The Dentist Gallery

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The Dentist Gallery
Rate: 4.9
Address: 20 Rochester Row, London SW1P 1BT, United Kingdom
Phone number: +44 20 3744 0904

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Latitude: 51.4955537
Longitude: -0.1357811

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Bill Sweeney
Dr Sebah is an excellent and reliable dentist, as well as a friendly person to deal with. He makes you feel at ease, explains what has to be done and does it perfectly, whether it's an implant and a crown, or choosing the color of a tooth that is visible when you smile. His prices are clear and reasonable, and everyone in his office is very kind, so I cannot recommend him enough.
10 months ago
LD Coleman
If you are a nervous patient, this clinic is the best. Just had another treatment with Dr Sebah, always a good experience! Highly recommend ????????
6 months ago
Sean Smith
I recently had an appointment with Dr Sampson. She was very professional and friendly. All the staff are great, and I can highly recommend this Dental clinic.
7 months ago
Daniel Sullivan
Great experience with Dr. Jerome Sebah and Dr. Bryan Long. Although it was not possible to save my wisdom teeth I got a high-quality service from Jerome and Bryan too. Even the extraction was not either a bad experience! Bryan made it almost without any pain. Great job, well done. I firmly recommend this high-quality service in their trendy and friendly dentist gallery! Thank you! Miranda
10 months ago
Marc Christensen
Jerome is a great dentist who puts you at ease and has always been thorough and honest. I first visited with tooth pain after being told by an NHS dentist after less than 5 minutes that I needed an in depth X-Ray and had to wait for a referral. I visited the Dentist Gallery for a second opinion. Jerome identified the problem, found a solution that quickly worked, and I didn't need an X-Ray after all. I have visited the Dentist Gallery ever since. The reception staff are friendly and helpful. The practice itself is such a nice environment filled with interesting art that you don't feel like you're at the dentist at all.
8 months ago
Stacey Bell
Best dentist ever! Dr Jerome Sebah is amazing. Jerome is both super professional and friendly which helps sessions to go smoothly. The clinic is also clean and trendy. Have recommended and would recommend to anyone looking for an amazing dentist in London!
11 months ago
Ellie Johnson
Amazing! Had to take elderly mum in emergency amazing,, lovely, gentle dentist.
9 months ago
Patricia P
Great dentistry and practice! The Dentist Gallery make you feel welcome from the moment you walk in. Marie gives great advice and puts you at ease, a great dentist. Highly recommended.
10 months ago
Dianne Mason
Great dentist! I have had a massive toothache while visiting London, and being a nervous patient is always hard to find someone that can put me to ease! I was recommended The Dentist Gallery and couldn’t be happier!!! The whole staff is super friendly,and being a art lover the idea of the art pieces made me completely forgot were I was! Thanks
10 months ago
Sara Snyder
Best dentist ever. Jerome is amazing, super professional but at the same time friendly and kind and he explains the process of what he will be doing. I do everything to avoid going to the dentist but with Jerome I feel very comfortable and sure he's the best dentist I have seen in London ????. Also the deco is very nice ????and the staff very helpful.
11 months ago
Parthenia Antoine
Great dentist, highly recommended. Efficient & friendly service. Really the best dentist experience I've had.
10 months ago
Brandy L
10 months ago
Mirko Mayer
Very good services, nice and kind employees. Good prices as well.
10 months ago
Marc L
Jerome is the best dentist in London! I told everyone about him, and they all came back to me very happy ! Jerome is a fair dentist who isn't going to treat you unless you need it. He is very caring about the pain you may suffer and has the knowledge and a top notch equipment. The medical center is great, modern, super clean and mixing art and dentistry is a relaxing and zen idea !
8 months ago
Christoph Luig
The Dentist Gallery is a lovely, friendly and professional practice. The waiting room is warm and welcoming with none of the usual cold clinical feel. The staff is friendly and approachable. Dr Sabah makes one feel welcome and is friendly and thoughtful. It obvious he values the patient experience and perspective and I would highly recommend his services to anyone and have.
4 months ago
Oguz Yucel
I don't get people who don't like to go to the dentist. With Jerome at the Dentist Gallery, any visit starts with a chat about the art pieces exhibited in the gallery. The treatments thereafter immediately become accessory, putting the patient in the best conditions to be relaxed and confident. Jerome is patient and caring, always has the best advice for dental hygiene and the rest of the staff amazingly kind. For the good of art and your teeth!
8 months ago
Carole Reid
Very unique place. Relaxing, fun and refreshing for a trip to the dentist! Great staff and very helpful. Would be great for those with small children who may be afraid of dentist visits. The interior is very welcoming and they wouldn't even realise they were somewhere for a medical appointment! Highly recommend.
