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V12 Sports and Classics Hinckley
Rate: 3.4
Address: 23 Harrowbrook Rd, Hinckley LE10 3DJ, United Kingdom
Phone number: +44 1455 246086

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Latitude: 52.5364659
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Jerry Dwyer
2 hours after buying a BMW 5 series ( REG NUMBER: FD67LHO) the car started producing rattle underneath while I was driving back home. I stopped on the road and called the dealership for help. They advised to drive to a nearby garage (Halfords) to check the car. After the car examination, the mechanic confirmed the FOLLOWING. 1. the undertray was broken and a part of it was falling down and another part of it was missing; 2. the driver's door has been re- painted; 3. 4 wheel bolts were missing (1 from each wheel). The mechanic removed the loose part of the undertay and when put it in the boot, saw 2 other screws there that matched the ones he unscrewed the undertray with. (The screws could be seen on screen shots taken from Autotrader) which clearly proves that the undertray was broken and a part of it was removed before the car was even advertised online. They sold us a car without thorough check which are simply dangerous to drive and might lead to unfortunate consequences. As for the driver's door, you could see the area re painted. This information has been hidden from me at the time of the purchase. After sales manager Dan was extremely abrupt tried to finish the conversation quickly pushing back on the rejection. We were lucky that we had prove on their photos, so it was hard for them to deny that the car was faulty. Eventually they accepted the rejection but kept our funds for a month whilst at the beginning promised to return funds asap. Very hard to get hold of any after sales managers/we had to call and that on the line for 30/40 minutes to get a response, never reply to most of the emails. We were left under stress almost a month without knowing what's happening with our money. As for the sales team the person who sold the car added to my invoice some extras like rags and bodypainting insurance worth £700 without asking me. Appealing service! The 128 point check absolutely worthless as the car was sold broken and with missing parts, neither AA or V12 do their job properly. We purchased the vehicle with £21000 month ago and now is back on sales for already £24000, question is why the price has risen by 3k in such a shot period of time and what they have done with the car. If you want to have peace of mind and a good quality car you would better avoid buying cars from V12.
5 months ago
Debi Keefe
I visited V12 (Hinkley) today and I have never experienced such relaxing, helpfulness from car salesman before. No pressure sales, went out of their way to help me , very professional guys. Shout out to Micheal M and Adam the Manager who were extremely helpful and professional in helping me purchase my car. Would recommend this company , Thank you all involved ????????
3 months ago
Henrik Mccowan
Bought a car in November still have not received a new V5, have contacted DVLA they say the garage have not put through the relevant paperwork. I have called v12 cars on numerous occasions to be told they are dealing with the issue, each time I call I get a different person and they are not aware of the issue. Keen to sell you a car shocking customer after service
1 month ago
Jennifer Guthrie
It was an amazing service, very co-operative staff and friendly. Very accurate and efficient. Everything was sorted in a very professional and under a good social distancing precautions. Thanks very much
1 month ago
Tyler Coleman
I recently bought a bmw from V12 Hinckley all in all the car was exactly as described apart from a small wheel arch dent which I had rectified at their expense. They offer various warranties and usual dealership finance if required. They had a great selection of cars and even though the premises is not a glamorous showroom they were professional and I felt comfortable in completing the sale of a 23k car. Would I buy from them again … yes !
3 months ago
Alan Paxman
Avoid. Bought a car from V12, identified multiple faults on the way home not picked up in the worthless AA report. Called the following day and was told to speak to the warranty company. After discussion V12 then booked in the car with a repairer to review. Booked a half day off from work at my expense to be told by the repairer that they had only been told about 1 fault and were unable to look at the other because they didn't have the equipment. Save your money and buy elsewhere
1 month ago
Shade Lich
Very bad service, they made me come 90 miles just to get at the yard and to be told the car has sold even though a guy called Jordan on the phone took a £99 deposit from me the day before. Guys at V12 need to do your job properly and not waste other people's time.
