Brighton Hand Car Wash

Car wash Brighton Hand Car Wash, 823 Forest Ave, Staten Island, NY 10310, United States: 149 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Brighton Hand Car Wash
Rate: 4.4
Address: 823 Forest Ave, Staten Island, NY 10310, United States
Phone number: +1 718-524-0900

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 40.6291630
Longitude: -74.1168550

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Kelly Moon
I like bringing my Mercedes Benz there. Good job although there are times that I have to tell the worker, upon exiting, to clean the bottom part. That should come naturally to them as the owner is meticulous.
9 months ago
johnny Macon
Great service, but go early because the waiting be long. I Waited 50 mins, but it was worth it at the end.
11 months ago
Joc Bay
I must say this is a quality car wash. The owner is very courteous and the staff do a pretty thorough job on your car. They will help you with anything specific if you point it out and ask. Although the wait can be quite long because of the popularity of the car wash, the result is 100% worth it.
10 months ago
Aron Vladimir
This place did a fabulous job cleaning my son's car in and out. You pay a little more but you don't mind when you get what you pay for. Excellent people skills. I highly recommend them. BTW, they're very popular so there may be a short wait.
11 months ago
Mike Piech
This place has a neighborhood feeling. The owner or manager seems to know his return customers and is friendly with them. For the amount of time that they spend on your car of the price is reasonable but not cheap. The exterior is done …
1 month ago
Ashley Morton
I give this place 5 stars! Like I am glad I came to this place. My car is old, but they took the time to make sure it was serviced. The workers just took my keys and they took it from there! The person who runs the place was also very …
5 months ago
Robert Bortone
Horrible, was there for 2hours waiting for my car to be washed, then was skipped. When I addressed that I was skipped..they acted like they couldn't do nothing about it..make sure you have absolutely nothing to do that day when going to get a "quick" wash...its everything but quick...
9 months ago
Vadim Olen
It has the potential to be great but don't go at night because they do not dry your car. Decent work in the day.
11 months ago
Lauren Zembrowski
I love it I took my car there for detailing and they did a great job everything was nice and clean
10 months ago
Rudy Rodriguez
Very nice owner, great workers. They always do a fabulous job. If you need to get your car detailed Brighton Car Wash is the place to get it done.
2 weeks ago
Cameron Conway
One of the "Go To" car washes if you live on the North Shore and want to avoid mechanical brushes or people that have no business or clue on how to properly wash your vehicle. Always professional and reliable. Depending on the weather and the day of the week, it can get busy. Regardless, their service is well worth the wait.
4 months ago
Cathy Albea
Great service, great staff. Clean environment, wonderful music.
4 weeks ago
Darleen alexander
Always leave here satisfied. Highly recommended.
11 months ago
Volein Hart
Sorely needed deep cleaning was just the ticket, and it was fast!
11 months ago
xenia doroshenko
Great job, good price and the owner is polite and attentive to your needs. My 2004 Forester is sparkling!
9 months ago
mahmoud badr
Great service! Always do a great job. You can always trust them with you car. They do great hand washes and waxes! I would def refer this place to anyone.
7 months ago
Bella Shouta
First time here. Every time I pass by there's a line. Even before they open at 9am a line is forming. Now I know why. They do a good job. It's worth the wait!
7 months ago
Md Jasim
I just had my car washed here and after I left I found my AirPods that were lost for six months just sitting in my cup holder. They could’ve taken them but instead they were honest and I’m so grateful. They have morals here and now I know for sure that they really clean under my seats. Thanks so much guys :)
9 months ago
Andres Barela
Stolen my ring out my glove boxs owner thinks he's a gangster.
11 months ago
Yung Clay
If you want to spend $30 to hand wash off LIGHT dust from your car , it's a great place.
