V12 Sports and Classics Hinckley

Used car dealer V12 Sports and Classics Hinckley, 23 Harrowbrook Rd, Hinckley LE10 3DJ, United Kingdom: 230 reviews of visitors, the most complete information about the address, business hours, location on the map, photos, phone number, website and other contacts.
V12 Sports and Classics Hinckley
Rate: 3.4
Address: 23 Harrowbrook Rd, Hinckley LE10 3DJ, United Kingdom
Phone number: +44 1455 246086

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Latitude: 52.5364659
Longitude: -1.4101047

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Michael Serrano
I bought a beautiful Audi A3 from V12 Sports & Classics and was very satisfied with the buying process. Luke and Lewis were very friendly, helpful, efficient and knowledgeable. Having looked at many comparable A3’s (S line) I was very happy with the price of my new car and the price they gave me for my car. The quality cleaning products and new fitted car mats that were included in the deal were an unexpected added bonus, not to mention the assurance provided by the extensive independent AA checks carried out on the car. When I’d returned home after a 2hr journey I discovered there was no parcel shelf in the car but the staff at V12 were quick to remedy the situation. So their aftersales also proved to be good. The journey down to Leicestershire was well worth while - I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend V12 Sports & Classics.
11 months ago
Erika Lambert
But of a hiccup last week, but soon sorted out today. I was happy when I had sorted out everything. Pleased with the vehicle.
4 months ago
Kay Blake
I would not recommend V12 Sports and Classics Nelson because when I purchased the car, it appeared to be in good condition however. It was raining and wet therefore I couldn't see the body work damage and scratches. After a few days, when the vehicle had dried and noticed the issues, I contacted the dealer but was forwarded to the after sales team. After contacting the after sales. I was told a manager would contact me back. 2 weeks later after I have chasing emails to no response I was replied to stating that they are unprepared to resolve the issues. Completely dissatisfied with the service provided and feel that the after sales team use unscrupulous tactics.
1 day ago
Jill Flynn
So i found car in their garage, called them, left deposit, went there, 104 miles, as i’m from London, and apparently i left deposit for already sold car, then they where trying to sell cars that i’m not even interested, so spent a lot of time traveling there for no reason, my offer would to make sure you leave deposit for a car they have in their garage
5 months ago
Alyosha Downing
First problem was the car I had put a deposit down on and was collecting 2 days later had been sold when I went to collect it. I was sold another car and was told everything had been checked inside and out, all fluid levels etc, and 2 days later the oil light had come on and was low. After 2 weeks of driving the engine management light came on and had to be looked at. My garage managed to sort it out but now a few days later the management light is back on and in the garage. Tried to speak to v12 people but they are not interested in anything you have to say. Would have given them 0 stars if I could. Avoid at all costs
10 months ago
Ryan Rademacher
Car wasn't the best, so many faults I had to pay a garage to do an indepth diagnostic on it, turned out the car was dangerous to drive. Their supposed AA 128 point check is a scam, the car had a deployed seat airbag, air con that blew out hot air and 48 major electrical issues. The car had been involved in an accident and not registered as such. Due to restrictions a test drive was not offered so my purchased was based on mileage, service history and revving the engine a bit, I was in desperate need of a car so I panic purchased. After sales is a bit of a joke as V12 left me car less and skint and I had to fight to get my refund so I could buy elsewhere. A word of warning though, if it happens to you be prepared to work hard to get your money back, they never answer the phone but strangely sales do! They say it takes up to 14 days to issue a refund but after sales leave you hanging. I was on hold for 30 minutes on every call I made to them and they'd either cut me off or answer with scripted responses. It finally took threats of handing out leaflets at the premises to potential customers and calling the local press to get them to listen, strangely I was issued my money back immediately.
9 months ago
Jennie Calixto
Very efficient and service, sales staff are knowledgeable. Patrick served us, he was patient and didn’t try and push us, he helped us secure a good package and agreed for the garage repair a few scuffs on the car. Will definitely use again.