2 months ago
Bethany Rocktaschel
Terrible experience with this company, Before Christmas I rang up and enquired about a car I was interested in and after talking through the spec and details of the car I decided it was just what I was looking for, I was strongly advised to put a deposit down to secure the purchase of the car for myself so it was taken of sale ready for me to collect at the weekend. I decided to do this as it was just what I was after. I paid the £100 deposit on a tues and was going to pick the car up on Saturday. Between these two days I had 3 or 4 conversation with the garage (they were ringing me most days) about my pick up day and appointment time so they could have everything ready for me. I had a phone call from the garage the morning I was travelling up to make sure I'm still coming which I said I'll be leaving in a hour or so and told them I would roughly be arriving around 1pm. I travelled up from Nottingham to Hinckley which was roughly 50miles away and arrived around 1pm like I had arranged only to be told upon arriving that the car had actually been sold earlier on in the week and that there must of been some sort of "admin error". I was obviously furious as I've had the garage ring me all week about coming to purchase the car I had supposedly secured by paying this £100 deposit. After expressing my extreme disappointment that not only had the car been sold after my deposit had been taken but also I've had my time and money wasted by doing a 100mile round trip for a car that wasn't even there anymore, I hardly even got a apology from the garage itself. I asked if they would at least pay my fuel money for my wasted trip which was roughly £15 which they didn't even have the decency to do that which I thought was terrible customer service, all I was told was to ring head office and take it up with them. Upon arriving back from a wasted trip I rang the head office 5 separate times over a few days wanting to speak to manger to have a explanation to what had gone so wrong. Every time I was told a manager was in a meeting (which seems very convenient) so left my details and was told I would have a call back the same day. After 5 failed attempts of getting hold of manager and not getting one call back or apology I gave up in the end as they have already wasted enough of my time. Would strongly recommend avoiding this company as customer care/service doesn't seem to be important to them what so ever. They didn't even deserve the 1 star I've had to give them as you can't give them zero stars. Absolute shambles of a company in my opinion and spinless for not even having the decency to own up to their massive mistake or giving me the respect I deserved in a explanation to why I had been messed around so much.
2 months ago
Preston Wright
I had bad experience with them.reserved car to view and buy but I went there they told me it's sold.waste of time.
2 months ago
Betsy Barnes
Saw a very nice BMW 330E online and purchased. Arrives to pick the car up stood around for 10 minutes waiting for an employee. Cars wheels was kurbed, only has one key, scratches on rear bumper. Obviously this is not a bread new car but there was no mention of this online or when I arrived to pick the car up. Got the car home tried to plug the car in to charge and the wrong charger was with the car. Day 2 the engine light came on. I now have got the correct charger for the car but still have no sign of a spare key even after emailing twice and not getting any replies. Absolutely Dreadful experience and wouldn’t recommend to anyone.
3 months ago
John Hardy
Well Iv seen a few good garages & I can say for sure this is 100% not one of them. A absolute joke of customer service,they speak in a rude manner,no best interest for the customer,mangers haven’t got a clue what’s happening in their garage, THE SAME CAR GETS SOLD TO 2-3CUSTOMERS! They just take your money and then tell you the car has been sold on,highly unprofessional,managers were sat in the office with a cup of tea with no care in the world about my concerns regarding the lies I was told about a vehicle I was interested in…I WOULD SAY KEEP AWAY AND WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS CIRCUS TO BUY A CAR FROM
2 months ago
Thom Wheeler
I bought a bmw 2017,and i pay for the car up to 19000,after few washes i notice the car have few scratches all around the body with poor repairs work,probably it was use a pen with same paint colour to repair for the moment the parts scratches, i am really disappointed because when i buy the car dealer insurance me the car have no scratches because they inspected the car properly. Apart the issue with the hiding scratches the car is running perfect at the moment. For every one who will use the V12 to buy a car,I highly recommend to take out the car from the show room and to inspect the car properly in the day light.
8 months ago
Brian Utter
Bought a jaguar from them and I had a porsche to px. They wanted a deposit to secure the car. Gave me a quote over the phone and I was sort of happy and made my way there (120miles) . When I arrived there told me that they couldn't take my car in px as it was to old so they had to give it to we buy any car for a cheaper price. I told them that if it was like that I wouldn't have done 120 miles for no reason. Somehow I had to accept as I didn't wanted to go back and waste my day. No floor mats and told me they would be posted. Nothing has arrived after 2 months. Checked on ebay and my porsche is on their Website for some crazy price. Such Liers. Just avoid them The car I bought needed 2 more tyres and an oil service. Don't belive that 128 point check of the AA.
