Carson Cars

Used car dealer Carson Cars, 13806 Hwy 99, Lynnwood, WA 98087, United States: 230 reviews of visitors, the most complete information about the address, business hours, location on the map, photos, phone number, website and other contacts.
Carson Cars
Rate: 3.8
Address: 13806 Hwy 99, Lynnwood, WA 98087, United States
Phone number: +1 425-697-6969

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Latitude: 47.8726885
Longitude: -122.2746449

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Megan Orman
I've been buying cars from Carson cars since I was 19 years old, I'm now 48. I've recomended many people to go to this dealership as well and that have always got great cars. I've always been treated with the up most respect and have always gotten a great price. Mike and David are amazing. Any time I've ever had a problem with a vehicle I've called and had it taken care of quickly and it's always been reasonably priced to get it repaired , I've even been given a loaner car to make sure I can still take my daughter to school. If you're looking for a great car at a reasonable price I'd recommend gong to Carson cars first.
3 months ago
Diego Saenz
The entire team at Carson Cars was very nice to us. I am pregnant and with my husband we were looking for a new family car, the seller was attentive to our needs and he even offered us a coffee. Very good customer service and the car we bought suit us perfectly.
5 months ago
thomas schuller
Worst purchase I've ever made. I went there for the prices and the sales process was really straightforward. I was in and out in like 2 hours. Almost immediately after my purchase my truck presented several electrical and safety issues that weren't present during the test drive. They referred me to their service center (Carson Service) which consistently had a 3 week wait. They initially tried to charge me to fix it but I outright refused to pay and they worked on the truck anyway. I owned this vehicle for exactly 6 months. In that 6 months Carson service worked on the vehicle 9 TIMES!! Along with 4 separate breakdowns that involved the truck needing to be towed. Along the way I met several other victims at Carson service who all had similar horror stories. When I finally decided I was done with the truck and asked to be swapped into another vehicle (an option the service center told me was common) their only answer was to sell me another vehicle... like I would ever make that mistake again. I traded it last week and got more than I paid for it... that is literally the only reason they get 1 star from me.
4 months ago
Kim Cobb
Went in having an idea of what I wanted friendly staff. My sales man Jack Coyle was great even went out of his way for me. I left the lights on whoops came to my house gave me a jump. Thank you for going the extra mile. This is the second car I have bought from Carson cars and I recommend this place to anyone looking.
3 months ago
amit patel
It would be nice if they would return calls!! Having major problems with car within 2 weeks of buying car. Tried to call Wed, Thurs, & Fri!! No return call & I keep having to call a manager. Shop fees not covered by warranty $380 & $500 in rental car fees! Car completely lost power in the middle of an intersection & I almost got hit!! I can’t get Robert or Jack to call me back!! Totally unexceptionable!!
3 months ago
It’s almost tax season and I do not recommend Carson cars , “ family owned “ Business , they customer service is not good at all , if you want a really good car don’t come here even the owner knows it him self he will hide once you come to the dealership … really unprofessional dealership they should really take care they customer before getting these expensive cars for their self … it’s a big scam there In the office. I would give it 0 stars if I could , not recommend
3 months ago
Jeffrey Kime
I want to once again thank David Gonzalez and Carson Cars for getting me into a nice car quickly, with the best experience I've ever had at a car dealer. Just bought my second car from David and crew, and was in and out quickly with a great deal on my little Nissan. Found what I wanted in their website, walked the lot to make sure, test drove a couple cars, and got the paperwork done. All that and drove off the lot within a couple hours. Great family owned business!
6 months ago
Tommy Webstar
Jack got my husband and I into a car we didn’t think we could get in today. Without Jack & Scott’s help we would have left without a car. We would highly recommend Jack from Carson Cars to anyone who is looking for a safe, reliable, & reasonably priced car!
2 months ago
Rose Nas
I had a fantastic experience with Carson Cars. My sales rep, Fernando is incredible. He is a fantastic guy, very patient with me as I figured out what I wanted. He was very understanding and professional throughout the process. I highly recommend buying your next car with Fernando at Carson Cars.
5 months ago
Toni Jurjevich
Was seen to by a car salesperson named Robert, fantastically dealt with welcoming, fast no hassle. Would definitely recommend purchasing from them. Have lots of nice cars at reasonable prices. So a big thanks again to Robert.
5 months ago
Roman Herman
It was my first time buying a car on my own and Jack was very helpful! He showed me all the cars that I was able to get and gave me the best one he could. He was very friendly and made me feel comfortable and satisfied with my purchase! Everybody here is super friendly and helpful. This is a great place with good cars! :)
1 week ago
Allison McGee
I am so happy to buy with confidence after meeting Fernando. All my questions were answered quickly and with pleasant pricing I could afford. When I’m on a tight budget and need a quality solution and this fits great. Thank you kindly for my great SUV. Love the color and a rocking radio is the best. Will send lots of people over to get the same or better service. We can count on you. MICHAEL J, Seattle, WA.