11 months ago
Arina Ii
Excellent service today with Oliver. He was extremely friendly, polite and professional. He managed to get us a really good deal on a part exchange. Plus he threw in a few extras - warranty and diamond care kit. We certainly weren’t expecting to be driving away in the new car today. The whole process was simple, efficient, fast and easy. An added bonus was returning home to a text from Oliver to say that we would be receiving bespoke mats and a boot bag in the post. Great place, would definitely recommend.
1 month ago
Iryna Sholudko
AVOID!SCAMMERS!took my depo then sold car to someone else,staff were so not bothered about messing us around,no remorse! SAVE URSELF THE AGRO & DONT BUY FROM THIS GARAGE,BUNCH OF CIRCUS CLOWNS
5 months ago
Anne Herrmann
4th car bought from v12 as always get great service and never had any problems Thanks guys
5 months ago
Carole Rose
Well, if I could I would give this place a zero stars for multiple reasons, 1) the staff member we talked to was extremely rude, and not helpful 2) it’s fake advertising- we arranged an appointment to see a car and twelves minutes before arrival they called us to confirm we where coming as they had sorted out the car to be viewed when we got they’re we went into the staff members office and he told us it had been sold and gone, and said ‘if you put a deposit on the car it wouldn’t be sold would it? We thought this was very rude as you don’t pay a deposit before you see it and test drive it do you. 3) no parking we arrived there and they said you can’t park their go park on the road to we had to park half a mile down the road. 4) more fake advertising we decided to go back on the website to see if it was still there and it was, it was marked as for sale. If you are considering buying a car here, don’t do it at all! Terrible it’s a scam, rude and fake advertising. And PS I will not be going onto your stupid website thing.
10 months ago
Larell Mcconnell
I came to view a BMW car here on Monday and was seen by Luke. Luke came up with a great deal on the part ex of my car and on this car. He also done me deal on a couple of free things that he threw in the deal. There was a couple of things I noticed on the bmw and Luke agreed to get a these things sorted on the car before I picked it up. There was no hard sell or feeling of any pressure to purchase the car. I would highly recommend these guys and would use them again
9 months ago
Saurabh Nerkar
Attention everyone I bought a Mercedes C300 on this dealer and first they point to the window and they said the car have AA cover and inspection for 128 point When I Call AA to tell them the fault I have the car after I drive from this garage to home we talk about 2h drive back home AA told me this vehicle not on system... I said what? I got a sticker on window said you done inspection on this date. AA ask me what dealer it's that's I told V12 Sports Sorry Sir nothing on system... That's was just the first issue When I bought the car one of the member staff ask me if I like warranty for 2yrs and charge me 500£ I said yes ok the guys told me this warranty don't cover brakes or tyres, I said ok. 4 months after my main battery dead I call the garage and the garage want 300£ to install new battery before I said yes I call to warranty team ask them what to do they said sorry fella e not cover battery too .... So what the warranty cover then? Just mechanical issue but the main battery it's not mechanical Be aware guys what you buy where you buy and what you paid it's very important I have lot more to tell but I don't have all day Just not recommend this garage to no one !!!
9 months ago
Helped me get the best deal I could on finance and made everything very easy. Very professional. Great selections of great cars. Would highly recommend
10 months ago
koya Floyd
I had very bad experience buying from them my car... Not buying any more from them especially Hinckley branch. Much disappointed regarding theirs provided paper work job.
7 months ago
Jonathan McHatton
Went to V12 Hinkley last week as my wife and I were looking to replace her motor car. Arrived at the venue and as it on a busy estate parking on the road was non existent. So reasonably I went through the gates into V12 and parked in an area next too the office. I approached the office containing 2 people and asked if I could view the cars in the facility. They said yes but I would have move my car out on the road. I said that there was no where to park on the road and asked where should I park? He said out on the road - I repeated that there was no where to park on the road getting somewhat irritated with his attitude towards a potential customer. There was no offer of customer parking or even a hint of help to park on the site while we viewed the stock. Customer service zero, sales acumen zero. Needless to say we left - god only knows what the after-sales service would have been like give what can only be described as rude, uncaring customer service. I am completely astonished by this poor level of customer care. Don’t go there.
