The Bass Gallery

Musical instrument store The Bass Gallery, 142 Royal College St, London NW1 0TA, United Kingdom: 95 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
The Bass Gallery
Rate: 4.7
Address: 142 Royal College St, London NW1 0TA, United Kingdom
Phone number: +44 20 7267 5458

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Latitude: 51.5405274
Longitude: -0.1371069

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Uri Rydyr
Fantastic shop with a wide range of everything bass centric. Their own built basses are as good as anything on the market and very good value for money. Very knowledgeable staff and a really relaxed atmosphere. I have had two basses built for me and have bought amps and cabs as well as an excellent Rim six string. I can't recommend this shop highly enough.
4 weeks ago
Michael Lyons
Terrific shop with knowledgeable and helpful staff. Any bassist in London should make the pilgrimage.
10 months ago
Forrest Reyle
I bought a bass through the webshop. The item is as described in top quality and was shipped quickly. Highly recommended, thank you very much ????????????????
9 months ago
Abraham Levy
Excellent help and advice. Bought a short scale Squier Bronco great value beginners bass for my girlfriend.
9 months ago
Tyler Barber
I’ve gone there for repairs and have purchased a few basses before, most recently a Fender Aerodyne Jazz. It was set up before shipping and is honestly the best playing 4 string bass I’ve owned in my 15 years as a bassist. Fantastic service & knowledgeable staff.
10 months ago
Dotty Pitchell
Here you will find genuine, down to earth and passionate people, as well as all the bass gear you could possibly need. None of the pushy sales tactics which usually put me right off of buying anything or ever coming back to a music shop - I bought a bass and without me even asking they offered to pricematch, as well as a set up to my preference on the spot without extra charge. Definitely worth a visit for any bass player in or around London, especially if you also have an interest in motorcycles :) I will certainly be returning to Bass Gallery for any of my future bass needs. 10/10.
3 months ago
Emmeline Tang
Amazing people who know their stuff and go above and beyond. I once went in with two basses, asked them to build a Frankenstein out of the two, it sounds and looks amazing. They never even hesitated. Covid makes it harder now but under normal circumstances, every bassist should go just to look around and you'll inevitably find something you didn't know you ever wanted but suddenly now need!
4 months ago
Robert Argand
Hello my friend O mankind if you want to know why you are in this life and the way of your happiness Lift the sight to the sky and say My lord guide me to the right religion
5 months ago
Rahid Hantal
Fantastic service - I sent two guitars for servicing (including cracked neck) and they both came back absolutely perfect! I should mention they repair all guitars - not just bass!
5 months ago
Jeanette Cantrell
Seriously, you will not find a better bass guitar shop. The place is absolutely packed to the roof with high quality new and second-hand bass guitars (and a few electric uprights too), amplification and pedals. Downstairs is a guitar workshop that you can truly trust with your guitars, new or vintage. On top of this, the staff are low-key, friendly and extremely knowledgeable. Parking is not easy, although I usually find a space on the surrounding streets off-peak. The Bass Gallery is a treasure trove and if you play the bass, I challenge not to love the place...
10 months ago
Artur Khoperiya
The bass gallery,and more precisely "SEI" is to Camden town what "FODERA" is to Brooklyn...with a bit more details...options...pricing ethic...service...and less of the showing off factor or claiming. The "daddys" worth visiting if you're lucky enough to live in Europe,they also sell proper strings for all budgets,do accessories and serious BESPOKE with a big B woodwork for all kind of bass ,guitar,and who knows what kind of stringed'll never know if you're too shy to ring their bell.
2 months ago
No Fxde
Amazing place! I took my bass in for a set up and it came back playing better than it ever has. There's clearly a reason why these are guys are the go-to destination for people in the know. Extremely knowledgable and passionate. An awesome shop with great people!
10 months ago
Danielle Smith
Cool place.. warm reception.. however... the staff seems not to know the price of some items..aside this.. every other thing was perfect. I also enjoy the background jazz music
11 months ago
Edouard Humphrey
Excellent service abd great set ups. Always a pleasure to do business with.
8 months ago
Kate S
The Bass Gallery could be renamed The Bass Player's Paradise! From the moment you walk in it's like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory to people who love candy! Bass guitars of all shapes and sizes. You can choose from 4, 5, 6 and even a 12 stringed bass. A fine selection of Head, cabinets, and combo amplifiers, the staff are so friendly and welcoming. You can 'feel' the energy surrounding you. I cannot recommend enough....go and see for yourself
10 months ago
Bryan Davis
I've finally found the bass that I was searching for a long time in this store, was super excited and ready to make the purchase, but all my emails across several days were ignored without any reason (except the very first one). So, the service left me very disappointed and confused.
7 months ago
Charith Jaya
Very friendly and kind staffs. I asked setup for my second hand bass, which was in a poor condition. But they did a wonderful job and it looks like new! Great collection of basses inside the shop. I highly recommend this shop!
8 months ago
Guy Griffoul
Great guys, great gear, great setups - best bass shop in London for sure!
3 months ago
Iquan White
My guitar feels like a new instrument after John(sp?)'s setup. I rang Guitar Guitar but they recommended the Bass Gallery, which I have to say I didn't know about, to me because their own workshop queue was too long... but provided I'm still in the area then next time I need it doing I'll just take it straight to the Bass Gallery anyway! Great, friendly, prompt and reasonably priced service.
3 hours ago
El Revelador
The right place for you if your are a bass player. They have everything for your bass guitar.