6 months ago
Ajith Kularathna
Tristan at carson cars was absolutely amazing! He answered my millions of questions with the most patience and professionalism. He was very clear on what he could do and what was not possible. Very realistic, they gave me an amazing deal on a great car that's in pristine condition. I am very satisfied with my experience with Tristan and the staff at Carson Cars! Thank you all SO much!!!
8 months ago
Eimear Rigby
Fernando what a wonderful salesman. This is the 3rd vehicle that I have purchase from this dealership, but my first experience with Fernando. I highly recommend him! He was no pressure, professional and I felt he was really looking out for me. I am hoping he is will be there when I purchase my next vehicle. Love my new pre-owned truck! Thanks
6 months ago
Paul Carter
One of their staff at this lot or their repair shop has stolen a pair of shoes out of the truck of the vehicle I just purchased 7 months ago, six of which I hadn't been driving because of a blown engine, cost me an extra $4800 of dissatisfaction. They just celebrate with margaritas. Poor communication, low accountability.
2 months ago
Anthony Oliveri
Appreciation to Carlos. I locked my keys and everything in my Van putting stuff away. I would of had to wait hours for my Insurance Lock guy. I walked over to Carson's Cars, the guy that I talked to walked around to see if the Towing guy was there. He wasn't at the lot. Saw a guy towing a car up the road.. Found out it was Carlos, and he worked at Carson Cars. That was after he unlocked my car for me. Thanks so very much!!!
7 months ago
Tami Keiper
Had a great experience with the folks at Carson. They weren’t pushy and negotiated with me on the price, and we’re just generally nice people. Thanks!
8 months ago
Kristin Medina
The car we got had alot of issues and we were told we were buying a car and that we had one payment a month after four months they finally said something about the second payment and that we were leasing to later trade in for another car. Jessica who does the financial part for the lot always has a snotty attitude. Won't be buying another car from them which is to bad before the original owner passed away they were really good about fixing any issues and had great customer service...
10 months ago
Rustin Licht
Thank you to Scott and the team at Carson Cars for such a relaxed, non pressured experience. They explained everything clearly and thoroughly but at no point made me feel uncomfortable. I would certainly recommend Carson Cars to anyone looking to make a purchase of used cars.
10 months ago
Justin Morris
I just purchased a hybrid RAV 4 from here a couple of weeks ago. The process of ordering it was very smooth. Tristan did an excellent job helping me figure out what options were available on the various trims. He made himself available to answer questions even on his days off. Thanks! I am loving this car!
8 months ago
Linda Sloan
Went to Carson Cars in Lynnwood when I needed a vehicle in a hurry. Jack Coyle was incredibly helpful and hustled hard to make things happen, and made me feel like I was family and not just a customer.
4 months ago
Jacqueline Walls
I’ve had many encounters with different dealerships & sales representatives in the past, none will ever come close or compare to the extraordinary experience I’ve had at Carson Cars. Thanks to Scott I leased a 2021 X1 BMW so now I drive a safer car for my daughter & me. I feel extremely grateful for his guidance & for taking care of me in this amazing purchase!
7 months ago
Darijan Dacho
I went in to buy a Ford Raptor 2011 SVT package and David was my sales person. He was very helpful throughout the car buying process and did everything he could to meet my needs and get me into the truck of my dreams. He was transparent about the truck and the deals the banks where offering. There was a problem with the truck (cv axel) and a few other minor things. The Carson Auto Repair shop was just as friendly and kind as the people at the dealership. In the end I was taken care of by the dealership and my truck was fixed and ready togo in a timely manner. I was communicated with each step of the way and I never felt more at home.and taken care of by a dealership. if I could give 6 stars I would. if your looking for a great deal and great wheels then go to CarsonCars. they will treat you right!
8 months ago
trisha melgar
Do not give these guys your money as a down payment if you're not ready to buy. They will take your money and not give it back. I was told by the car salesman and the lady who took my 1000.00 down payment that I was approved for a honda. After it was all said and done my credit wasn't high enough for it and they tried to put me in an tan Buick which I didn't want. I then asked for my down payment back but was denied. After i made a big fuss they gave me 250.00 but refused to give me the rest of my money. So I couldn't get another car from a different lot because these guys robbed me for my 750.00. The guy who process the loans and negotiate is a horrible person. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE!!!!
