and kind. It was a nice change from other places we have gone before. Usually I'm anxious and ready to leave as soon as I walk in. It was a very relaxed atmosphere and we chatted with another couple also buying a car that we really enjoyed talking to. Very down to earth place and didn't feel pressured (my fav part). ~Tonya and Derek
8 months ago
Erwin A
Excellent. They will work hard to help get you a car. No high pressure. Used car buying the way it should be. Friendly, efficient staff. In house financing when needed. Fair prices. All cars come with warranty.
6 months ago
Dylan Cameron
Horrible. I would never recommend Carson Cars! CEL came on a week after purchasing my 04 Outback in late 2014 and for what I paid, this car is in garbage condition. It's had issues from the start, which I have given them many opportunities to resolve. Jamie, one of the sales managers I initially spoke to (after discovering the issues) was unbelievable. It was obvious there are frequently issues with the cars they sell, because him and everyone else I've dealt with are extremely defensive and dismissive, and they have these well rehearsed responses, "I might be able to work with you" pretending they are going to help you out, and then deny it later on. Wish I would have picked up on it sooner and walked out before buying. The catalytic converted needed to be replaced, but instead of correcting the problem, Carson Cars repair shop replaced only one side, then I brought it to a real mechanic who identified that they "installed a spacer to try and trick the o2 sensor into reading a working catalytic converter" I will never take it back to Carson Cars repair shop to get work done. They use junkyard parts. They didn't even replace it with a Subaru cat, it was some used piece they found who knows where. This is so shady!!! This is just the tip of the iceberg. Read some of the other 1 star reviews for Carson Cars on Yelp, their own Facebook page or talk to most anyone who actually purchased a car from Carson Cars. Some people's experiences were total disastrous nightmares. Don't go to Carson Cars unless it's to tell them they need to change their ways and stop scamming people.
9 months ago
Laniya Rivera
The repair shop technicians are friendly and go out of their way to provide quality customer service. Mike Carson, the owner, really cares about his customers and takes financial needs into consideration.
3 weeks ago
Brooke Simons
Having known the Carson cars family since 1980, I still today will buy cars there! They are the ONLY Used Car Dealership with their own full service Department staffed with certified mechanics and the service their cars before and after the Sale!! When you buy a Used Car elsewhere once you sign the "As Is" your relationship is over! At Carson Cars they only sell to sell again!
6 months ago
Brian Lyon
Love these guys worked with Carson Cars really knows their stuff and they are very honest on what needs fixing and what does not. Have taken my Saab 9-3 to them for routine maintenance. Highly recommend them especially if you have a Saab but I think they should do just great
6 months ago
Thomas Lorbes
I had an amazing experience buying my car here last night! Tristen and David went above and beyond to make sure every one of my questions were answered and that I felt 10000% ready to purchase the vehicle I did. This place is awesome and I would give them a 10 star if I could!! Thank you David, Tristen and the whole team that helped me out yesterday!
3 weeks ago
Matt Gutierrez
I have had my car since Mothers day ( it was my gift from my husband) last month dash lights came on we had some things fixed (normal things) lights went off but hubby drove one day came back on we took to shop and they did Everything could to see the problem nothing I think my car has the personality of Christine ( a Stephen King movie) does what it wants when wants to but they did an awesome job trying to figure out and if come back on to bring back so they can take a look I would recommend this place to anyone. They even washed it before I went back to pick it up Thumbs up from me.
4 months ago
Chasity Strange
The only thing Carson Cars CAN do for you is get you approved for financing at an extremely high rate of interest. They will sell you a trash car, and not do anything to help you solve the problem with the car unless you want to spend another grand. The salesmen think that a carfax report is just like any other report, the report they offer you only shows ratings of the model of car, not car specific. The salesmen aren't even good liars, you can tell they don't have a clue what they're talking about. The dealership is one big scam.
6 months ago
Lynn Amaya
Bought a truck from them that has now costed me over 5k in repairs in under a year for things going wrong.. had called the repair shop and the guy who answered the phone said I have to take another call it's important and hung up on me... Just poor service some of their employees have ...
10 months ago
Sonny Sengmany
I had a very great experience coming in today, Garrett Newman did not waste my time like the past 3 car dealers have. Came straight to Carson cars and left greatly satisfied with Garett’s great customer service & great way of making us …
3 months ago
Dylan Wilcox
One star is being generous, the in house financing is "supposed" to be for the credit challenged but to ask for $900 down on a $2900 vehicle when if we had that much we'd pay the one thing that's holding us up off and get a new car with a cosigner elsewhere. I will not recommend them to anyone I'd say stay far, far away!
9 months ago
angelo zielinski
When i look at Mr Carson i see a respectable business owner...hes always doing something great for his community ...he reminds me of superman! The spoon manager david was great. I cant believe i qualified for their leasing program and was …
4 months ago
bob jones
Zach was awesome. Made the car buying experience easy and I could tell he really cared and wanted to get me the best deal possible. Being a father of 8, things can be financially tight at times. So I really appreciate what he did for me and my family.
6 months ago
Willie InPrentaNet
Garett was wonderful, he made it easy and comfortable. He made the process smooth and easy and got me the car that worked for me and my family. He answered my concerns and has a great persona and easy to talk too. I would definately go …
8 months ago
Heather Bob
My boyfriend bought his car here and they were really helpful and friendly. They always have new vehicles - from current models to older, classic. I've even seen motorcycles here. Definitely will be back when we are in the market again.
4 months ago
Cody Durham
Garett was amazing. I have had credit problems , and they got me into a reliable vehicle within my budget !!! As well they have a fantastic warranty product ! I would recommend this business.
4 months ago
David Ward
Big thank you to Carson Cars! We really appreciate all of your hard work on getting us financed for our new vehicle. My husband is so proud of his new truck, he shows it off to everybody, i truly mean everybody. Thank you again. We look forward to working with you guys again in the near future for MY new car , hint, hint
3 months ago
Rey Urena
I bought a used '93 nissan 300zx from these guys. I had a bunch of minor electrical problems with the car (some switches and actuators not working right) on top of an alignment issue. They've been really great so far about getting it all …
11 months ago
Marissa Stiles
Carson Cars is an outstanding business! I recently had an evening car break down near Carson Cars. I had only met Mike Carson a week before, having been referred there for the used car I was looking …
3 weeks ago

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