Carson Cars

Used car dealer Carson Cars, 13806 Hwy 99, Lynnwood, WA 98087, United States: 230 reviews of visitors, the most complete information about the address, business hours, location on the map, photos, phone number, website and other contacts.
Carson Cars
Rate: 3.8
Address: 13806 Hwy 99, Lynnwood, WA 98087, United States
Phone number: +1 425-697-6969

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Latitude: 47.8726885
Longitude: -122.2746449

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Lisa Deer
I was buying my first car and had my heart set on a pretty spendy one. Ashlie told me she wasn't making any promises but she would do her best to get me in to it. She did her best to work with me and get me the best plan given i had no credit but i finally decided something cheaper would be a better fit for me. When i told her i was changing my mind the next day she was even more excited to get me into a car more fit. She helped me come up with a plan on how i was going to pay for my first car without being super overwhelmed especially as a college student. Ashlie was very friendly and more personable than most car sales people. She is a great asset to Carson Cars and makes her customers feel as if they are in a trustworthy environment.
2 months ago
Alex Gorbunov
Have had vehicle less than a month. Nothing but a headache since we left the lot! Heated seats stop working the next day, oil leak already, rotors shaking, oh and they said they had ordered the part for my side mirror and guess what was not ordered!!! .... also get call that we have to redo finance paperwork as we were not approved for loan???? Umm then why did we all sign loan docs? Now the cherry on top, finance guy robert will not return emails or my calls when I ask what our tax return amount is as he did not give us any paperwork stating he needed to finalize it. Hubby finally goes there due to avoiding us and come to find out we are being charged a good amount of fees for them to file the taxes and issue it on a pre paid card!!! Not once were we told about these fees. Oh and our sales guy won’t tell me if the seats will be covered or the rotors, tells me to have shop guys look at it (shop guys say they need written order from salesman). Avoid this place!! Not one person will step up and do the right thing, they all point fingers at someone else.
2 months ago
shirley Schmelzer
We bought a Dodge Durango from them. Not long after, the transmission died. After that, the head gasket. $7000 worth of repairs. AVOID, AVOID, AVOID. They do NOT sell mechanically sound vehicles. They do a "safety" inspection, which ensures that the brakes work and the seat belts click. Then they wash it up. This place is a SCAM.
2 months ago
Eric Schmitt
Carson cars is a great family dealership who goes the extra mile for you. David Gonzales sold us our Jeep and has proven to be a great sales person to work with. Grateful we got to do business with him!
3 weeks ago
Benjamin Glick
Garrett Newman was a great salesman to work with. He was honest with me about cars I took out for test drives and made me very comfortable through it all. Thank you and I love my new car.
6 months ago
Yee Richard
I have been looking for a reliable car for the travels to children's hospital. I was able to finally get approved since my credit is not great so I was very excited. I am a low income family and they were willing to give me time to pay Unbelievable. Rest of the down payment. However, two days after I brought car home it started making weird noises and the engine light came on. The dealership got my car into the shop 4 days later and they have now had the car for 6 days and I have to take a good chunk of money out of my down payment money I was saving so I can get the car out of the shop. Unbeliveable. Update: this experience has only got worse. I took my car back to repair they stated nothing was wrong with it. This car left me and my son stranded 2 days later. Took it to a mechanic shop not connected to carson cars and they stated it needs a new motor. Carson cars said their warrenty does not cover it at another shop. Took it back to their shop last week and they state they can't fond nothing wrong with it. Long story short I have been able to drive my care 2 weeks out of 2 months and I am getting a lawyer. They have not stood by any of their 90 day warrenty or return car policy. This is the worst experience I have ever had l. & 3,300 and still no car to drive.
6 months ago
Eddie Monigan
I purchased a car at Carson Cars yesterday. I had an excellent experience. They financed my pre-owned SUV (my credit score is pretty bad) and they processed the paperwork superfast...and pain-free. I took the bus to get there and drove away in less than an hour. My salesperson was Neena. She was very pleasant to work with and was honest about a couple cars that she suggested that I avoid. She didn't try and get me to spend more than my price limit. It felt like she had a lot of integrity. Scott, office manager, was totally awesome. He talked me thru the confusing stuff and generally kept me from being stressed out. I'm definitely going back to Carson Cars...when I want another pre-owned vehicle. Thanks Neena & Scott!!!
3 weeks ago
Cynthia Zuccalo
Ashley was Amazing she made my first time buying a car a breeze. Even today on her day off she took the time to help me. She's a true sweetheart and true helper.