6 months ago
Sally Johnson
SCAMMERS!! I financed a car from Carson Cars Lynnwood and the transmission went out twice in 16 months. The warranty for the first transmission was 1 year. The transmission went out again right after the year expired. Carson Cars won’t even buy it back because the transmission. All they would do is put it as a repo when I gave the car back. DO NOT BUY HERE!!!!
6 months ago
H Spencer
I was without a car for about 6 weeks Went to Carson Cars, met Jack Coyle, great Salesman ! I bought a Mitsubishi and I'm super happy with the whole experience! If you're in the market for a good used car I recommend you go to Carson Cars and ask for Jack.
8 months ago
Timmy Bartram
Had a great experience buying another car from this location. Ashlie did a fantastic job, she was not only knowledgeable about the vehicles and services but had a great demeanor. Super friendly, and overall made the visit more enjoyable. Would recommend her in the future with out a doubt.
4 months ago
bee boy
Had the best experience in Carson Cars. Robert was extremely nice and helpful during the whole process. He makes the experience of getting a car the best one possible and always looks out for his clients.
7 months ago
Joe Davis
Ashlie was simply amazing! I swore I'd never go to another car lot because I had such a horrible experience somewhere else, but staff at Carson Cars has definitely changed my mind! I can't thank them enough for being so amazing ???? The only thing that kept us there for more than an hour was the type of vehicle we were buying we had to find an insurance company that would work with us. Other than that it was the fastest I'd ever seen. A huge shout out to Ashlie, Nando, and the rest of the team!!!
3 weeks ago
Ozzys Girl
Recently purchased a vehicle from these guys; it’s not too often you can say that dealers are honest, professional and friendly. But the gentlemen at Carson Cars really are the best! Fernando did his best to get me the deal I was asking for and I’d surely be back in the future!
10 months ago
James Meyer
Was looking for tires & amazing salesman goes by the name Jack Coyle came over & help me with my problems . Showed me around the parking lot. Got me the car I was looking for. Amazing service
3 months ago
tina smith
I wanted to say this is by far one of the worst places I've ever been to I definitely don't recommend this place I got a vehicle here Sept 29, and it lasted me only 47 days ! Mind u I had a 90 day warranty, I put 2000 down plus 452 full coverage insurance and after it broke down outside of wendys, mind you the horn didn't work,, or the emergency break,, the cigarette outlet to charge didn't work either, they also said its never been in an accident but I say otherwise becus the whole front was messed up,, anyway after it messed up they wouldn't even give me back at least a thousand dollars back. When I was trying to return the vehicle the first week I got it! Now I'm carless with no way to get me to doctor appts(ob appts cus I'm pregnant) for myself and my 2 kids, as well as take myself and my man to work. Thanks carson Cars for stealing 2500 from me and not being understanding and willing to even give me half my deposit back ! I HOPE& MANIFEST THEY GO OUT OF BUSINESS & NEVER SELL ANOTHER CAR HERE ! Especially to a family with kids! This place is fuckdd up!
8 months ago
Mike Alston
Met 7 different people who bought cars from Carson only to have to constantly take them back to be worked on. Sounded like a scam to me. Was initially going to come purchase one until I started asking around. My family had purchased cars from them and three of my family members had the same experience. Would not recommend.
11 months ago
paul zlotolow
Today we met Jack Coyle at Carson Cars in Everett. Great bloke, very helpful and friendly. The process of buying a car was made smooth and pleasant. Everyone at Carson's was friendly and helpful. Cheers Jack!!!!!
8 months ago
Patrice Milton
Got a car from Carson That ran for a week Before the motor exploded Back in 2018 So they picked it up because it was under 90 Day warranty. They gave me a loaner car which also broke Which made me a bus rider which defeats the whole purpose of why I bought the car from them It took him five months to replace the motor In the car When they finally did fix it It never ran the same and the head gasket blew three months after With the new(used) motor in it So at this point I told him I'm not paying for the car I told them to come to pick it up but here's what they do instead Gave them the address they told me they'd pick it up but instead they put a lien on it So I can't scrap the car can't get rid of the car and some Tow companies won't even pick it up so it's been sitting at my mom's house for 2 years With false promises of them telling me they will pick it up.
9 months ago
Alan Cunningham
I placed a refundable deposit for a car I was interested in. I purchased a car from another dealership and have been in 5 times to request the refund and all my emails get ignored. It has now been 6 months and still no refund. I would NEVER buy a car from here after this experience
8 months ago
Brandon Blackard
After every just about ridiculous car dealership kept trying to put the boots to me about a car Jack and Rob at Carson Cars showed me the reason why building credit is so important unlike those other dealers who are just sharks in the water these guys aren't they are professional and courteous and honest. So thanks You guys I will always buy again there anytime.