7 months ago
Svitlana Volochai
Haven't been there in a while but it's top place, had my jazzbass conversion from passive to active.. Superb workmanship.
11 months ago
Excellent service, ordered a 5 string bass in December it arrived cleaned and packed really well, would definitely recommend the online service
10 months ago
Belinda Fugate
Great experience, very professional and kind guys! Bought a left Rick from the 1974 in astonishing conditions, impossible to find! Thank you very much again!
11 months ago
Marc Gregoire
My favorite bass store! Now i know where to buy my amps and basses! Great customer attention!
10 months ago
Sheryl Allen
Love it!
10 months ago
Louis Sense
Love this store. Bought an EBS amp from here and an Aria Precise ‘78. You go in, ask for what you want to try and you’re just left alone to play, no hard sell, even if you’re there for hours at a time. Plus, they can source almost anything bass related. Way better than your local music chain store, especially for bass players. Whatever you want, they can probably get.
1 month ago
Isaac Addai
bass heaven!
3 months ago
Natoya Jones
I could spend all day in here! A huge selection of basses here. They also do some great bass clinics with big names coming along to give advice. Definitely worth checking out.
8 months ago
Cynthia B
Useless people working in this shop,they keep changing their mind. One day price is £399 after 1 week £500, they don't know prices.I was there with my son,we were looking for doble bass,evrithing was fine,we found one. I told that i will be back before christmas,guy sayed no problem. And now price is much higher...My son's Christmas is f....ed because of usseles staff,i wish them all the "best" in this Christmas...????????????????????
10 months ago
David Cudia
I would live there if I could. Bass heaven
10 months ago
mini sharma
The best. Helpful, friendly owner and staff. Unbelievable selection of basses and amps.
10 months ago
Sara Iverson
Went there to get my Rickenbacer bass set up: quality service and great people.
1 month ago
Jenna Lovan
Great selection of basses. Fantastic luthier services. My bass has never sounded so good.
2 months ago
Behnam Eig
Absolutely Great. My experience at the Gallery was fantastic. Both Charles and Martin were extremely helpful and so welcoming. Even got a sneaky look into Sei Bass. Really glad I spent an hour or two trying a few basses, they were even good enough to offer to adjust the action on my new 1977 Jazz bass when I was trying it out. Today was fantastic, customer service second to none. Friendly guys and very welcoming. I'll be going back for my next purchase! Thanks guys!
6 months ago
Mya Rouse
Brought my bass in for a set up and restringing. My bass is now singing true and I had a great time snooping around the gallery. No doubt I'll be back with more basses and may even treat myself to some new gear.
1 month ago
antonina sciortino
This is the best bass shop I have ever been to - a real hidden gem! The level and quality of stock they have is second to none, their vintage bass collection is most impressive, the Sei basses they make are superb, and the staff are really knowledgeable and very nice - you always get an excellent service! It’s the only bass shop I recommend to my students
8 months ago
Rashika Guna
Great place, an Aladdin’s cave of great gear. Try out Martins hand made gorgeous basses if you get the chance!
11 months ago
sam perr
The Best Bass Shop in London , more choice of great basses and amps than anywhere else . From the affordable to the exotic and everything in between . Check out their extensive collection online . And Martin the owner is a fantastically gifted craftsman , making his own basses and repairing or enhancing others .
2 months ago
Best place in London to buy unusual Guitars and other music items. ????
11 months ago
Elaine DeLorme
This shop is really wonderful, the staff are really friendly and helpful. I've ordered numerous things online, as well as visiting the shop in person, and it's always a great experience.
11 months ago
Jeff Thiele
Best selection of basses in London and friendly and knowledgeable staff. Their workshop and setups are first class. Set up my Warwick Streamer perfectly and also sold me a Lakland 5 string that is an absolute joy to play. Fantastic place.
2 months ago
Juan Mendoza
By far the best bass set up in London
3 months ago
Dhruv Kota
Friendly, knowledgeable staff, amazing selection of equipment and reasonably priced. A great place.
1 week ago
Adelaine Perkins
Great service and amazing range of basses. Have just started playing again and staff were more than happy to let me try a load of different things despite my terrible playing!
11 months ago
Nathan Blevins
Such attentive, friendly service! These guys simply can't do enough for you.
4 weeks ago
Wilman Anderson
I brought my bass for a setup and to repair the electronic. They did a great job and it sounds and feel much better! Really recommended!
8 months ago
Nuur Widiastono
Great Bass place! Really good gear, best place in London to succumb to total GAS attacks if you live for the Deep End. And Martin, the owner, a really great guy. Go there, spend a few hours and enjoy!
2 months ago
Joe Foster
Martin, John and Charlie are the best. EVERY time I've gone in with increasingly oblique ideas and specific mod and set up requirements - they've done it. Brilliant work at very reasonable prices, absolutely honest about what can and can't be achieved and aside from turning good instruments into great ones, they are happy to do a commission sale should you need to move gear on. Some of the basses in there are other-worldly. Check it out.
8 months ago
David Skutnik
Great people. Had new "nut" fitted to my Warwick, plus full fretboard clean and strings/set up, all for a good price. Workmanship was first rate, and nice guys to boot. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend.
2 months ago
Veronica Rogers
Have no doubt that if you wish to buy a bass or have a bass or musical instrument repaired/set up....These are the guys to visit...friendly...approachable and will listen to your enquiries / requests...not expensive too for Gtr set ups, I've been elsewhere and been asked £130 for a set up...if you have a cherished bass or other these guys...Martin, John and Charlie...thanks guys...Rob Hoyle
3 months ago

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