Music Room London

Live music venue Music Room London, 116-118 New Cross Rd, London SE14 5BA, United Kingdom: 46 reviews of visitors, the most complete information about the address, business hours, location on the map, photos, phone number, website and other contacts.
Music Room London
Rate: 4.7
Address: 116-118 New Cross Rd, London SE14 5BA, United Kingdom
Phone number: +44 20 7252 8271

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Latitude: 51.4760570
Longitude: -0.0483050

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Jonathan Kerr
Was passing by, visiting from Nigeria and walked into here. Met Adam. Such a pleasant personality. Hope to visit soon for a rehearsal. Cool place for musicians looking for a rehearsal space. Nice on the pocket too.
2 months ago
Alison Gwinnett
Nice rooms, spacious and bright, polite stuff, always a good experience!
1 month ago
Rodney Reed
I literally lived next door in the basement. Got to admit it's not bad their sound proofing. Can here a little if your trying to sleep or other wise it's fine.
1 month ago
June Reinders
Great rehearsal rooms. Good sized rooms and they are licensed so sell beer and have a beer garden. Well priced
1 month ago
Tony Linam
Great space to rehearse music reasonable prices and keyboard in good condition
5 months ago
Dainer Cornieles
Excellent equipment, staff and rooms. Good selection of snacks and beers and clean and well stocked kitchen
1 month ago
Wendy Li
Lovely staff. A place where you get all the musical and sound equipment you need and for every budget. Highly recommended.
2 months ago
Sandra Nickerson
I really like this set up. Great rehearsal rooms, with drums, amps provided. Sound proofed well. And they sell beer!
11 months ago
Callahan Bryer
Just a quick acknowledgement of how impressed I am with these guys - very friendly, and package arrived early the next day. SO pleased to have found a replacement foot switch for my beloved amp that was lost after a gig 21 years ago!! :) Thanks for a great service!
2 months ago
wanda hunsucker
Very amazing place
10 months ago
donna ruane
Excellent place. Reasonable prices, equipment is always available and set up exactly as requested. Staff are great and helpful. Really recommend it
3 months ago
Very friendly staff. Good sized, airy rooms. And reasonably priced
2 months ago
Alena Maslivzenko
Best rehearsal studios I've been to in London, all the kits sound great, nice and clean rooms, great facilities and friendly staff
1 month ago
King Smith
The best rehearsal studios in London hands down. Great rooms, great prices, great people, fantastic atmosphere, lovely garden to chill out in whilst taking a break. Free tea and coffee. Fully licensed selling craft ales / ciders and decent wines at very decent prices. Plus they have a music shop selling most anything you could need on the premises. Superb!
9 months ago
Ware Sullivan
I love a rehearsal studio where the equipment you need is set up and ready to use before you get there. The staff were super friendly and welcoming (not always the case in my experience) and they have an amazingly well stocked shop from cider to strings, plectrums to chocolate. The website doesn't do them justice. It would have been a 5 star review but the one negative for me is the strict no cancellation policy. Most other studios I've used allow a 'no-later-than-48 hours before' cancellation which I think is reasonable.
11 months ago
Kelly Noyes
Friendly, clean, fairly cheap and well kitted out practice room. Sound proofing is pretty good, and all rooms have decent, dry acoustics.
3 months ago
Nice place, helpful staff
1 month ago
evando sousa
I was filming a music video here at the start of June - setting up a temporary green screen studio in one of their rooms . The staff were all very friendly and helpful and there is a general "good vibe " to the place, as well as being professional at the same time.The garden at the back is a real oasis of tranquility, perfect for switching off and chilling when you need a break .
2 months ago
Misty Parmer
Brilliant rehearsal studios and resources. Pax Nindi, ATA Kak and Binisa Bonner taking a break during a day of rehearsals for ATA Kak European tour
1 month ago
Tyler Dennett
These guys always make our rehearsals run smoothly. Great facilities and staff!
3 months ago
Rudy Rodriguez
An inflexible, disappointing business model. After agreeing a last minute 'drop in slot' earlier in the day, while visiting London from Finland, arriving back later than expected I was greeted with a refusal to co-operate. Still within an hour and half of my booked 2hr slot. They refused to take my money, and wanted to charge more than previously mentioned for a room and a drum kit. Even trying to talk to the boss/manager was not possible. A pity, and non friendly, non professional non flexible conduct, hence the one star.
4 months ago
Ruby Liu
A very well looked after space with good quality practice rooms. This is however reflected in the price. All in all, pretty decent value for money. Staff are generally helpful although some can be very short with you if you have any questions.
5 months ago
marcus melton
Very professional set up with excellent spaces to rehearse in plus shop and kitchen Friendly staff. Hire service too
5 months ago
Felice Elva
Nice rehearsal rooms, tea and coffee making facilities
2 months ago
Bernice Arcos
Friendly, helpful staff. Clean space, good facilities. Great spot!
5 months ago
Kara Whiting
My band rehearses here every week. Super-friendly staff, decent backline and an actual shop. Rooms are all of a decent size, ample storage they actually care about their own equipment - Rare to come by these days. ^_^
2 months ago
Marcus Daniels
Great practice rooms of various sizes, great staff, and decent backline if you need it. Kitchen space, a garden out back and a shop full of equipment/drinks/snacks/cold beer makes it a stand out venue. On top of that, the new rates are (still) reasonable, and theres' storage space for rent - now with added locks on the storage! Couldn't recommend this place more.
6 months ago
Luciano Cifelli
Top class rehearsal rooms. Great sound. Friendly staff.
3 months ago
Camino Bop
Best place to hire equipment. The staff is very friendly and helpful.
3 months ago
Let’s say just One word. Fantabulous
5 months ago
Aaron Seamon
Best rehearsal rooms in London, by a mile...a selection of suitably-sized rooms, friendly staff, excellent equipment and free tea and coffee - what more could you ask for? Oh, and a terrific garden to relax in too!
7 months ago
Jeffrey Bolognani
Good facilities, great value, poor WiFi, extensive shop including alcoholic drinks.
4 months ago
Timothy Young
Great rehearsal spaces, some of the best in London
2 months ago
Kim Snyder
We have rehearsed in several places, but this is our favourite.
7 months ago
Taylor Bunch
Good choice of equipment, well run, decent prices.
5 months ago
David Everson
A nice space for creative thinking and music making.
11 months ago
Ranjani Raghu
Always a good place to go, the staff are friendly & everything works.
5 months ago
Jimmy Valeriano
Very nice place
11 months ago
Kristin Wolfkill
Always a good to practice
3 months ago
Shea Boo
Excellent food
11 months ago
Kareem Razzaq
Great place, not cheap
11 months ago
Murkamisha Anna
Nice space
11 months ago
They have congas
3 months ago
David Delaney
11 months ago
Tammy Crone
Equipment hire at reasonable prices
11 months ago
Posto molto accogliente e ricco di vari generi musicali dalla A alla Z il posto ideale per gli appassionati di musica su Vinile e non
1 month ago

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