Belfast Zoo

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Belfast Zoo
Rate: 4.4
Address: Antrim Rd, Belfast, Newtownabbey BT36 7PN, United Kingdom
Phone number: +44 28 9077 6277

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Latitude: 54.6577821
Longitude: -5.9436657

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Mike Bell
Terrible place. They allegedly care about our safety because of the covid, but at the same time they cannot even clean up in their zoo, garbage in animal enclosures, garbage on the paths, old dirt on the windows, because of this it is difficult to observe the animals. You will not find more than half of the animals in this zoo, they are not in the enclosures or in their houses. And those animals that you will see are in small enclosures, most of them are behind the cage, and not behind natural barriers as in good zoos. The terrarium was also closed. We arrived there at 10:30, many of the animals were not even released into the enclosures. Why sell tickets for this time if the animals cannot be seen. Tickets are very expensive for such a sight. It is difficult to climb the slope for women with strollers and the elderly. The prices in the cafe are expensive and the dishes are not tasty. Also, the staff works without gloves with food. The woman in front of me took a spoon with her bare hands and placed it in my drink. This zoo is just a mockery. I do not advise you to visit it. Of the 50 species represented in the zoo, we saw a maximum of 20. And those were either behind dirty glass or behind bars.
9 months ago
George Field
First time for my toddler. Her head nearly exploded. Rain and a couple of animal house closures (for Covid distancing) didn't dampen the visit.
9 months ago
Brad Justice
Enjoyed going to the zoo with my son post lockdown. Social distancing measures etc very well adhered to. We had a great time and he was blown away by the giraffes! What I would say is that the enclosure for the giraffes, zebras and elephants could do with some work. Piles of sand everywhere with little or no vegetation. Plus the two Asian elephants seemed to have issues (this was alluded to on the info board). Also on the negative, lots of rubbish lying around, bins overflowing etc. And this was without anywhere to get tea or coffee. No doubt the staff are doing their best under the circumstances.
9 months ago
Brenda Howell
Good place to take the kids for a day out. They get to see all types of animals and it's educational. I hate to see the animals locked up but they are there so you might as well support the work that's carried out. They are looked after brilliantly but it is a small zoo.
9 months ago
John Hanson
Great day out! Even under Covid19 restrictions. Wonderful playpark, lots of photo opportunities, good viewpoints of the animals and the city, informative facts all around and nice places to eat and rest.
9 months ago
fernando longobardi
Loved it and baby giraffe was just born as we arrived and just started walking lovely day out and got amazing weather too well worth the money
9 months ago
Merry Burge
Good walk around, loved it as a kid and as an adult i appreciate the fact we have a zoo here more. Good hike around the back of it as well if you walk up the right side of the zoo.
9 months ago
Shonda Monette
A great place to visit. Unfortunately a lot of the zoo was inaccessible due to covid restrictions. Be prepared for lots of uphill walking
9 months ago
Sydney Klein
The zoo was a great experience. The staff were friendly. However toilet facilities were not good, toilets are not well maintained through the day.
9 months ago
Allan Short
This place is like Owen Hart, underrated and so much potential but ended up falling and it’s still going on, but I’ll give it 5 stars because monke
9 months ago
Daniel Kemp
Always enjoy a trip to Belfast Zoo. The setting alone means the zoo almost disappeared into the forest it is set in, and the layout makes use of well laid out pathways to create more space than would be expected from looking at a plan. As it is set on a sloping site, some of the pathways are steeper than normal, but the zoo provides some mobility assistance (subject I guess to Covid restrictions). Currently operating a well laid out 1 way system to provide appropriate social distancing.
6 months ago
Ihor Vusyk
Absolutely lovely day. Great exercise due to being set on a hill. So if you have mobility issues make sure you're able to manage walking round or that you have alternative aid to get around. All animals looked well cared for and lovely to see the small bear. ????
5 months ago
Krystal T
Very nice and calm environment. Enjoyed time with animals
1 month ago
Jason Long
Pretty decent variety of animals, and they are handling the social distancing rather impressively with good visible guidance. The elephant/giraffe are is probably the highlight with the rest of the zoo being just okay, lion enclosure is exceptionally disappointing
5 months ago
Aleasha Shipman
Good range of animals. Got very close to the giraffes! Good 2 hour visit and there is a lot of uphill but alternative routes and buggy if required. Great zoo. Watch out for the prairie dogs at the end who like to leave their enclosure!
