Barbour Carnaby Street

Clothing store Barbour Carnaby Street, 29 Foubert's Pl, Carnaby, London W1F 7QF, United Kingdom: 32 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Barbour Carnaby Street
Rate: 4.3
Address: 29 Foubert's Pl, Carnaby, London W1F 7QF, United Kingdom
Phone number: +44 20 7434 3209

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 51.5139150
Longitude: -0.1389950

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Sherry Ward
Good sale prices, but didn't have a large and the assistant didn't seem to care to check, so I left
10 months ago
Maria Marcano
Great products and service, though stocks are limited.
1 day ago
Prakash Bhati
I visited the store on 10th May. As i entered the store i was greeted by the security guard with a welcoming demeanour. This shop in comparison to other Barbour shops I’ve visited is considerably small but has a good range of heritage jackets. I found the staff to be very helpful and knowledgeable of the products. Will soon visit again to check the winter collection.
6 months ago
Terry Crawford
I love Barbour , and the shop have nice staff!!!
10 months ago
David Bolle
A great store to purchae Barbour jackets and sweats. They even have discounted goods on B1. My wife and I bought our jackets and jackets for the kids as well. You would find jackets that are not sold in Asia.
4 months ago
Keith Tillman
I was assisted by Marco today in the Foubert's Place store; he was extremely helpful and went above and beyond the call of duty. Thanks very much for the exemplary service.
1 month ago
marina tosheva
Very good service
9 months ago
Doug Schantz
Thank you Zach, the shirt and customer service was amazing... shame we have Pretentious parents giving us these fancy names ae ????????
11 months ago
Mike Peterik
Absolutely love this store
11 months ago
Kenneth Epperson
This place is exactly what you would expect a barbers shop to look for, or should I say, a store selling Barbour essentials. It is well stocked and the staff are helpful and knowledgeable
2 months ago
Paul Ashley
Excellent dog friendly service
2 weeks ago
Heather Uccio
Fairly helpful. Found out you can get £10 full waxing and stitching, but you have to send off and it can take up to 6 weeks.
3 months ago
Dan Demsky
u cant beat a barbour
11 months ago
Barry Cunnings
Can’t be beaten on quality
9 months ago
Van White
Love my Barbour. Great shop.
8 months ago
Steve Martin
Simply Lovely staff
1 month ago
Kassie Torres
good store
9 months ago
Riya Patel
Classic shop, extremely helpful employees.
4 months ago
Momo Momo
Very friendly staff helped my friend and I with our purchase. Small shop with only one of barbour's ranges on show.
5 months ago
Matthew Liu
Must stop myself buying jackets
1 month ago
Sue Paananen
Very small shop
3 months ago
Beti Bet
토요일에 근무하시는 한국인 직원분 너무 친절하시고 좋았습니다. 꿈틀이 맛있게 드시고 타지에서 힘내세요:)
10 months ago
summer henson
상점은 작지만 매우 친절하고, 스태프들이 너무 잘생겼음... 남자인 내가 봐도 설렘... 사이즈 없어서 코벤트가든점에서 이곳을 추천해주었는데 오길 잘했고, 여기도 국제학생증 15% 할인해줌.
11 months ago
Murad Ebrahim
Me encanta esta marca y me encanta en concreto esta tienda. Buen trato y en temporada de ofertas puedes encontrar buenas gangas. Además la variedad de modelos es infinitamente mayor a la que puedes encontrar en España, donde vivo.
11 months ago
Kim Menke
여기는 바버인터내셔날. 직원에게 바버와 바버인터내셔널의 차이를 물으니 인터내셔널이 조금더 현대적이고 외국인들이 좋아한다고함. 규모는 작지만 지하1층은 여성전용으로 꾸며져있음...와이프 벙어리장갑과 잠바한개사고 220파운드정도 나옴. 공항에서 이거가지고 2만원 택스리펀드받았는데 1시간30분정도 줄서서 기다렸음...역시 중국인 관광객들때문에 엄청기다림...
10 months ago
Amy Bryant
자전거타고 가야된다니까 종업원이 손수 테이프로 가방만들어주네요 ㅎㅎ
10 months ago
Kirkley Lowe
I found Here is a worst Korean woman staff. I don't care unkind but she is more than rude. She is better to find another job instead of being staff there for customers. 여기 한국여직원 지금껏 만나본 모든 직원들 중 최악(표정이 일단 썩어 있고 옷 입는 와중에 옆에서 신경질적으로 옷 정리하고 안이쁘네 평가질). 손님 내보내려는 신 몰래카메라 인줄. 덕분에 여기서 살려다 다른 매장가서 삼.
1 month ago
Fred Sutton
런던 바버 매장 중 분위기는 제일 좋지만 매장이 크지는 않습니다. 하지만 인기의 상품들은 사이즈별로 많이 가지고 있습니다. 게다가 한국인 남직원도 있어서 한국인들에게는 쇼핑하기 좋을 것입니디. 그래서 그런지 한국인이 좋나하는 뷰포트 세이지 등의 왁스 자켓도 좀 많은 편- 런던 바버 중에는 두번째로 추천.
9 months ago
Adam Eden
هاذا موقع بربور
9 months ago
Yasmina Debbab
좋아하는 브랜드.
9 months ago
Robert perrin
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5 months ago
Kaboom Booth
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3 months ago

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