8 months ago
Araly Ochoa
The best dental practice in London without a doubt.
11 months ago
Just Miller
Had the most 'white glove' experience at the Dentist Gallery with Dr. Stephanie Oiknine! Stephanie treated me with lingual braces, a treatment of 7 months overall, which has been smooth all the way and provided beautiful results, way beyond my expectations! I was impressed by her level of professionalism, ability to come up with on-the-spot solutions where needed, and most importantly with her humane and empathetic approach towards her patients. It was also a great experience at the Dentist Gallery, finally a place which 'breaks the rules' in respect to how a dental clinic should or can look like. The place is cool, chic, and colourful - makes one feel everywhere but in a grey dental clinic! Thank you!!!
11 months ago
Modern, beautiful, cool and funky dentist. Jerome knows his stuff and treats you well. He is both helpful and kind. Trust him with my pegs any day!
6 months ago
Mithak Nissanie
Finally a good dental clinic in central London! Jerome is a very competent dentist that helped me relax and feel comfortable in an environment usually highly stressful. The place is not like the usual dentist, all white and cold; it's beautifully decorated and arranged. Special mention for the dentist room, surprisingly welcoming.
6 months ago
Sukumar Ghosh
Jerome Sebah is by far the best dentist I have come across in my full of dental procedures and surgeries. He saved teeth that I was told by 3 other dentists could not be saved. He's honest and he has a very advanced technique and approach towards dentistry. I just can't recommend this dentist enough!
11 months ago
Rich Luth
Best dentist ever.. I vouch for this comment anyday. I had a major toothache while traveling. Dr Jerome Sebah took a look at me and was able to determine the problem immediately. He also gave my local dentist a report and the xray of what happened. Best dentist ever - too bad I dont live in London or he would immediately become my primary go to dentist. Also forgot to mention that my local dentist complimented on his excellent work.
10 months ago
wayne miller
I had a wisdom too removed and a root canal treatment at The Dentist Gallery. I couldn't have wished for a more positive experience. No pain, felt totally relaxed, comfortable and safe in a great surroundings, with a top selection of music! DJ Jerome Sebah is a true professional and one of best. Highly recommended!
3 months ago
Radhika K
Jerome is the best dentist I have known and I tell everyone I know to go to him. If you are looking for a fair dentist who isn't going to treat you unless you need it and has the knowledge and the best equipment in the world - he is your man.
3 months ago
Thank you to Dr Bryan for finally giving me a confident smile. I highly recommend this dentist practice, and I will be coming back for further treatments in the very near future.
8 months ago
Rodney Fleurime
This Dentistry is so on point ! Wonderful service with due care And attention. If only every dentist Was like this. 11/10 from Dr Sebah And colleagues. From the moment You walk through their doors you Know they care.
2 months ago
jack king
Dear Dr. Sebah, My Hero. I was saved from having two more teeth done away with! Dr. Sebah saw my new Crown Dentist A) had a crack and a gap! Dentist B) Cement left (1st dodgy crown) since 2014 December between teeth shown X-rays; I’d returned twice requesting that ‘dentist’ to reassess. Nothing done just given verbal nonsense… This year I couldn’t take the pain bad taste and inflammation any longer. I’d met dentist A - Who “wanted to take this crown out to get the impacted cement out”. Dr. Sebah pocked about; OUT it came!! Gosh. Nearly 4 years + total 4 other dentists never seeing any one thing? Dentistry is a nightmare it is sheer luck of the draw. As unluckily from an older age I’ve had a lifetime of some shocking dental work including Harley Street; Oh, I’d like to write that book. From wandering past that morning not too sure if this ‘shop’ were selling dental pictures? I went in. My hero Dr. Sebah ‘3’ Cheers… Thank-you indeed and for that days nearby churches cancelled singing lesson. M.H
11 months ago
Stacy Ashton
I never write reviews, but I've spent years looking for a good dentist in London and finally, following a recommendation, I found Dr Sebah and I want everyone to know about this place. Dr Sebah is clearly very passionate about dental care; he demonstrates real precision and pride in his work and it shows in the results. There's also just something very trustworthy about him and has a great sense of humour, which helps makes trips to the dentist a lot less daunting. Plus, the charges are really reasonable - less than I've paid in the past and for a much better service. Honestly, I can't recommend him more highly.
2 months ago
Noah Bisaga
Best Dentist I've been to in London. Dr Jerome Sebah is truly passionate about his vocation! I have recommended The Dentist Gallery to my workmates.