10 months ago
Monali Sheth
Am happy with my car besides a few things going out within 3000 miles of purchasing. However the customer service has been extremely frustrating. Just trying to get my new plates has been a hassle. Everytime ive called ive left messages that are never returned. Jessica was quite rude to me and my wife, Justin apparently doesn't know how to transfer a call from the dealer to the service department. Which should not be a hard thing to do. Not satisfied with how i have been treated after the purchase. Before purchasing they were nice as can be. Very disappointing, regret going to them.
3 weeks ago
Mirko Turunen
Yesterday I had a very good talk with salesman Fernando Varela about a car I was interested in. He gave me all the in and outs of the vehicles history and the background of it. I came back today and I purchased the SUV I’ve been wanting for a very long time. He’s was awesome as well as the rest of the Carson crew there. Thank you all for all you do and thank you again Fernando.????????????????????????
2 months ago
CarSon cars is the worse company to go through to get a new car! They communication skills and effort in “helping” they customers don’t mean anything with them. They messed me over in a car that needs more then fixing and the way they talk to you and work with you is so unprofessional I’m only working with them for the time being but other then that if I would of knew I wouldn’t of went through them! Don’t come shop at Carson cars they only care about they “money” &’ not they customers I’ve heard multiple other issues for other people they caused so good luck on your “new” ride!
2 months ago
chad rozelle
I purchased a vehicle from this lot and must say my buying experience was AMAZING! If you’re looking for a dealership where you’re treated like family I HIGHLY recommend Carson Cars hands down! Mike (the owner) is a very standup guy and truly values his business and his customers. The staff is just amazing! Mike (Owner) Scott (Finance Manager) and Neena (Sales Associate) in particular! Neena wasn’t pushy like most but very attentive to my needs! Scott helped me with getting in the car I wanted and made sure that I was leaving satisfied with the entire deal from start to finish. Scott himself went above in beyond to make sure I was taken care of and I appreciate it! Carson Cars even have their own maintenance shop for any repairs needed which is awesome considering they offer warranties on all their cars! I would recommend anyone looking to buy a quality used car to stop at Carson Cars and I guarantee you’ll be glad you did.
4 months ago
Vincent Stout
I had an amazing experience at Carsons. Tristan is the best!!! Even if your credit isn't the best they do their best to help you get into a car!!
1 week ago
Drew Prochazka
I was able to purchase a car with ease during the Covid-19 pandemic. Zach was so helpful and made the process so easy. He was so friendly and made me feel like one of the family. I recently picked up my license plates and he put them on for me. I would highly recommend Zach at Carson Cars for your next purchase.
2 months ago
sean collins
Tristan helped us find a truck. He was very friendly an made the whole process so easy.
5 months ago
Gregory Tiner
Monday March 25th had to be the best and easiest car buying experience I have ever had. The crew at Carson cars have to be some of the nicest car salesman and sales women that I have ever worked with. I will recommend Carson cars to everyone that I know. Also thank you Mike the owner for checking on me a few days after buying the truck to make sure I am still happy with it.
8 months ago
Kaitlan Doherty
We are all experiencing a tough and scary time right now.. We all need our family and friends and local businesses to help us through this. Carson Cars is a Lynnwood, WA staple as they have served their people and looked after their staff for two generations. We all need reliable transportation for our safety and basic conveniences right now and I suggest that even if you don't need to buy a car right now, call the staff at Carson Cars to ask for guidance and troubleshooting. I am still close to this business family as I served as a manager years ago and I know that Carson Cars look after their own which includes their past, present and future patrons. Please contact them for your car needs. Service, parts or sales. No better place to support your car needs right now.. Sincerely, Paul K.
2 months ago
Mykeal Drew
So I went there and traded my 2014 F150 in back on (5-17-19)to get out of the loan I currently had. I bought a car from then. All seemed great and fine. Fast forward to today 7-26-19, they still haven't paid off my truck. That is already sold to another customer. My bank has been been non stop calling me telling me I'm late, so far it's been 3 missed payments. Now it's going to be delinquent which is now affecting my credit score. I've called them a half a dozen times and I keep getting the same rum around. "It's on our list to pay off". This is not how you treat returning customers, Or run a business! Absolutely ridiculous! Hopefully this doesn't happen to you. On the other hand Garret the sales man is the only one I'd give 5 stars to!