5 months ago
Dawn Vincent
One of the loveliest places for a day out in Belfast. Set into the Cavehill the Zoo route is well laid out in a winding route upwards past all the animal enclosures.Some enclosures are quite high up the mountain and give the legs a good work out! but so worth it as from up there you also have great views over the city and surrounding area. The zoo has very important breeding conservation and education programs and is an important part of Belfasts Victorian history. You can sponsor an animal as well to help with the important job of keeping their breeding and conservation work alive . There is a great shop too for good quality souvenirs of your day Highly recommended
3 months ago
Jake Bales
Book and pay in advance, three slots per day - was a very rainy day when we went, but possibly the first time we ever got around every active exhibit! Long walk to the Hilltop Tea Room, and a steep stride back down. Picnic advisable, you can buy tea or hot and cold beverages at the Tea Room, and enjoy your picnic outside in the fresh air, lovely views over the North shore of Belfast Lough. Photo taken overlooking the Giraffe and Elephant House, looking up at the Black Mountain.
4 months ago
Sheryl C
Oh my gosh. This has to be one of the best Zoos I've visited. Its amazing. It doesn't have a traditional zoo vibe. But its fabulous won't be disappointed. They really try to replicate the animals natural environment. You see it when you go. One warning is. Its on the side of a mountain. So you do have uphill and down hill walks. But i recommend it. Just don't bring too much heavy stuff. Enjoy. (Because of corona you have to prebook online)
6 months ago
Belfast Zoo will only allow pre-booked ticket entries, they have 2 metres marked on the ground throughout, they have many sanitating stations and they have also implemented a one way system. All animal exhibition houses have been closed for our safety. The Tree top cafe is open for takeout and they accept contactless.
7 months ago
Uriel Correa
Love it and with c19 at the moment the zoo was running well for the people to be free to go about and enjoy. My wee grandson first time there and he loved it. And me too
6 months ago
Mike Day
Enjoyed every minute of walking around the zoo on a lovely sunny day with my grandson We visited the farm first and it was lovely to be able to pet some of the farm animals. Good idea to have a hand washing station for those who touch the animals. After that we stopped off at the park. It's a fantastic park for all ages and very safely laid out. On we went to see elephants, giraffes, genguins, lions etc etc. My favourite is walking through the bird house. Didn't see the sloth though.... He was asleep! On our way out we bought a soft toy bumble bee to promote the zoos "bee station"!
1 day ago
Dorothy Booth
Great zoo for a family day out. They have a good restaurant and a nice gift shop. Wearing good foot wear is a must. It is quite steep in places some people may find it hard going getting up the hills.
11 months ago
Brandon Sutton
It was a beautiful sight. The walk was long and they have restrooms at almost every bend. All types of animals there and a few I have never even seen before ......
3 months ago
Tammy Storz
A great zoo with a cool history. Typical zoo attractions with the added something of it been on a hillside, so wear comfy shoes and clothes. On site food offering light refreshments and snacks and laid out with good information posters and maps. Good family day out
3 months ago
Diane Slaughter
Nice setting and the animals seem well cared for. Staff were very friendly and helpful and our kids had a great day out at the zoo. A few items weren't open - Bees, Tigers - and the lion enclosure was being redone so it did limit a few of the main attractions but still plenty to see.
3 months ago
Richard Daggett
Staff are great here. Weather can be unpredictable!
9 months ago
Jennifer Franks
Visited the zoo yesterday with 3 daughters and 4 grandchildren. It was one of the best days out we've had in ages. The hill was a bit if a climb at times but the scenery was pretty spectacular and the animals were l on show. I'll definitely take others back there for a trip
3 months ago
Qiaoyi Xu
Be prepared for some hill walking! Being built on the side of Cave Hill makes it difficult going for anyone with walking problems but it is worth the effort. The zoo is being developed at present so some exhibits are unavailable but still plenty to see as you walk around. Well worth a visit
10 months ago
Kyle Hermiston
Was a great experience as it has before. Weather not great so not all animals was out. But enjoyable.
10 months ago
Jeremy May
Fantastic day out for the whole family. Leave yourself plenty of time to take it all in. Easily an all day activity, bring a picnic!
1 day ago
Sarah Griggs
Great day out. Well worth a visit. Lots of animals out side but could not see the tigers, also the hedges around the lion's could do with being cut away completely so u can see them. Toilets very clean,cafe at the top was a bit expensive but good. It's a great zoo with stunning views.
2 weeks ago
Gerard Pietka
Nice little zoo and very reasonable price too. We arrived at 10am for the doors opening and had to zoo practically to ourselves for a good hour. Everywhere is either up hill or down hill so be prepare to get a work out.