11 months ago
Erika Lambert
I have used so called ' world class dentists ' all over the world but Dr Jerome is something else ; so kind , so clear about what is going on at any moment of the operation . I'm particularly intolerant of injections but not any more . Jerome was so quick and so skilful , he has changed the way I feel about myself at very very reasonable rates considering how brilliant he is . He is also an extremely nice man which really does make a difference. I can't speak highly enough of him and his practice . Jason Keable
4 months ago
Flo Moore
Without doubt the most trendy & friendly Dentist in London! Jerome & Brian are both brilliant Dentists, they make you feel so cared for and at ease (they are both very handsome which helps too;) I have known them both for over 6 years now and I simply would never go anywhere else. The reception staff always welcome you with a smile and their loo has to be experienced to be believed! A genuinely genius concept with brilliant results. p.s. I used to dread going to the dentist and I have recently had to have root canal surgery due to being pregnant. So putting my trust in Jerome was a big deal and I would recommend him to anyone who listened. Here's to the continual success of The Dentist Gallery!
2 months ago
Dan Gu
My experience was definitely the best I've ever had at any dentist's office. The esthetic was modern, warm, personal, and exciting. I was quite fearful getting my teeth worked on because of how stressful the day was but I was instantly elevated walking in and once I was actually getting my teeth worked on I almost fell asleep in the chair. My dentist was Dr. Bryan Long. He was very transparent about the procedure and I felt taken care of. His great sense of humor completely demolished my fear. All around my experience left me speechless, nothing I would of ever expected. Thanks again Dr. Bryan Long! See you soon!
2 months ago
Zuly Mendez
I clearly fear dentist but Jerome is super nice, make me very confortable. Also it doesn't smell like a usual dentist, all the equipement looks really new. I'll definitely go back here next time I need to go to a dentist !
1 month ago
Jim Brockhohn
Terrific ! I have finally found my dentist in London. Not crazy expensive and super professional, very happy of the results.
8 months ago
Louis Hartman
The service at the Dentist Gallery is first class and a great experience. It is the first time that I have had to have a tooth removed without realising when it had actually been extracted!
11 months ago
frank giuliano
Perfect experience ! Highly recommended. Easy to book, great staff and doctors.
3 weeks ago
Lisa Gordon
I think it's the best dentist Clinique in town! Very welcoming with a very good and relaxing decor! About the dentist room also very nice and Dr Sebah is a magician and a great dentist he is very gentle unlike other dentist and I highly recommend him.
4 months ago
Jon Thomas
Without doubt Jerome is the best dentist i have ever had, not just in London but in any of the five international cities i have lived in. Every aspect of the experience has been perfect.
11 months ago
Cherie Davis
Not really happy and impress I tried here as i read a good review. In my opinion, the job not well done.
8 months ago
Jason Hayes
The best dental clinic ever by the best dentist, simple. I have finally found the dentist I have been looking for for so long! All you can expect from a real professional using the most recent state of the art material combined with excellent skills and savoir-faire. Dr. Jerome excels in an amazing and relaxing atmosphere where the latest technologies (all type of phone chargers available if you are running out of juice, tablets if you fancy a quick browsing because you arrived early - he is never late - Bluetooth connection if you want to play your music while the Doc is doing his magic, etc.) are at your disposal amongst several pieces of fine art (the teeth invaders mosaic is quite something). You will also find all kind of old funny dentist stuff displayed that will not make you regret the old days.. The little ones are not forgotten with a dedicated space designed for them that will for sure make them want to come back as often as they can! Dr. Jerome and his team are waiting for you with a fresh smile and you will go back with a fresh smile too. It's contagious! Trust me and I promise you won't regret it! Well done Doc and long live the Dentist Gallery!
4 months ago
Antar Hothi
We have been incredibly impressed with the dentist Dr Jerome Sebah and Orthordontist, Dr Stephanie Oiknine. It is incredibly refreshing to go somewhere so inviting and modern and to development relationships with the dentists that feels more like a 'friendship' than the 'clinical' nature of a standard dental clinic. We are a French/English family and so the bilingual nature of this clinic suits us perfectly. The approach is warm, friendly and very professional - a very pleasant dental experience!
2 months ago
Lynn Malson
Great experience at The Dentist Gallery - It took me 9 years to find a good dentist in London, who would provide a great service, at a reasonable price. They have nailed it.
5 months ago
souransh singh
Dental service and art? How can you go wrong? No doubt the best dental practice in London.
2 months ago
I finally find the perfect Dental Clinic I was looking for I recommend this address to everyone
8 months ago
Alana Trowbridge
A lovely experience : kind, competent and efficient staff>
2 months ago
Theresa Wyzykowski
This is a very smart practice with very professional service and excellent treatment! I will certainly be returning here.
5 months ago
Alena Maslivzenko
Amazing job, Great modern place. Thank you To Jerome!!
6 months ago
Gabrielle Arnold
Jerome has been my dentist for a while. Great reception, great service, great experience!
4 months ago
Michelle Johnson
Best dentist in town.
3 months ago

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