8 months ago
Dan Charles
If I could give 0 starts I would! I told them I was pregnant looking for a reliable car & they assured me it was! Within a week I had problems by 3 months I put $1500 into this “Reliable” car!! It over heated on me & would only start when it wanted to. These people are scam artist. My aunt also purchased a car from here witch was broken as well!! I will forever worn people about this place! DO NOT BUY FROM HERE!!!
4 months ago
chris smtih
Honestly, a really GREAT family owned dealership. Friendly, hardworking people here! They deserve your business! Mr Scott is an awesome person and will help you anyway he can! Mr Garett is a pretty cool guy who is the, go to guy, for anything Chevy. Tristan also works here, Tristan is another person who will help you to then max ! It’s been a week since my purchase and he’s still helping me out finding the best place to tint my windows ! To end this review if you’re looking for a GREAT deal, a FRIENDLY environment, and/or you have bad CREDIT, drive on down to Carson Cars, they will hook you up with a great vehicle for a great price !
4 months ago
David Toothaker
I text Nina to set up a appointment went in Fernando helped me and Scott finished up the paperwork.. I had such a great experience I would recommend everyone go to them.. I’ve been Hesitant to go to a dealership, but Nina was so nice it made it easy to show up. I took the car to my dad to check it out he worked for them at one time. And when he saw where I got it from said ( oh ya I don’t even need to see the engine to know it’s good.) it was after looking lol.. . Thank you all for the great car and great experience.
2 months ago
yelena milan
I would so recommend carson cars they take care of their customers I'm satisfied and the car well have warranty and their going to take care of any maintenance. I may not have money at the moment until payday but im able to use my car trade as a down payment and set up a payment plan with them. Out of all the other car dealerships I've been to in the past for used cars I'd say this one is the best!!!
2 months ago
Robert Esquivel
-Bring your own trusted mechanic in person before making any kind of purchase decision. -Expect changing the alternator and the starter in the short/medium term. -Go for reliable car makers and models. -Verify and double check what they say about the car, specially the motor. Follow my advise and you should be alright.!
2 months ago
Forever Goodbie
I bought a car from them the beginning of July, and have had issues since. They assured me when I bought it, that it was a reliable vehicle. It’s still in their shop, and they have already “fixed it” once. I’m extremely displeased. I wish I read some of the reviews before I bought a car from them
6 months ago
Adrianne Smith
STAY AWAY FROM CARSON CARS! Or shop at your own risk. The place is run by liars, crooks, and con-artists. Specifically Mike Carson, Robert Stokes, and Garrett Newman. They knowingly sold a lemon to us with dishonest assurances that the car was well maintained. They said the car had 2 prior owners, Carfax said 5. They gave us a phony 90-day warranty, phony money back guarantee, and refused to fix the car after selling it. The car was a 2009 VW passat Komfort sedan, for which we paid in full. Not even a day after the sale, the check engine light came on. Soon we found out that it had a broken fuel pump, major motor oil leaks, missing timing belt cover, missing valve cover gasket, only 10% left on the rear brakes and 35% on the front brakes. When we asked them to fix the car, Robert Stokes (Sales Manager) dismissed the 90 day warranty and said that we (the customer) should foot half-the repair bill. When asked why he knowingly sold a busted car? He replied: “Had we fixed it, we could have sold it for more money.” Suffice it to say that Stokes is the biggest bag of slime in Pacific Northwest. His card says 15 years of experience. Surely he means 15 years of experience scamming hard-working Americans. This reptile of a man needs to be behind bars. Not far behind is his bald lackey, Garett Newman. To call Newman a deceitful man would be a gross understatement. Newman was our salesman and not one thing he said about the car or the “service” of “family-owned Carson Cars” has turned out to be true. When we asked him to fix the busted car, he replied: “That car is a total loss for us,” and refused. They should put him and Stokes in the same cell as bunk buddies and toss the keys in Sound. The head of this Ponzi scheme is Mike Carson. This man has no regrets about taking advantage of hardworking people. Unclear how this man has been operating a “family business” for so long without any consequences. A brief conversation with his employees over at the Carson repair shop revealed, that such business practices are the norm for Carson cars. All the mechanics know that Carson should not be selling these broken cars to people but they do it anyways because they don’t care. They sell cars, which are not ready to be driven and are clearly unsafe. It goes to show you how little they value their customer and the customer’s life. So here is the clincher folks, there are multiple open investigations into Carson Cars from the state of Washington regarding their deceitful and criminal business practices. Here is Carson Cars’ bond information for any customers out there who have been cheated and taken advantage of by these crooks, and wish to sue them: Bond Number: WA13284 Bonding Company: MERCHANTS BONDING CO So if you are in the market for a new car and happen to have the misfortune of looking at Carson’s Cars. Ask yourself one question: “Should I be buying a car from a dealership, who are currently under investigation for fraud?” You as the customer have all the power, and the hassle of buying a car from here is not worth it. There are plenty of reputable dealerships out there, who will treat you with respect, honesty, and dignity. Don’t waste your time and money here. P.S. Robert, Garett, and Mike. I bet you wish you did the right thing now don’t you.
