4 Affordable Cars (4 Front Car Sales)

Used car dealer 4 Affordable Cars (4 Front Car Sales), 729 Sidcup Rd, London SE9 3AQ, United Kingdom: 15 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
4 Affordable Cars (4 Front Car Sales)
Rate: 2.5
Address: 729 Sidcup Rd, London SE9 3AQ, United Kingdom
Phone number: +44 20 8851 1591

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 51.4352986
Longitude: 0.0629651

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Karen Serrano
Great prices found what I wanted would recommend
11 months ago
Carlos Espinosa
I am surprised to see so many negative reviews, hence sharing my own experience with this shop. James was really knowledgeable, helpful and professional when we were searching our first family car. Initially we wanted to get the Honda Jazz, but ended up getting a Ford Bmax. Would definitely buy from 4front again.
10 months ago
Sam Nissenfeld
Owned BMW 220d for 1 year now, so thought it may be appropriate to write a review. Am very pleased with car, small problem within first few days but 4 front put this right immediately. No qualms. Must say it felt a little sketchy at first but would 10/10 buy a car from 4 front again.
1 month ago
Aamir Ansari
SIMPLY AVOID!!! If you want to do a straightforward deal where you pay the screen price for the car in cash ⭐️THEY WILL NOT LET YOU BUY THE CAR!⭐️They prey on people needing finance and force useless Extended Warranties to fill their trough.. OINK!... A*V*O*I*D.... YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!....????....... OH! and let’s not forget the mysterious £120 ⭐️ADMIN FEE⭐️?????? ????
7 months ago
Matthew Hughes
*AVOID AT ALL COSTS* I dont tend to leave lots of reviews but this dealership were incredulous. I drove 3.5 hours to view a car they advertised. After the test drive the manager James, told me there was also £99 admin fee that wasn't advertised. I returned back with my family to buy the car a week later and was told that I also had to take their 1 year warranty on top of the price and pay the admin fee to get that price advertised. After doing a more thorough search and reading reviews it looks like this is what they do to all their customers. It also looks like their warranty never pays out and a lot of people are complaining about really rubbish cars. I wish I had read these other reviews before making the trip but on the other hand I really feel like I dodged a bullet by not buying from these cowboys. I am s
11 months ago
Neetha Devdas
Pleasant enough guys but they are unwilling to offer any reductions on car price . In fact they slap a £120 admin fee on. When still willing to make the purchase they drop the bomb you have to buy an extended warranty for £399. At this point we walked away.
11 months ago
Catherine Siverts
These guys are friendly enough to show you around a car and take you for a test drive, but if you want to actually buy a car they aren't quite so pleasant. Apparently they have a 'zero discount' policy and get very snippy about the amount of money they spend on their cars. Said they could part-x our old car then talked at length about how many scuffs it had and how it'd cost them more than it was worth to take it. True it's a bit of a banger but every other garage we spoke to were willing to offer the £150 scrap value.
11 months ago
Elizabeth Massa
Took the car I bought last year for its first MOT and found it to have a costly advisary in the form of something called an electro valve leak. Had no access to my paperwork at the time but called James at 4front sales who promptly had my paperwork from last year in front of him and was kind enough to call my garage to find out what the issue was and if it fell under warranty. It sounds like it does - fingers crossed - we will see. Shortly after purchasing the car last year I also noticed that the bumper was springing a little loose, which I took back and James had glued (rather than screwed) back on. I hope this doesnt cause access issues to other parts of the car in the future. **UPDATE. At the time I was happy as, although I had apparently made a bad choice of car, James was supposedly communicating with warranty company (autoguard) regarding paying out for the repair as although there was a leak, ostensibly the fault was on a valve which WAS clearly covered by the warranty. Unfortunately after many weeks of checking in and being told emails were still backing-and-forthing, it transpires that James had not contacted them once. The car is a dud. The customer service folk will lie quite openly and unashamedly. The warranty is VERY expensive and will always find a way around paying out. Proceed with caution, and I recommend against the warranty as the the so-called 'comprehensive cover' does not offer the peace of mind you seek, and it is ultimately cheaper to pay out the repairs yourself if and when they occur.
10 months ago
Ashok Kumar
My car broke down so needed a new car. Came here but even though we spent 15 minutes looking at their cars not once did any of their salesperson's come out of the cabin to help or open up any of the cars for us. I looked several times and could see them standing their looking out but since they didn't approach us we went elsewhere. I've spent £16k on a car and needed to feel reassured by the garage
10 months ago
Tiedyed Owl
Last month i was buying in one of that branch in london a car audi a5 which cost 15500£ , attitude off seller terrible ... After i decided to buy that car ive been told that i have to buy a 1 year warranty for 500£ :/ when i ask is there still free 3 months warranty included he say yes but that is a basic cover that dont really cover anything ... I ask why he put me in situation like that he pushing me to buy that warranty otherwise he wont sell a car to me because he is make a money on finance , part exchange and selling warranties ... Terrible attitude , if that would be mention somewhere that you have to buy then ok but it wasnt:/ and that admin fee 100£ (comedy) I finally decide that Im going to take thatcar because i was tired of looking around for other car . Just check the cars , they dealing with some friendly garages for doing mots etc . My car had fresh mot with 3 tyres less then legal limit and rear brake pads wasnt exist ... And to finish that review i drop the price by 200£ less for that tyres and finally had to paid 15900£ with warranty and that not include even a floor mats in car that class ...
10 months ago
Visited the dealers near Handcross near Horsham in search of a new car for my family. This place does nothing for the bad reputation that used car salesman have. The dealers are arrogant stuck up and not interested in your money unless you walking in there with money falling out of your pockets. I have never come across such a bad example of customer service. If you don't want someones business fair enough but you don't have to treat someone badly. I really hope the new road kills off this business as we don't need this kind of business in the area. If you want good service and to be treated like a person rather than dirt steer well clear of this place.
11 months ago
emily lom
Very friendly. .... Would recommend this garage .to. anyone looking for a second hand car
2 months ago
Justin Tillman
DON'T BUY HERE! Their cars are sourced via various dealer auction sites or uncheck cars people have part exchanged. 4 Front has very little history or knowledge of where their stock comes from (you could be buying ex hire car). There is no mechanical support on site and cars are sent to Cragos in Dartford for botched repairs. These cars are those which a main dealer will not touch as mileage is too high or car has had other issues. Manager puts part worn tyres on stock. You are much better off getting your car on Ebay, Autotrader or even a random person in a pub! Before buying a car, check the free government websites for MOT history (you can see where car failed in past) and mileage history. If it looks good, then pay for the HPI and additional test. A year ago, I did not know this and I have paid a small fortune out on repairs on a BMW I bought at 4 Front.
4 months ago
Sydney Kesler
Don’t buy here. Extremely poor after-sales customer service. Especially don’t purchase an extended warranty with them as you will not get what they promise you you will get.
10 months ago
Tay M
Friendly and helpfully staff,no pressure at all to buy extras.would happily deal with them again.
9 months ago

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