5 months ago
Lu Divine
We visit Belfast Zoo every year and my son enjoys it. He wouldn't have the opportunity to see these animals in real life otherwise and I believe all the animals are well looked after. The facilities are all excellent and staff always very helpful.
10 months ago
Amjad Hossain
Great zoo, good selection of animals, friendly and informative staff. only wish there was better information about closed sections, and some help with route planning - maps outside each stop would have helped. also, directions to the nearest toilets/seating area would be useful.
11 months ago
Don Slater
Entrance fee was ok , staff was friendly. Animals were great, got to see the sea lions getting fed which was brilliant. The kids n grandchildren loved it. We went to the tree top cafe which we found really expensive for what we got. But apart from that we had a good family day out
11 months ago
Jim Hamlin
Had a great time at the zoo, they have brilliant measures in place for people to goto the zoo safely. I recommend going very early as it does get busier the later it is in the day.
7 months ago
Anita Cappalla
Wonderful place to visit. It's very peaceful. Lots of animals. Loved the red panda, meerkats, peacock, sea lions, penguins and many more. Day well spent.????
11 months ago
Joanne Pierro
Booked online, one way system is great at ensuring you don't miss anything. Plenty of different kinds of animals to see.
5 months ago
Kristie Killens
just left, had so much fun looking at the animals and took a few pictures, recommend
7 months ago
Just had a nice visit (Aug 2020), plenty of animals to see and lovely views of the sea from the zoo. This zoo may be a bit too hilly for some, it was a struggle pushing an empty pram up some of the hills. RE Covid measures there is Plenty of hand sanitizer around and small indoor areas have been closed off to aid social distancing but overall the time allowance to get around the zoo (2:30 pm to 6pm slot) is perfect and the Covid measures don't impact the visit negatively. One thing I would say to the zoo is that I had to pick my toddler up a lot to see into enclosures, there are waist height hedges etc at a lot of the enclosures that she couldn't see over. Otherwise great zoo
5 months ago
Ethan Germann
The zoo is always a fun day out for all the family and Belfast Zoo is no exception. There are lots of animals to see and areas to explore. The place is also dotted with lovely wooden animal sculptures. Belfast Zoo is quite hilly so sensible footwear is essential and if you're pushing a Oran be prepared for quite a workout! The toilet facilities are clean although a bit old and in some areas it's difficult for children to see over the barriers; this is quite frustrating at times and I'd love to see them reduced in height a little. Despite all of this, the zoo has lots going for it and the well-designed playpark is a firm favourite with my children and is suitable for young children up to young teens. The sloth inside the rain forest area was a lovely surprise and seeing the tigers being fed was well worth our visit. Being close enough to a male lion to both see and hear him lap water out of his pond was amazing and the general variety of animals was wonderful. We had a picnic in one of the many picnic areas also visited the cafe at the top of the zoo to enjoy the amazing view across Belfast and a fresh cup of tea whilst the children had ice creams. A great, fun-filled family day out.
3 months ago
lorraine mills
Worth a visit if only to see Flora Hall.
3 months ago
Krista Stearnes
Love this zoo. Very hilly but a very enjoyable day out. Plenty of different animals and very informative about endangered species. Good petting zoo for kids. A good day out. Very nice cafe at the very top.
11 months ago
Sam Konzen
We had the best zoo experience ever today... wonderful staff start to finish, from the ticketing desk to the keepers feeding their animals and sharing their knowledge with us. The staff in the eateries in particular were just so incredibly helpful... really went the extra mile.
1 week ago
Ronald Broadnax
I'm sure all employees work very hard, they were extremely welcoming and the zoo had lots of visitors, but quite honestly as a major Belfast City tourists venue it leaves lot ti be drsired. The animals are beginning to show signs of stress, brown bears pacing around their enclosure, elephants shaking their heads from side to side. Very sad state of enclosures. The Floral Hall should either be demolished ir renovated. Unfortunately a good walk was spoilt by seeing such sad specimens.
6 months ago
Ryan Manuel
Wonderful zoo and the enclosures were fantastic and perfect for the animals living in them. Loads of different birds which I was very excited about, and the staff we come across were very friendly and helpful. All around a wonderful day, and quite hilly so got a good workout!
9 months ago
Dylan Bennett
I would recommend this zoo to anyone very good selection of animals
5 months ago
Aaron Jones
Love Belfast zoo! Always a great day out for all the family. Made even better if you get good weather. My son loves all types of animals and enjoyed himself so much. We intend taking him back again soon!
7 months ago
Keerthi Muktevi
We had a great day out. Quiet a few enclosures we went to unfortunately had no animals. But we did enjoy the visit today.
11 months ago
Fun, educational just beware the hill!
3 months ago

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