2 months ago
Samantha Martin
I went to buy a car, I was working with this amazing guy name Fernando and he made me feel so welcoming he let me tell him what I was looking for, he showed me a few cars so when I saw the car that took my breath away he got me into it, he's the best ,I will come back just to see him cause he is just that good of a person, the best person to talk to.i would recommend anyone who needs a car to go to carson cars, ask for the best person which is Fernando. I am extremely satisfied he made my day.
2 months ago
Renee Banek
I walked in to Carson Cars and Garett helped me find the car for me. He was polite, personable, didn’t pressure me, and provided excellent customer service. I’m fully satisfied with this experience as a first time buyer and definitely recommend you check out this dealership and go to Garett for assistance.
6 months ago
Quinton Hall
I brought a viechle thru this place n I have had a nightmare ever since. Not only did I show up the next morning after purchasing this vehicle n begged and plead with the salesman's to ask them to take it back n keep all the money but the sales person swore on everything that this vehicle would be safe for children I explain to the salesman I needed a safe viechle for my children mostely out of everything n that I take my son to seattle hospital alot for health help problem that are personal. I would give this car shop a negative stars if I could but Google doesnt allow since I brought a vehicle March I have had a horriable nightmare today September 23, 2020 I was told i could pick up my vehicle which has said at their repair shop since it caught fire.They sold a vehicle that wasnt even safe for anyone to be in. They fix all major issues with tape to shut their customers up n expect that this tape not case an accident instead of fixing the problem Or get a part fixed that you pay for. My car caught fire after they checked it out for a safety n never checked fuse box n also put electric trap on any exposed wires or broke parts. They had me pay for the blower motors to be fixed n then they never go fixed. I wouldnt recommended this as a safe family business or one I would trust for any family that has children. Buying a viechle here cause be a huge family lose no one could ever come back from.
2 months ago
Bill Wheeler
I had a very specific demand for a vehicle. Chad became knowledgeable on dinghy towing just to better serve my requests - nonexistent with people on car lots & I've checked quite a few. The service was great! He had a list of possible vehicles to show me when I arrived on the lot. Hassle free sale, excellent follow through on repairs, and I got a loaner car while my car was serviced. We love this place so much we travel 46 miles one way to deal with Carson Cars. We are now second generation purchasers; my oldest kid bought two cars from here too. Reality is... you're going to have issues with any pre-owned vehicle. Best you can hope for is a dealership that cares about the customer enough to stand behind their vehicle and works hard to see the customer happy when stuff happens. Carson Cars has repeatedly demonstrated & proved their integrity to me and my family's purchases from them. Bought my most recent car from them in April... before that?... seven years ago! Bottom line. I don't deal with people that I feel don't care about me and I'm a repeat customer of Carson Cars!
5 months ago
Jaebong Jeon
How ever the people were nice at carson cars i give them 1 star cause it wont let me give 0 stars. No matter how nice they are it does not make up for buying a car and having nothing but problems since. I bought a car from them and there were issues when i got it, so they said there shop would fix it. That was 3 months ago i am still waiting playing phone tag with the repair shop, i get a different person everytime i call saying something different. Ill probably never get my car fixed. I sincerely regret buying a car from them its not worth the money i am spending. I do not recommend anyone to buy a car here
4 months ago
Surjeet Singh
This dealership is like a box of chocolates. Read the reviews, I can see the great ratings along with the bad. My experience was good when it came to the vehicle price, trade-in allowance, etc... The sales guy (Dave) was friendly and not pushy. I bought a newer vehicle so there weren't any uknown issues to have to deal with. The only problem I had was after the sale. It was 2 weeks after the temporary registration expired, before I finally got the plates. I called 5-6 times and was always given the run-around, placed on hold indefinately, hung up on, etc... I even emailed the owner and salesperson, with no response. I finally had to call the CU to get action. Once I did that, my plates were miraculously available the next day. If the CU hadn't gotten involved, I believe I'd still be waiting. Had I not been treated badly after the sale went through, I would have given them 5 stars.