4 months ago
Ernest Williams
Carson Cars made the whole transaction easy! They gave very clear and concise instructions to make the sale of my car simple.  They were always in communication with me.
8 months ago
Khiven DaAnimeArsenal
I brought a Audi from them and a week later they took it in the shop because it didn’t wanna start. I got it back and a day later the coolant was empty everyday. I called it in to have it looked it 1 week after having it back. He said I had to wait for an appointment which was the end of the month. I couldn’t drive it mind you I have to pay for coolant everyday . So I waited, he check it out and said there were a lot of things wrong with it . He going to need to stay with it and he would get me a loner car the next day . And they were closed the weekend . Didn’t hear from them for 3 weeks after me calling everyday trying to get a loner car for work . He than called me 3 weeks later saying it was about to be ready and the charge was $360. I said what why ? I just brought the car from you guys new . It shouldn’t even be in the shop . Now they are giving me the run around about my car that I have a payment on next week . Such bad Communication.
9 months ago
Megan Guiton
This was my first time buying a car and Leo did the best he can to help me find a car that works for me despite my picky ness , we were able to find a vehicle . He was very friendly and out going ! Leo is Awesome !!
4 months ago
Mitul Patel
The entire process was very easy and hassle-free. I would encourage anyone looking for a used car to consider Carson Cars!
3 months ago
Dennis Boykin
This is not even a one star rating it’s an -0 rating. Would not recommend this dealership to anyone. Especially young adults. They have very very poor communication skills. My son bought a car off the lot and supposedly “good condition” it was in the shop after one week because it would not start after he received the car back the car started acting up again ! He called everyday to have it checked out and they said he had to wait for an appointment which was at the end of the month so he was putting coolant in everyday. Then when the mechanic FINALLY took a look at it he said there was many problems with the car and then said he would get a loner car because he had work then gave him the run around about it and told him there was no point in calling everyday. Then after 3 weeks of NO COMMUNICATION they told him his car was ready the fee was 391$. First he didn’t even get to enjoy the car it was in the shop since he got it, second YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO LET SOMEONE KNOW THE FEE BEFORE EVEN WORKING ON THE CAR !!! Again POOR COMMUNICATION && they STILL WANT HIM TO MAKE A PAYMENT ON THE CAR EVEN THOUGH HE HASNT HAD THE CHANCE TO ENJOY IT .AGAIN I DO NOT RECOMMEND WHAT DO EVER WOST DEALERSHIP EVER. THEY TRY TO MAKE MONEY OFF OF BROKEN CARS !!
9 months ago
Stephanie Hancock
Very nice people. Good Service and Informative. Don't force you into the deal. Make you comfortable while you choose the car you want to buy from their vast inventory.
6 months ago
I had bean running around to several car lots and getting no where. Then I went to Carson cars and Mr jack coyle was assisting me.we looked at a couple cars all I was thinking is it won't work out. I should just leave. Then here comes jack around the corner hese holding keys with a big smile he asks me if I want to test drive my car. After signing agreement papers I went home with a car, and the best part was my monthly pymts that I can thank Mr jack for making my year. thanks kathy
6 months ago
Mollie Warrington
I asked for the payoff amount and recieved it. I sent a check it cleared my bank August 3rd 2021. I have not received anything from Cardon Cars no acknowledgement that they have received the pay off amount. No title for the car. Nothing. I have contacted them and been ignored. Be very wary doing business with these people.
7 months ago
cindy meyer
The epitome of sleezy car salesman. Horrible place to buy from. Made the mistake of buying TWO cars from them for me and my girl. One broke (not drivable) 4 weeks later. Still under 90 day warranty as i post this and they don't lift a finger to make it right or fix it. Skip these scam artists.
10 months ago
Alix Morrell
good place to come look at cars. has a wide selection of vehicles. owner is a funny guy. Nothing but good vibes. Thank you Carson Cars I appreciate the help.
6 months ago
Captain Michael
worse place to get a car from, DONT GET A CAR through them. they just try to get you in a car but knowing the car is a lemon. Car broke down weeks after, and wouldn't give money back and wants to make me pay to get the car back for a repair that I didn't even cause. also they have no communication while they have the car. They want to take advantage of you
9 months ago
Isiah Tatum
Robert made it fast and easy for me to buy my car here very patient and nice, I’d recommend him and the dealership to anyone.
6 months ago
billy williamson
I went to Carson Cars and bought a car from Jack Coyle . He helped me out immensly even with my troubled credit. Go see Jack Coyle he is a great guy and will get you into a car.
8 months ago

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