3 months ago
Michael Davenport
LHi V12 Team, Please see my reply to your response below. I suggest you review all the notes again, I will help you!! After 1-2 weeks having the vehicle, we noticed a knocking every now and again from the car, this was very intermittent, and we didn’t think anything of it. A further month later we noticed the knocking again whist we were on holiday (46 days after we had brought the car & approximately 1500miles at this time), we tried to contact the garage on multiple occasions with no success (every time we rang, no one picked up). Finally, on the around the 3rd week in October (1 month after we had initially tried to make contact) we got hold of the garage and they advised us to take the car to a garage and ask them to identify what may be causing the knocking. On the 22nd of October we took the car into a garage, and they provided us with a report. The report clearly states, ‘Vehicle checked for knocking noise, found excessive wear in the joint between the front prop shaft and transfer box. On the 25th of October we tried to contact the garage again to report what had been found, and it took me until the 29th of October to make contact again. V12 asked us to send them a report of the issue and they replied they will access this and get back to us as soon as possible. Almost another 2 weeks later we had heard nothing from V12, so I emailed them for an update. Later that day on the 09/11/21 we received a reply stating they had a vague answer. Another week passed by with no answer, so I emailed you again. The day later we had another response asking for a photo of the current millage which at this time was (132869), to which I replied to the following day with the requested photos (18/11/2021), on this message I also stated that the prop shaft had passed inspection by the AA, so how can there be wear and tear?? It was initially reported 46 days after I had reported it to you the millage was 130277 miles (1277miles since I had brought it). Therefore, your garage is telling me that from the initial AA inspection (that had passed the prop shaft off on the 8/07/21) and us doing 1277 miles we have excessively worn the prop shaft. A further week had passed since I last asked for an update and we had still not received an answer on the repairs to the vehicle, and on the 22nd of November 2021 my wife emailed V12 again asking for an answer. A further 3 days passed until we received a reply from V12, which stated that we would have an answer by the end of play that day (25/11/21). Later that day we did have a response from V12 stating they would not honour the warranty we paid for (£599) due to the time elapsed and millage this would not be covered due to wear and tear. Therefore, to conclude V12 dragged everything out over 4 months, delaying time allowing the millage to get to a point where you could give us a criminal excuse for not honouring the warranty we paid for. Not only have you knowingly sold us a car that is unsafe, but you have also stolen £600 from us as the warranty provided isn’t worth having. Also, to reply to your response stating you had look at the notes is also a lie, as according to the notes the vehicle was taken for a 9-mile test drive not 7 miles. We have also noticed that on your handover checklist it states ‘Spare Key, Yes’ and we have never been provided a spare key. Based on the after service we have received so far, I can’t imagine any of this review will be looked at, to be honest I’m surprised someone could be bothered in the first place. And I won’t be holding my breath for another reply or that you will re-assess my complaint. My only hope that other buyers see my review and you don’t put anyone else through what we had to go through. I am now going to have to pay out more than £3000 to repair the faulty car sold to me by V12 and get a spare key. Thanks for nothing!!
2 months ago
Shane Callender
AVOID V12 Hinckley at all costs. Sold me a faulty car after I diagnosed the issue which was a Haldex they told they will fix it and deliver it. After the car got delivered it still had the same issue nothing was resolved. In addition, all the sweeteners they say they would put in the deal: full tank, spare key and full valet was not present upon delivery of the car. People Avoid at all costs. They are the worst people to contact as they don’t call back in addition the recovery driver whom brought my car has caused a crack in my windscreen due to stone chips. In addition, there is a rough idle juddering and scraping noise coming whilst driving. The scraping noise only happens on 5th gear on low revs which means it’s a gearbox issue. UPDATE: Stop with the automated replies and actually reply to customers, I’ve tried to contact this company on Email, Facebook, Instagram, Call and Text. They don’t answer phone calls from my personal number. This company is massive letdown and their treatment of their customer is DISGUSTING! People burn you’re money rather than purchasing a car from V12 Hinckley it will be a better choice.
