Mr George Murty ENT Surgeon

Otolaryngologist Mr George Murty ENT Surgeon, 96 London Rd, Leicester LE2 0QS, United Kingdom: 20 reviews of visitors, the most complete information about the address, business hours, location on the map, photos, phone number, website and other contacts.
Mr George Murty ENT Surgeon
Rate: 4.4
Address: 96 London Rd, Leicester LE2 0QS, United Kingdom
Phone number: +44 116 238 8140

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Latitude: 52.6284187
Longitude: -1.1210529

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Tiauana Cooper
I wouldn’t normally leave reviews but I am making an exception on this occasion. I want to thank Mr Murty for his kind, understanding and caring expertise that has helped myself and my daughter (my balance & my daughters recurrent tonsillitis issues). Never have I met a more kind and caring consultant with all the knowledge and expertise he holds to add to the service we have received. Thank you Mr Murty and your office staff for a second to none care and service throughout. I would recommend Mr Murty to anyone with ENT issues. ⭐️
10 months ago
Larry Ostby
A truly exceptional consultant. From the first appointment at the clinic I was very confident in his expert knowledge and within a few months the surgery was completed and I’m already feeling much better. All staff at the clinic polite and friendly and my day trip to the Nuffield was also as good as it gets. As a 29 year old I was fed up of waiting for the NHS so it was worth every last penny of what I’ve spent. Thank you all once again. Would highly recommend to anybody of any age with an ENT problem.
10 months ago
Had tonsils removed 6 years ago. Literally not had a sore throat since. The initial consultation I had with Dr Murty changed my quality of life as I was getting recurrent bouts of tonsillitis. It was money well spent for sorting a health problem out.
2 months ago
Oleg Churyumov
Dr. Murty operated my daughter's tonsillitis and adenoids. He has been incredible in his work and to this day almost after 6 months Poppy still talks about Mr. Murty. Thanks to him.
3 months ago
lori schwenk
Excellent service from Mr Murty and his office. Was able to be seen by Mr Murty himself tonight. He sucked out the nasty stuff in my ear. My hearing aid works much better now, thank you.
11 months ago
Jeri Walker
Mr Murty is an amazing ENT consultant. He treated myself, my husband and my late mother on many occasions. Without his expertise care and attention my family would not have been able to continue in their chosen professions and enjoy social activities without embarrassment or discomfort. I cannot recommend him highly enough.
7 months ago
Susan Bell
What an absolute star Dr Murty is. Having been treated by him for a nasal problem I can't give him any more more stars than the above, otherwise I would. I found him to be informative, kind and caring. He was professional throughout my treatment and answered all of my questions (and there were a few) with courtesy and professionalism. I would recommend him to anyone (and I have) with any kind of ENT problem. Whilst I didn't expect him to take my individual problems to heart, before I met him, I would say that I was treated with respect and thoughtfulness throughout. I have been treated for other ailments over the years by other Consultants who have been rude in their demeanour, arrogant and dismissive but not Mr Murty. What a consultant. Thank You To Him and His Staff.
4 months ago
Stephen Hoefler
Received advice from a senior staff member. Well trained and versed
5 months ago
Kazim Walji
I managed to get in at short notice which was great. Mr Murtys staff were informative and very helpful
11 months ago
Alons L
he likes to take money but does nothing to solve the problem. I left there with ear pain but no answer for what I could have. told me that I did not hear well with my right ear what I already knew, and I left without money and without a reply !!! ????
2 months ago
josep f
Really Good Advise. Appointments were easy to get
2 months ago
LeRoy Loney
I had really good service so why do others complain when asked to pay for it !!! You want fast and excellent service it has to be paid for. So I don’t understand why people complain ????
2 months ago
michelle valdes
Amazing doctor! Cured ear problems GP couldn't. Now able to fly again!
3 months ago
Edward LaFlam
Advise about my hearing aid and ear canal worked a treat
11 months ago
sara nice
I called to get some information regarding my ear problems. Very informative
11 months ago
Mak Manu
Brilliant surgeon. A job well done
2 months ago
Kimberly Starkman
I now have my sense of smell back xx
11 months ago
Bini babu
Excellent Service. Very Informative
11 months ago
my little boy had an appointment to see mr murty in the e.n.t dipartment at the leicester royal infirmary today.when we was made to wait over an hour for him to rufuse to see my little boy because hes disabled and would be a complex case he passed my son on to another consultant so got to go back another day when he could of seen my son for the 10 minute appointment and to treat a disabled child like that is dispicable i would not rate this man if you can call him that at all...
5 months ago
Marry Shah
Very rude behave from doctor.Their main focus is earning money rather than service.
7 months ago

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