2 months ago
Lauren Cox
Mike the owner is awesome. He made sure I left with a 5.⭐ vehicle. Definitely a great and honest transaction. I've already sent friends to Mike to buy a car. Just like his dad he is fair and friendly and be assured he assures your new car is in tip top DC shape..Thank you Mike
2 months ago
Most of my experiences over the years and on this particular shopping experience I dealt with men who didn't listen to anything that I was saying rather would try to sell me what they wanted me to have. And what I needed Carson Cars didn't have the particular vehicle I was interested at in at the time but Dad did her due diligence going above and beyond what I've ever experienced a sales person doing she followed up with me regularly calling me when something showed up in Carson Cars inventory she was very pleasant and attentive to my direct needs thank you Don and thank you Carson Cars for having such a professional staff and and buy a good car.
6 months ago
Pam Carvalho
Great place to go if you want to get covid and wait hours to buy a car that has problems. No one inside wears a mask yet has masks hung up on wall next to desks for show. Got car with empty tank. If you finance a car they will put a tracker on your car before you leave. Sales guy answers phone multiple times while working with me. Sketchy place
2 months ago
Ronnie Turner
Went to look for a decent commuter on the cheap, the sales lady who we met first walked us around and showed us a bunch of cars that had various problems, the first was a toyota camry with a very noisy exhaust leak and a flat tire! She wanted almost 4000 dollars for it when we already own that exact car and purchased it for half that price at the same mileage just over 5 years ago without any problems! She then proceded to show us a couple of cars we were not interested in, when we expressed our disinterest, she then told us we would be better off spending 8,000 instead of 4,000 to get a decent running car and showed us a bunch of early 2000s cars with 150,000+ miles saying that these would be a better option! After we were done another salesman stopped us as we were leaving to try to sell us a car so we followed just to be greeted by another toyota toyota that was falling apart on the inside, smoking out of the tailpipe and had a flat tire too! I cant believe the audacity of these people trying to sell junk for such a high price when all it does is take up space. I bought my vehicle, a 2015 dodge with less than 60k miles for 6,700$. theres no way im ever spending almost 8,000 on a early 2000s toyota with over 150k on the odometer! Overall, they were pushy to get us to spend much more than we wanted to, they kept telling us our budget was too low and walked us from junker to junker trying to make a sale anyway. I will NOT be returning if this is how they do business.
3 months ago
Sherrie Sykes
No other car lot would give me the time of day until I had a wonderful conversation with Garret. He treated me like an actual human being. I’m not the richest person in the world but also not the poorest, he assured me we could find the right fit for me and my situation. My family will use Mr Garret for all future auto buys. They say “buyer beware” when warning people, I say “buyer recommend” Garret at Carson Cars. Thank you and god bless. E.M.
6 months ago
Julia Schelp
Hats off to you all at Carson Cars, by far the best car buying experience I have had in my 25 years of car ownership. David, my salesman helped me pin point exactly what I was looking for and found it for me. He took time and care that showed me that he really wanted me to happy with my purchase and didn't try to "sell me" and was not pushy at all. Very, very pleased with David and Carson Cars. I am proud of my new Honda and will be back in eventually for my daughters car.
8 months ago
Cliff Sanders
Horrible business! They suck at communicating! The cars they sell break down and mess up so they can try to make more money off of you! Very unprofessional! Not even a 1 star rating!
3 weeks ago
Alex Hanna
I was able to easily get into the vehicle that I wanted. The sales person Neena was awesome in assisting me with making an informed decision. She went above and beyond making me feel comfortable and valued and she was very courteous and professional throughout the buying process. Thank you very much Carson cars sales family I will definitely recommend you to all my friends and family.
3 months ago
Prince Umegbolu
**Update** STILL having issues. Carson Cars took the car back after I paid $595 for a tred lease termination. Said it would come up on my credit as paid in full. I have the documentation. This was around March 6 2019. This now July, Carson Cars has the car and they are reporting that I am 60 days past due on a car I turned back months ago.... DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!! Bought a car here and it has literally been in and out of the shop. I had to pay to have it fixed so many times even with the warranty I had to miss a payment. DO NOT BUY A CAR HERE!!!