2 months ago
Great customer service provided by Steve and both Ben’s, highly recommend coming over to the dealership! Got us out the door quick
2 months ago
Z Zhou
Very informative, no pressure to buy and dealers able to help with any questions. Work hard to make sure you get the most for you money. Definitely recommended
2 months ago
chris pavelic
The company lied about the yearly road tax cost in order to force through the sale. Road tax cost per year for the car shown on the website was £150-£160. When enquiring about the car, I checked this was correct with someone called Lydon. As everything seemed legitimate I arranged to see the car. Once at the dealership the sales person Luke who sold me the car also confirmed the road tax to be £150-£160. After paying £20k+ for the car, Luke the sales person offered to do the road tax for me. Whilst doing the road tax for me, he informs me that the road tax is around £450+ per year as the car falls under some sort of premium tax due to its value at initial sale. He could see I was not happy and has the cheek to say that it is common sense that some cars fall under this premium tax and I should have known about it. I was really angry and felt that as I had already paid for the car and travelled 2 hours, I would go ahead with it. The car is fine, however I can’t help but be disgusted with the way they lied about the cost in order to force through the sale. Companies like this should be exposed for the the way they mug people off and I hope people avoid buying from them. I feel really angry about this and would return the car if it wasn’t for the huge fees they charge to return the car.
3 months ago
saed famous
I’ve had an awful experience with V12 sports & Classics, I purchased a car from them and I part exchanged mine, & I was told my old finance agreement would be paid off within a few days, but nearly three weeks later I was still waiting for it to be paid off, I sent email after email & calls after calls and I was lied to many times and ignored on many occasions, I was getting calls from my old Finance company as I told them it was meant to be paid three weeks ago, I was so extremely worried and I was loosing sleep, I will never ever return to this company if it was the last car sales company on earth, they didn’t want to help in anyway. Please Be aware..customer service is appalling and the sales come first before the customer once you sign the dotted line they don’t want to know you.
4 months ago
Lisa B
Can’t get worse service than them.Bunch of liars who lies after lies.Bought car from there Hinckley garage on 27 November 2021(bmw reg Lc65bzk).The sales man never mention me they don’t have logbook for car.After they done all paperwork about finance they said u will receive logbook till next week and new road tax will be done by them.After 2 weeks the old road tax finished so I call them but no one answer so I called there ther sales line a guy who answer told me that u will get logbook soon and someone will call u and help me with roadtax as well.no one call and due to not having road tax I can’t drive the car. After four weeks they took out my finance payment and still no logbook.call them on helpline but no one answer.I then went to there Hinckley garage but no help from there and same kind of lie they spoke. Called dvla on January 4th and they said they hasn’t recieved any application for v5.I applied for v5 via v62 on 4th of January but I can’t done road tax on my car because the logbook is not on my name. Has to wait for at least 6 weeks before logbook gonna come to my name.I won’t able to drive the car for last 2 months due to all this. Will not recommend anyone to buy from them they are bunch of liars.Don’t trust them.I waste two months finance without driving car. Not recommend by any means…just keep away from them.
2 months ago
Dalia Herrera
Brought a vehicle off V12 today. Absolutely brilliant service from the initial query phone call to getting to the showroom. Steven was brilliant and really went out of his way to help me out. Every interaction with staff was pleasant and they got the whole process of part exchanging my vehicle and purchasing a new one very quick and easy.
6 months ago
D Lambert
Awful. Totally dishonest. I wasted a whole day going here to view a car. After inquiring about the car, and discussing what my car would be worth in part exchange, I made the 130 mile each way trip to view the car. A 5 year old one owner car described as excellent condition inside and out. On viewing the car, it was in poor to average condition on the outside, covered in scratches and a small dent in the bonnet. The interior was far worse, with serious wear to the drivers seat, and a 2 inch long hole where the seat fabric and foam was worn through and the metal frame poking out. The interior was also dirty and stained. The online ad had 25 different photos, but they had carefully taken then so as not to show the major wear. Very deceitful. Also on arrival they offer 25% less for my part exchange than discussed on the phone, when it was in far better condition than the car I was viewing, despite being over twice the age, and was exactly as I described it to them. Clearly they hide any defects in the advert, and gave a vastly exaggerated px price just to get you to go there. Total waste of a day and half a tank of fuel. AVOID...
