Morrisons Petrol Station

Gas station Morrisons Petrol Station, 3 Fernbank Shopping Centre, Crowborough TN6 2QY, United Kingdom: 57 reviews of visitors, the most complete information about the address, business hours, location on the map, photos, phone number, website and other contacts.
Morrisons Petrol Station
Rate: 4.2
Address: 3 Fernbank Shopping Centre, Crowborough TN6 2QY, United Kingdom
Phone number: +44 1892 665019

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 51.0597458
Longitude: 0.1594551

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Greg Hamilton
Good station for cleaning the car, they have a drive through and a jet wash, prices are reasonable and you can get your shopping from the Morrisons just behind the station.
4 months ago
Joseph Gorecki
Very good. And Helpfull when Needed
2 months ago
Easy to enter very nice lay out very friendly professional staff
3 months ago
Damla Kurnaz
Staff friendly, petrol always reasonably priced.
7 months ago
Noe Garcia
Best priced petrol in the surrounding area - you'll pay approx 10p more per litre in others.
10 months ago
Clarissa Santos
No hold ups at the pumps, very pleasant staff
3 months ago
Greg Watts
Pay at pump and small shop if you want to pay in their.
4 months ago
Sophie Mansfield
This petrol station has facilities for car washing, vacuuming and air for tyres. You can now easily pay at the pump as well as in the shop. If you forget to add Morrisons points you need to go to their supermarket customer services next door to have them added.
2 months ago
Joshinn flyz
Fuel not as cheap as some others locally, and when paying by card at the machine, no receipt printed. More attention required
9 months ago
Evan Raisbeck
Since they have installed the new pumps, it is now much easier to pay at the pump, it takes less time and the whole process is generally quicker. The prices are inline with other garages in the area.
5 months ago
Thad Fellows
Only stopped for petrol . But seamed a nice place . Enjoy
2 months ago
Kimberly Graves
Decent petrol prices but was there to top up my car tires pressures...
3 weeks ago
Todd Ford
They have just 'upgraded' their pumps, clearly didn't test them properly, has they don't work. Had to queue up to get a receipt as a receipt was not printed, even though print receipt was selected. The reason I had to queue up was because THE ONE MEMBER of staff was not in the shop, he was on the for court trying to fix another failed pump. TO THE MUPPETS AT MORRISONS, if you're are rolling out a new system, make sure you have additional staff available to deal with the failures. Please please will managers learn how to manage. Absolute incompetence.
2 months ago
Marta Rivera
Reasonably cheap petrol for the area. Car wash, small shop and several separate parking spaces to use. A three minute walk to the main Morrisons supermarket via a back walk way.
2 months ago
Teresa Simon
A petrol station and shop. Very friendly staff. But Seaford station high prices, compared with Eastbourne.
4 months ago
TechWith Todd
It's a petrol station and I served myself!
8 months ago
stephanie babb
Consistently the best petrol prices in the area. Polite and friendly staff. No cash machine on site.
5 months ago
Oleg Monastyryov
Surprising large store considering that it is quite hidden. Great range of products and competitive prices. Also has a Fuel station too.
9 months ago
Keri Hardage
As far as a petrol station goes it's nice and clean and they don't charge extra for snacks and drinks like most other petrol stations do.
1 month ago
Tabetha Anderson
Very efficient .
9 months ago
steve griffin
Paid for the premiums car wash, the car came out almost as dirty as it was coming in, wiping my finger on the car there was still dirt. Not only that but IT CHIPPED MY PAINT, and left scratches on the paint work. 1/5 would not recommend this to anyone. The car wash itself had moss growing all over it, I paid for the waxing, and it doesn't look like any was applied. I'm frankly appalled.
4 months ago
james conquergood
Always has petrol prices lower than many other in same area, petrol always big a good quality.
5 months ago
Friends Post
I came to inflate the wheels in the car. Glen was very helpful, he explained everything to me. real genleman thank you x
5 months ago
Eduar Barahona
One of the 7 wonders of the modern world
2 months ago
Sreeharsha Sarabu
Good prices.
2 weeks ago
Joseph Ruest
Great car park - the lower one is even under cover
4 months ago
joe codispot
Clean. Easy to use pumps. Credit card pumps work ok.
7 months ago
This Guy
Popular fuel station as it is consistently the cheapest in the area. Staff friendly and helpful.
3 months ago
Tamara Williams
Prices good for this area, car wash on site good value
5 months ago
Jimmy Z
Not now competitive in their prices. Otherwise good.
2 months ago
Erica Wallace
Staff here seem friendly enough. Fuel prices not the cheapest, but reasonable. They do sell a little in the grocery section, but for a bigger shop, you need the main store
4 months ago
john murphy
I feel weird about liking a petrol station so much.
5 months ago
Leshawnda Underwood
Usually they have reasonably priced fuel but it can get busy at peak times.
10 months ago
Alan Lewis
Helpful, friendly staff - usually cheapest fuel
1 month ago
John Downing
Go on smile !
9 months ago
Alecia Holden
Petrol station what do you want to know
9 months ago
valerie Wilson
Its a petrol station
11 months ago
Professor Curry
Every time I fill up with diesel here the engine management light comes on and I get a fuel filter fault, fill up at Esso or BP and after 30 miles fault disappears. Bad fuel.
6 months ago
Jacob Kelley
Reasonably priced, good jet wash
5 months ago
John Taddonio
It's a petrol station, but you can get coffee food and small car related items
4 months ago
Florencia Williams
Always friendly service!
5 months ago
andrianus sembiring
Good fuel prices.
1 month ago
Alex P
Really good supermarket
5 months ago
Bob Chapin
Great store
1 month ago
Bernice Trilling
Petrol but cheaper here if your near & need fuel
10 months ago
Molly S
Stopped for petroleum as cheapest in Crowborough area.
7 months ago
Victor S
Friendly staff
11 months ago
Linda Bowman
Cheap fuel
2 months ago
Mary Tipton
1 month ago
Michael Romanow
Does what it says.
9 months ago

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