11 months ago
Daniela Bartels
Update I wish any one wants to buy a car first read bad reviews as it will get clear image of how this people will treat you in case of any problem with car, most people just living 5 star for sales which is wrote less. try to avoid them as they will hid problems with the car and will lie to you, and most important thing never pay for AA warranty ,it is just rubbish, and do not get fooled by AA 120 points check, I lost almost 2 k spending on the car I bought from them on 22/12/20 VW Passat 15 reg. I wish many people read this and avoid them .
5 months ago
David Thompson
Confirmed a viewing slot over the phone, arrived at the specified time to only find the vehicle has been sold, wasted 1hr 20mins travelling! Only explanation given was that “it was head office that deal with bookings” totally unacceptable customer service, would not recommend!! I should have checked the reviews beforehand as this isn’t the first time that this has happened.
10 months ago
Adam Cushman
Really happy with my car and the man who helped us. Shame they couldn't budge on the price of the car. However, they did offer me a decent part exchange for my car, so, I can't complain!! Really friendly and helpful staff. They were very patient while me and my family made our decision. Thank you.
1 month ago
Rick Keith
Booked a test drive, they'd already sold the car. Offered to get a similar car in saying it would be 20-30 minutes, hour later still no car. Sales reps drive dangerously through warehouse whilst customers are walking around
8 months ago
Tammy Tranten
Attentive and friendly service. Documentation and payment dealt with efficiently. Good stock of AA inspected used cars. Very happy with my purchase. Thank you.
11 months ago
Brooke Barber
My dealing with V12 so far.. I purchased a vehicle from them. £99 fee paid to reserve the vehicle (reason given: covid) First time i saw the vehicle physically was after the sale had been completed (again because of covid) The car was not safe, the door handles would remain active when pulled, closing the door would just bounce back. Real safety concern. Called in to reject the vehicle. This was smooth, cant blame them for this) I dropped off the vehicle same day back to V12. It has been a week, i am yet to receive my £99 deposit, and when i contact them about it, they tell me this takes a couple of days.. Funny how this works, its instant for their payment to be made to them.. but it takes a couple of days for the other way around. Glad to have returned the vehicle. My next action now is to call my bank and get a chargeback.
4 months ago
Nathaniel Fix
Well after nearly 2 weeks of having my car from this place , I must say I’m very disappointed.Please read the full review. Initially I noticed a wheel trim over the wheel arch wasn’t fitted correctly , so I rang the so called after care department to which I was told that it was purely cosmetic and down to me to put right. Then I took the car to a local garage to get serviced , which they told me that the trim over the wheel arch was due to bodywork that had been carried out on it , which wasn’t disclosed to me at the time of purchasing . Now 2 weeks later I wash the car , and the bonnet resembles the surface of the moon , there is that many stone chips on the paintwork visible , now that the wax or nail varnish they use to fill them has been washed out , absolutely awful. This was a £6000 used car , so any one buying from here should be very cautious and go over the car with a fine toothbrush so to speak.Also the AA warranty does not cover you for audio or visual on your car eg. Stereo ,reverse parking cameras and sensors , because now after taking it to an official Honda dealer , they also told me that the rear reversing camera is broken , which will cost just over £1000 to replace , so waiting now for the after sales dept to get back in touch , if they don’t I will probably return the car with In the month after contacting the finance company , I will keep you all updated with the outcome . Well they finally got back to me , after several phone calls and emails. An official Honda dealer told me the camera needs to be replaced , because the only other way of fixing it , would be to glue it in place which isn’t acceptable due to legal implications if you reverse into someone, now v12 have asked me to take the car to one of there garages to see if they can attach it back hmmmm. Thanks for reading and I hope it’s a help .Also I would recommend that any potential customers here to read the trusted pilot reviews , unfortunately I didn’t, then to top it all off the car broke down this Friday , 4 hour wait for AA, the car battery had seen its day 3weeks after purchasing , £100 new one from Honda did the job after testing the old one , and guess what , also not covered on their warranty . Warranty really not worth paying for if you read small print , another con .