5 months ago
super tuang
Buying a car from them was a nightmare. The people in the salon were nice but the costumer services and aftercare are absolutely appalling. The car I bought broke down just days after purchase. It took forever to arrange for it to be bought back, and even when it was I still needed to pay instalments for over a month because the company did not bother to cancel the loan agreement. Trying to get in touch with them by phone? Waiting time is 30 min to 1 hour just to get through to anyone. And then have a useless conversation and be promised a call back that never happens. So you call again and again wasting time and energy. I will never buy anything from them again. Be warned if anything goes wrong with you purchase ... you are doomed.
5 months ago
Badaaw AD
Avoid Avoid Avoid. Currently dealing with them for a massive issue. Bought a car from them, when I was driving back home car went into Limp mode, dropped speed from 65mph to 25mph on a motorway. Tried ringing them straight from services and since then they are avoiding me. Got a heavy finance on it. Nobody is willing to talk to me, gave them the evidence of 2 faults in the car from AA approved garage, no luck, completely incompetent. You will be lucky if you get a car that works and you’ll be happy. Avoid them plenty of dealers out there. Even the garage was shocked that they sold a car like that. The stress levels. Even the managers don’t want to pick up the phone. Read a review here and it’s so true they don’t call back they don’t even acknowledge one’s existence. Shocking!
6 months ago
Susana Pino
Visited to look at purchasing a new car on a busy Saturday afternoon. Luke looked after us very well and my husband ended up buying an A4. Whilst we we there, I noticed an elderly gentleman with limited mobility was also on site. Oliver looked after him so well, and even though the gent didn’t make a purchase, he walked him back out the front and even moved his car that was awkwardly parked so that it was easier for him to get back into. Such a small, but thoughtful gesture, and one that a lot of people wouldn’t have even thought of making. Excellent.
6 months ago
Heather Hannigan
I got car in exchange of old one. Its being 3 months and they havn't refunded me the amount they owe me from finance settlement. I being chnadomg since then and excuses all tne time.
2 months ago
Madi Speakman
The vehicle what I purchased for £8500 had a strange noise in the first month... it cost me £1300 to fix it but the warranty only cover £300. I called them 3 times and i spoke with 3 different advisor about it. They said the car will be fixed and they will call me back about the address where i have to take my car to, but nobody called me... when i called them again i had to explain again what’s going on because nobody didn’t know nothing...
11 months ago
Larry Nelson
Straight talking and straightforward! They are professional and make the experience of part ex stress free. Will use again for sure.
1 month ago
Joel Gonzalez
Staff friendly but that’s what you expect from salesmen. Easy process to buy car and everything along with. Car only had 4 miles of fuel when driving out the garage. Warning light came on the day after not even having the car for 24 hours. Let’s see what the issue will be
6 months ago
Blue Saddle
Worst car dealership I've ever dealt with. Severely lacking in customer service and basic manners. Reserved a car for 5 days and travelled 2 hours to come and see it which they were fully aware of, was told it had full service history, in great condition and not made aware of any faults. Salesman Oliver was rude, aggressive and patronising. Faults were not disclosed either on the phone or during my appointment until I pointed them out - chip in the windscreen, sat nav not functional (was told it was), and lies about whether the car had service history - turned out it didn't and lies about how long they had the car on sale. Seems like these cowboys will tell you anything you want to hear to make a sale and get aggressive when you challenge why their lies don't add up. Don't waste your time or trust anything they say. After reading previous reviews it's quite obvious they try to cover up any issues with vehicles. On top of that it took me weeks (including phone calls and emails) to get my deposit on the car refunded. Shocking service. I ended up buying direct from Mercedes a car in perfect condition for the same price with much more included and a longer warranty for peace of mind.
