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Medical Center Virtua Health & Wellness Center - Camden, 1000 Atlantic Ave, Camden, NJ 08104, United States: 20 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Virtua Health & Wellness Center - Camden
Rate: 3.9
Address: 1000 Atlantic Ave, Camden, NJ 08104, United States
Phone number: +1 856-246-3000

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 39.9284471
Longitude: -75.1081982

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Michael Prime
I had experience with a good doctor here, but the woman on the front desk is sitting with a security guard was not polite and didn't understand anything that I had come to take the LAB test. I showed her all the documents, but she did not understand anything for about 10 minutes. I am very disappointed. First time I see such unprofessional.
10 months ago
Mel Crudup
I was a usher for a patient sat in with them therapist was patient & smart.The new building in modern & clean
2 months ago
Terry Pierce
The emergency room sucks I don't know you I can talk to about these people BUT IF U LOVE YOUR FAMILY DON'T COME HERE
5 months ago
daniel duncan
This is in regards to the Emergency Dept.! Horrible I went in with bad chest pain on my left side that radiated into my shoulder blade and left arm. I could also here like creaking noises when I bent down and got up as well when I turned or twisted. I waited like 5 days before going as it became really bad. A doctor comes into the room and tells me it has to be nothing I was way too young to be having any serious issues and discharged me. No X-ray, No listening to my chest, nothing. I went home and waited 2 more days where pain increased 5 fold and I had trouble catching my breath and bad pain if I breathed in deeply where I would here crackling noises. Went to Virtual Voorhees they were packed had me in a chair in the back they sent me for an x-ray. Literally ten minutes I see a bunch of doctors running down the hall with an empty bed they tell me to get on and rush me to a private room. I apparently was suffering from a Spontaneous Pneumothorax which is basically your lung collapsed on its own. It was over 75% collapsed and they had to cut my chest open with me awake and insert a chest tube which was a horrific experience. Basically when I went into Camden ER my lung was already collapsed about 20% and you can die from this but since they did no test and told me it was in my head and I was too young they missed an opportunity that would have possibly saved me from the trauma of having a chest tube put in. 3 weeks in the hospital finally got out and two weeks later my lung collapsed again but went straight to Voorhees in total 7 lung collapses in both right & left lungs that could have all been prevented if Camden ER actually did something. Btw they were quick to send me a $1550 bill for that visit as well as I had no insurance. Now with a preexisting condition no one wants to insurance me they would quote me prices over 2k a month. Thanks to Obama Care I have insurance!
4 months ago
May Cohen
I just have to say from the bottom of my heart, I’m grateful for the doctors and nurses who took care of me when I was in the E.R. I was treated like a priority and that’s hard to come by these days in healthcare. They addressed all my needs in a timely manner. I would highly recommend this hospital to anyone. It was worse the 20 minute drive and $5.00 bridge toll.
2 months ago
Brandi Fest
Nurse Helena, Jenn , Gabrielle , Aisha and Trish were excellent!! exactly how i wanted my first child experience to be the food was decent..only makor problem i had was the maintenance guy ..seems like he didnt want do his job ..but im not going to let him ruin the hospital and the nurses good service. thank you guys so much for the wonderful experience especially since this is a one time thing!!!
9 months ago
CL Thornwall
Quick services nice doctors.
2 months ago
Sherri Vandenberg
Thank you guys for the warm welcoming an excellent service that was provided. Special thanks and appreciation to DO Megan ERosso, Meredith Hildebrandt, Angela Davis, Andrea Schwarz.and the BOSS lady that I think is the coolest Boss a team can have, thank you.would love to have breakfast or lunch if the opportunity was presented ????‍⚕️????????
11 months ago
M Jiang
Great customer service & knowledgeable staff????
6 months ago
Alexandra Galego
I completed my first rotation in Emergency Medicine at Virtua Hospital in Camden in 2004. It was an excellent experience and the physicians and staff were so understanding and supportive. I found many years later in 2015 that I needed the assistance of the ER as a patient. They were so understanding and the Nurse Practitioner, who began her employment beside me, when I was a student, remembered me and offered help that no other hospital in Camden would provide. God bless the work of Virtua Camden’s healers!
2 months ago
Rajesh N
I discovered that I was a diabetic over 50+ years ago at the "West Jersey Hospital" (Northern Division) Atlantic & Mt. Ephraim Avenues, Camden, NJ 08104. For me indeed, IMO: Those were the "Marcus Welby, M,D." days, an a (American television program) that are long gone! But, for the grace of God, I'm still here! Blessings to all healthcare workers everywhere!
2 months ago
Fillipa K
I had never had a bad experience at this hospital until last night, i always loved going to this hospital for the care, the sympathy, the hospitality and the efficiency of the staff but the nurse on shift at 2am this morning was as nasty as they get, very rude lady didn't even bother with a good night even though I said it twice, she even has the audacity to curl her lip in disgust on me, i had never feel so ashamed in a hospital before and now I will have to find another hospital because I don't want to risk another encounter with this lady, her bedmaters sucks ????
1 month ago
Jim Laning
Best hospital behavior I have ever experienced!!! Not too long of a wait and so polite. ????????????????????
2 months ago
Emily Morton
I love there services... don't have to wait much in the emergency room..I recommen.. this hospital to everyone
4 months ago
DennisJ Polson
I went to Camden ED and its not the residents with the so call Attitudes. It's the RN's suppose to stand for Registered Nurse, but really is Ratchet Nurse how about u throw her whole stank non professional attitude out this area if u dont like working around in Camden than resign and work at a car wash cuz ur washed up.
1 month ago
At this time I have nothing but nice comments to the doctors at the ER and the family clinic. Also, the family clinic staff has always shown a level of professionalism that is one of the best in the city of Camden NJ. They are even better than city hall and the court staff. However, dealing with the financial department is a bit frustrating. Detailed information should always be given to ensure an efficient process. In addition, the professionalism is sup-par. 1.privacy if there is no need to have a coworker in the room please excuse them out. Empathy, , understand that patients could be going through trying times. Lastly, like I have to employees in the past , leave your negativity at home . This review of that department t is based off today's experince.
4 weeks ago
Cristian Russell
Excellent Place
4 months ago
Pamie Miller
It's my pleasure to come 2 Virtua
11 months ago
Autro Henderson
I just sat in the lobby and waited
3 months ago
Glenn Gilson
Professional services
3 months ago

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