8 months ago
Dominic L
We found our experience very enjoyable at V12 Sports and Classics. We went in with a veiw of buying the car we had seen online. Had a look around prior to see if they was anything else that we fancied. The A6 was definetely the ideal car for us. The salesman Oliver helped us through the details and made the overall transaction and experience enjoyable. With some jokes and laughter involved too. Hopefully the car performs just as well as the guys did at V12. Which I am more than confident it will. Thankyou for the help.
2 days ago
Jennifer Liss
V12 in Hinckley is a very professionally run car dealership. They brought the car over for us to look at and test drive, and we were well looked after by the salesman, Oliver, who was helpful and patient with us and the kids on a very hot day! Would recommend V12 as they have a great range of cars and great staff.
11 months ago
Sunha J
Very friendly staff with really good service. Very happy with my new car. Thank you
8 months ago
Jody Resnick
I wish I could give them more than 3 stars as I am happy with my new car and Oliver did a brilliant job up until the end... After waiting for 6 hours for my finance payment to go through, when it was past the closing time and everybody was rushing to go home, I was given a single key to my new car. I was and still am really disappointed that the missing second key wasn't mentioned at all during all those hours of waiting. Things would've been different then...
1 week ago
Jose Ramos
Hi very polite customers service and very good sale sales man especially who help me with my car purchases. I would like to thank Visharn Kitipa for being such a helpful salesman and help me purchase my car , I would like him all the best in the future.
9 months ago
Tom Fennell
The car I’d come to see was well prepared and, as expected, nothing of any note to stop the sale. Sale was very efficient , but it was a simple cash sale. Beware the sales pitch on extended warranty, paint protection and internal mats etc. I knew it would happen but it is the point at which sales get more aggressive. Paperwork is a slower affair and there is some hanging around. However people very polite and helpful and no real issues. Two things that were a big disappointment. Firstly very few of the staff wore face masks ( one to be precise). Isn’t acceptable in your local supermarket so not sure why V12 don’t adopt similar. Secondly we had travelled for two and half hours to get to Hinckley having been categorically told delivery wasn’t possible only to be told on the way out that V12 deliver!!!!!!! Left very annoyed.
2 weeks ago
Metsi Thomas
Really good service, went to see a car the day before and sorted my old finance and got me in my new car on the same day, highly recommended!
10 months ago
rafi syed
Bought 2017 range rover evoque... everything was done online but had to wait 3 hours in the office to complete paperwork as their system was not working. Other than that car is great. When i came home and realised there are no mats i rang them to ask if they missed the mats just in case they were cleaning the car and forgot to put them in car But company refused to give car mats instead asking me to buy new mats. I mean car is only 4 years old and came without mats.. instead of asking me to buy new mats company should have given complementary car mats. I would recommend this seller to people only when they improve their service .
11 months ago
Hillary M
Great experience buying, no pushiness at all, was able to test drive before buying. Friendly service, would come again.
8 months ago
Chad Baker
Been over 3 months since I bought a car. Isofix cover was missing. Plus they supplied a faulty Navigation SD card. This was noticed when the car was collected. They said they ordered it but until now no sign of SD card nor of the isofix cover. Had to report it to my credit card company finally. Cheap mentality. Cheap vendor. Will not recommend at all.
10 months ago
Hunter Eaton
Having now had 2 dealings with this branch over the last two years I will revert back to skipping all the adverts of cars they have for sale. Actually getting a response to questions would be nice, despite numerous attempts to contact and their initial response all followed by complete silence. I witheld from giving a bad review after our last experience as I believe people should get the opportunity to make things right but my recent experience tells me that things have not been put right. Very poor on all accounts.
6 months ago
A very good sales experience in the showroom with Oliver. The price received for part exchange was what we had hoped for. Car runs well and a couple of minor issues were quickly dealt with. All good so far. Many thanks.
2 months ago
Oliver provided such great service! He went above and beyond to help us find the right car! Such a great guy! Definitely recommend going to him if you want the best service! Thanks a lot
1 month ago
Jim Thieman
Terrible. Rang to check that the car was still available and paid a £99 (refundable deposit) to save the car. They had taken my credit card details so knew where Iived and had a 70 mile trip to the garage. When we arrived the car was parked inside in the showroom. The salesman told us that they couldn't get the car going because the battery was flat. This was an electric car - what did they expect!!! They didn't even give us a call to let us know and and at least save part of the journey. So 140mile journey and 2.5hours of wasted time.