5 months ago
Karl Sanderson
Bought a landrover discovery with the AA warranty from these guys, its been a couple of months and engine management light went on and engine making a lot of noise, hard to get hold of garage and forced to deal with AA warranty. AA warranty is useless they said i have to pay for the diagnostics and take liability until the fault is found to be covered. After further checks most items are not covered by warranty so it's a waste of £600 cover and £2000 to repair. If you buy a car from these guys don't expect any after service. You are on your own. Ok will email you now with info.
2 months ago
Brendan McMahon
Initially very happy however it is impossible to get through on your phone lines to discuss a problem - you advertised the car as having heated seats it does not - the salesperson said it had a full service history when checked on the Mercedes system it does not the last service was overdue and I would have thought they would have mentioned the MOT also due. I think for a premium car/garage this is appalling service and I would like someone to come back to me as I have now had to pay out for a service and MOT.
4 months ago
Great friendly guys, very helpful and genuinely interested in the customer, driving away in a new car very happy.
2 months ago
Brent Nickelson
Very disappointed.. AVOID AVOID AVOID. DO NOT PURCHASE A CAR FROM THEM!!! I would not even give them 1 *. Purchased a Mercedes Cclass and after 2-3 months an engine management light came up for an electrical wiring. The car has been to different garages to get it fixed but still nothing. Tried to contact After sales team Mr Ollie but he is ignoring the calls. Avoid buying a car from them. Will need to contact the Ombudsman and contact a few newspapers our even take them to court.
4 months ago
Married Young
Recently bought a car from V12, a VW Passat estate and had a really positive experience. The person who dealt with me was polite and easy going. Allowed me to get on with my checks and gave me some good information about the cars history. It was extremely busy when I went on a Saturday morning but also had good communication with the guys there and they kept me up to date. The only thing that was difficult was the test drive, as you could only drive round the estate. However for me it was quiet so I could test the gearbox properly. Apart from that I had a good experience and would recommend to others.
5 months ago
aishwarya patil
Good dealer. But would prefer it if original mats came with the car. Make sure everything is sorted before buying. AA Warranty is for breakdown and most things are not covered
4 months ago
Bill VanderClock
Having booked an appointment to view a very specific vehicle, I drove 69 miles to view only to be told when I arrived someone had just walked in off the street and was looking at the vehicle I had booked to view and unfortunately its first come first served. Not a great experience which was so disappointing as I thought this was a very professional car dealership with customer service of high value.
2 months ago
Terry Robison
Overall very disappointed in my experience with V12. I spoke to a member of staff a number of times prior to making the 100 mile drive which ended up taking me 3 hours there and 3 hours back. I was quoted over £21,000 for my vehicle that I was taking down to p/x. I understand this was the max value and expected to come down as far as £20,000 (which the car I was interested in was advertised for). Having got there, drove the vehicle in question and loved it, and had the staff look over my car and describe it as 'mint condition' they then advised that as it was previously stolen and recovered (HPI clear however) that they could offer no more than £19,000. The fact this was accurate, I fully understood, but I have no idea why they couldn't have told me on the phone. Instead, this was a 'note from the manager not to go over said amount'. Why this was not communicated to me before making the 100 mile journey I don't know. I left to complete another 3 hour trip home without the car I went down for. Terrible communication.
5 months ago
Bought my first car from this dealership (Hinckley branch) in Oct 2020 just before the 2nd uk lockdown. I was initially served by a decent salesman who answered most of my questions but wasn’t that interested in the sale imo. The car was at a steal price so I ended up deciding to buy the car and returned the following day to complete payment. On this occasion I was served by the lovely Oliver who was a breath of fresh air, considering this was my first car purchase. He was helpful with completion of all the necessary paperwork and setting up the car so it was ready to drive away. The only issues I had was that the fuel tank alert was literally flashing red on E and when I asked if they could at least give me a few extra miles of petrol I was told they only had diesel available. The valets also did a rubbish job at cleaning the car even when I kindly asked for them to do it again it still wasn’t to a good standard.
4 months ago
mikael rinto
Genuine people, not pushy at all and a pleasure to deal with, even managed to drive away with our new car on the same day after just going to view!