3 months ago
Alexander Janik
I’m very satisfied with the service I received. I Worked with Neena from start to finish. She made sure I was satisfied with the vehicle. Took her time to answer questions prior to me driving out there first. Most sales person I’ve been to and experienced were pushy and shady. In fact it wasn’t her priority to force me into a vehicle, she wanted to assure me I was happy with a vehicle I actually wanted. Told her exactly how much I wanted to spend and what car I was looking for. She went above and beyond to meet my needs. I plan to see her in a few days for a second purchase. Thank you so much Neena!!!
3 weeks ago
Daqwander Pavloff
Very poor customer service doesn’t not get back to you even after your bank loan you the money since they got their and not worried about any else “ family owned “ I would They be better at they service! Do not recommend there ! Even the owner doesn’t get back to you
7 months ago
Jay Goo
These people sold me a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee which had some minor cosmetic problems which would cost me less than $300 to fix. They didn't tell me all the engine problems I would have to fix like a bad water pump and altinator. Also unless you live in Everett their tow truck won't tow your vehicle when it breaks down after 8 days of purchase. Do not buy Vehicles from this place they sell nothing but Lemons to make lemonade with your money.
2 months ago
Katie Murdock
GARRETT NEWMAN & FELIX HERNANDEZ ARE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! We had a fantastic experience, even before we stepped foot on the lot. Couldn’t have asked for better sales team AND vehicle! The lot was beyond busy when we arrived and Garrett and Felix never made us feel rushed they were Never pushy, took their time, upfront and got it done!! After getting the run around from so many other dealers, Carson cars (well my sales guys ????) was such a relief. Definitely worth the long drive.!!!! Thanks again!! Couldn’t be happier! ???? ????
4 months ago
Jacob Elliott
I came in with my sister to Carson Cars last week. We didn't buy a car, but we will hopefully be able to next month. I wanted to give a shout out to the wonderful people at Carson Cars, especially Garett.
3 months ago
Bob Racovites
Garrett is one of the best car dealers I've met so far. He looks out for you and gets you in a very nice vehicle that fits your budget. He knows his stuff for sure. Thank you Garrett and thank you Carson cars.
3 weeks ago
Oleg Voronenko
The car I bought there for my niece was not well looked at I understand it is a used car but have had to fix lots almost what I have paid into it. She's had it a year or over a little. One of the things I stressed when buying was that I needed a reliable car wasn't going to cost alot in repairs. I got the exact opposite of what I asked for. Plus in these hard times with the virus they still charge a late fee.
3 weeks ago
Mirbek Karaev
Hello. My name is Damian Bradshaw. I would like to say these guys were.... ( in my personal opinion) off the charts. I appreciated all the help that was given to me in my search for a vehicle. I especially love the return policy that these guys have. As in, if something happens and you can no longer afford the vehicle. You can buy out of the contract, so that nothing goes against you. They offered drinks, and snacks and really made me feel comfortable. The salesman Kevin Grady was awesome. He has a very nice personality, and a wonderful sense of humor. A few minutes with the guy and I felt like I could have known him in high school. I think he's an all around great guy. Robert, the sales manager, made sure that I got the best deal that he could offer me for my down payment, and he also told me that as I am paying on the car. That it will go towards my credit. I was not expecting that. So to me, that worked out beautifully. I would like to mention a woman that I met in the office named Nina. She was very nice and sweet, just as the summer days are long. She really made me feel at home. There was also another guy in the office named Chris, who helped me with my paper work. Also I'd like to mentioin one of rhe mechanics there named Aaron. I interacted with a lot of people the time I spent there. They are all very good people who work very hard and care a lot about their customers. I plan to have them help me upgrade to a newer vehicle when the time comes. Overall Carson Cars get a definite thumbs up, with a perfect "10". I would recommend anyone to this car dealership. Thank You.
3 weeks ago
Somia Collins
I didn't know what to expect from them but when I seen the car I wanted I meet Garett Newman who explained everything I wanted to know and made the experience pleasant instead of a hassle. He is a great salesman and say he is the man to see at Carson Cars
3 months ago
Murad Babaniyazov
I'm a repeat customer through Carson's. I decided to come back to Mike Carson after bad dealings with another dealership. Carson Cars has the best deals and is willing too work with me and my low income worked around my payment schedule. He helped us get in the exact vehicle we wanted. I would recommend stopping in and seeing for yourself if you're in the market for a new vehicle.
3 weeks ago

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