1 week ago
I visited the Hinckley site today with my parents in order to view and test a car for my dad. We were greeted by Oliver who was friendly, polite and very helpful. Oliver left us to view the car in private which was exactly what my parents wanted, no hard sales techniques, he just let the car sell itself. A test drive was facilitated, without Oliver being present, again this was just what we wanted as it put no pressure on my dad when he was driving. The quality of the car made it a very easy decision to buy and when we dealt with Oliver to finalise the purchase he made everything very painless and pleasant. Additional products were offered but again no hard sell was employed, just sound advice. The DVLA was notified of the change of keeper in our presence and Oliver also arranged the road tax on line for us. All in all a great car buying experience, we'll definitely be back for future vehicles. Thank you Oliver, you're a credit to the company.
3 weeks ago
rachel albrecht
A nice buying experience. Quality cars at fair prices with good sales people. Well pleased with my visit/purchase.
10 months ago
Adam Parrott
Overall a really great experience, wasn't expecting to be able to achieve same day turn around for delivery of my new car but the guys at V12 sports and classics, it was very refreshing to see a dealership employ a diverse range of staff that were all more than willing to help with any questions I had. A great place to buy good quality cars & a team full of people who couldn't do enough to make my experience seamless and smooth! Definitely recommend!
2 months ago
Taylor Ooley
Very long winded,spent a long time sitting around,arrived at 10am didn't leave until 12.45,seem to want you to buy all the extras,paint protection, seat protection,warranty,very hard sell tactics, and there doesn't seem to be anyway to just get to the can I get finance when can I collect the car. One worrying thing several potential customers allowed to sit inside reception area with no face coverings,no staff member challenged them,got to the stage of concidering walking out for my own personal safety Don't think I will consider this place for future purchases
1 month ago
Lucas Rocha
A massive thank you to Michael M, Nell R and James for helping me out today with purchasing my new car. Everyone was professional, polite, friendly and they did take their time to explain everything to me. Excellent teamwork!! It was one of my best and easy purchasing experiences. Highly recommended!!
2 months ago
James Reynolds
Pls dont used this dealer. I was lucky i know about engines and checked the cam belt myself. Bolt hanging out of top cam pulley. Only had it one week.
8 months ago
Jay Antonelli
Very efficient service would use again reason for 4stars I found the floremats a bit to expensive these were for a van not a car good price given on a part exchange
5 months ago
Brad Palmer
Excellent customer service. Understanding and easy going. Offered comfort while waiting for paperwork. Car was faultless upon arrival. Clean. Even went for the diamond brite treatment. Well worth it!
1 month ago
Josh Martin
Excellent friendly and efficient service. Not pushy at all, but very helpful. Luke was very good indeed. Would highly recommend.
11 months ago
Jagraj Singh
Visited the Hinckley showroom, staff were helpful, cars were well presented and the whole process was smooth. Would recommend using V12
8 months ago
mohsen daemi
We are very pleased with the Peugeot Traveller we purchased and it was everything we’d hoped for and more. It was in a beautiful condition and we are looking forward to many post lockdown holidays in it! Individually the sales people we met during the purchase were good and helpful including our main salesman Patryck. As a customer the purchase itself was stressful and the process itself seemed over complicated with different staff members saying different things. However at the end of the day we got a lovely car at an affordable price.
1 month ago
Kevin ODonnell
Have to say, service seems to be very good so far. Drove 400 miles to see and buy car. Was a slight issue but guys rectified the problem straight away. Trade in was not as expected but to be fair the guys assisted with some extras within the deal. So far really happy, just waiting to drive car back to Scotland. Very happy. Unfortunately while driving home from the garage the original issue has reoccurred. There is a problem with anti-pollution system, noticed it before purchased car, was assured it had been repaired, but the light came on as I was driving home. Have contacted the branch, really hoping this can be resolved.
2 months ago
Dave FR
Great pressure free buying experience! All the staff were friendly, helpful and professional and aftersales care has been great.
9 months ago

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