2 months ago
Pam Schultz
Olly was very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful! Took me through the process without being too pushy, engaged on a personal level seeking to understand what I wanted and did his best to get it for me! The second car I’ve bought from V12 here’s hoping this one is as good as the last! They’ve got a great range of cars and budgets so I definitely recommend
7 months ago
Elliot Bruce
The dealer in Hinckley lied about a vehicle being involved in an accident after I placed a deposit and issued a bank transfer for more then half of the payment. No finance, payment upfront. So after I placed deposit, the next day dealer calls up and says that the car has been involved in an accident when it actually didn’t. The vehicle was taxed and issued with a new logbook the day the dealer said the car was in an accident. They probably had a better offer then what they agreed to sell on and thought they make up a lie about it. I drove from London, 2.5 hrs just to get there, the least they could’ve done is be honest about it!
5 months ago
Ashneet Lalli
I bought my car at v12 5 years ago and had the best service ever, even now I am still having best customer service from the car finance team which is ending in 3 months time and I have recommend a friend who is in the process of finalising her car this week and she is also happy with their customer service. They are of high standard. I will definitely go back for my next car.
1 month ago
Crystal E
Staff very helpful, went the extra mile without being pushy.very pleasant experience And yes I bought a car.
2 months ago
Grace Alexander
This week I made an appointment to view and test drive a BMW 2 Series plug-in hybrid. The car seemed OK but the test drive arrangements were far from satisfactory. First the battery was flat and it obviously didn't occur to anyone that it needed charging. Secondly I was informed that I could only drive the car within the confines of the industrial estate where the garage was located. It was very busy with lorries and cars parked everywhere and it was impossible to drive over 20mph. I fully understand that we are emerging from a pandemic and their rules state that no-one can accompany customers on test drives, but surely there has to some trust involved so that the car can be properly assessed. Not a pleasant experience and definitely not worth a 120 mile round trip. Very disappointed.
4 months ago
shirley Schmelzer
The guys at V12 were very friendly and professional. They have a good variety of Makes and Models and your can view them at your leisure all undercover. We ended up purchasing a VW Tiguan. There is not pressure selling of the cars or aftersales products. I was really impressed with the way they explain all the documentation and handover the car. I look forward to the car running as well as there sales process. Cheers Mr Overton.
2 months ago
Md Fahad
Warning - reserved by 2 people I put down a deposit to reserve a Ford focus ST. It all went through quickly. They phoned the next morning saying that someone else had put a deposit down on the same car and that I should look on their website for one similar. Now, I'm not going to slag them off, because for all I know, it could have been a glitch in the payment system that allowed 2 people to reserve the same car. But ideally, once the car is reserved, it shouldn't be possible to reserve again by a different person.
5 months ago
Ryan Conley
Day wasted! Travelled 120 miles to be told the car has sold. Appointed was booked for viewing the day before next day we get there and the car has sold. Blamed on the system. Disappointed with the lack of accountablity taken as they could have informed us of the car being sold the following morning.
3 months ago
Jim Hill
I bought a car from V12 recently. Less than 48 hours after owning the car, I had masses of smoke coming from underneath the bonnet! The latch to open the bonnet was broken so the bonnet would not open. This is also a car which had just passed an AA inspection. The next day, I contacted V12 to tell them about the issue. They are the most unprofessional people I have ever dealt with and spoke down to me. They could not care less, they said the car is nothing to do with them anymore, I would need to contact the AA as the warranty is with them. The AA would not authorise for any work to be done without V12 instructing them to do so. Eventually they agreed to take a look at the car, but I would have to get the SMOKING and UN-DRIVABLE car to one of their garages. They would not cover any costs to get it towed there and if the car blew up trying to get it there, that was at my own risk and expense. The head office at Hinckley are diabolical! AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS!
6 months ago
April Stump
Fantastic service!!!! We had a fantastic experience here today. Oliver was great from start to finish very friendly, professional, helpful and knowledgeable no question was to silly. Quick and easy process, drove home very happy with our new car. Would definitely recommend to family and friends. Happy New car owners!!! Would like to thank Oliver for all his help, great job!
10 months ago

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