5 months ago
Sheila Pathirana
Best service!! There’s no competition!!
9 months ago
Lou Sucre
Best place to get your car washed
11 months ago
Keith R
Terrible service, payed over $40 and didn’t even clean the trunk or back seats . Never again
10 months ago
Sandra Brower
Great place they take care of your baby like they should
5 months ago
igor igogo
Love this place. Excellent service!
4 months ago
Yandel Richardson
Not your average car wash, Brighton Hand Car Wash has a great staff that makes sure to that your car is properly washed, waxed and cleaned. They take their time to do it right and make your car feel like new each time.
7 months ago
Richard Nielsen
They do a great job here.
11 months ago
Isabel Winters
Over priced and its not even worth the money u paying for believe me
1 month ago
Brenda Barnes
Professional and courteous Detail oriented. Took there time, did a great job on my SUV. Recommended
8 months ago
Lindsey Branca
Owner is hard working. Good music while you wait.
4 months ago
kenneth Brown
They’re service and staff are beyond phenomenal, my first time there and I couldn’t be more impressed. They did an amazing job on my RAM today, Thank you for service guys .
11 months ago
Pooja Bajpai
What an awesome job , friendly and timely
1 month ago
Ranp IL
Wouldn’t go anywhere else. They do a great job. Danny is very hands on making sure everything is perfect. Thanks Danny! ~Range Rover Velar
1 month ago
Christopher Abrams
Brought my bike over bc it had scuffs and scratches on the gas tank paint job. They managed to get both out in no time. Recommend strongly; would return.
9 months ago
Cierra Koski
Made my 2000 jimmy almost brand new
10 months ago
Catherine Birkinhead
The best in town.
11 months ago
Don Booth
A bit expensive and a long wait otherwise I'd give it 5 stars but after trying many other car washes they by far do the best job
1 month ago
Robert Mita
Fantastic job! I brought a much neglected SUV - replete with nearly 2 years of Baby usage to them for a compound, was and detail. The result was simply wonderful. The owner even made time for me when I missed the initial appointment. I can highly recommend.
9 months ago
Katarina Siimes
This place is awesome.. if I lived closer I would bring my car here exclusively. Please open up shop in Brooklyn! Lol
10 months ago
Marianna Wonder
First time here. The wait was a little long but they did a great job. Thank you
1 month ago
Yvonne Tucker
Best car wash on staten island hands down
6 months ago
Lauren Ramey
great service, hand wash, packages available for enterior, detailing, shampooing. I waited ten minutes for the silver package start to finish. the staff works hard to earn your business. they did a nice job.
1 month ago
Jc B
Great service. Friendly staff. IMO the best car wash on Staten Island. I've been using them since 2015 for my Dodge Charger. Highly recommended.
11 months ago
jennifer moniger
They did a great and thorough job, highly recommend. Cleaned up a huge and disgusting apple juice mess in the back of the car. You couldn't even tell anything had happened.
10 months ago
Sherry Ng
Good place for car wash. Prices are decent. My car came out clean. They could of done a better job in wiping the insides.
5 months ago
Taylor Williams
I was bringing home a Costco cake when i had to slam on my brakes. The cake along with my coffee filled DD coffee hit the glove compartment and them the floor of the car and broke into icing covered coffee soaked crumbs. It was a mess!! I …
11 months ago
Jesse Bonin
My Porsche Cayenne was clean beautifully. The place to hand wash your car. Workers very respectful and hard workers. Thank you when I come back to visit this where I will come wash my car. Nilma from Atlanta
10 months ago
Gladys Leal
Went in with 5$ in dashboard came out with 2$. Didn't realize till I got home :). It's a shame because they do such a good job. But I guess you can't always see people as good.
9 months ago
Brad Phillips
This is hands down the best car wash ever. I hate going to a regular car wash as you get all those swirls in your paint! These guys are meticulous and my car always looks perfect. If you go anywhere else your settling! Best place around.
10 months ago
Jen Toewe
Waste of money. I spend 55$ when the employee told me that will cover your interior. I spent 30 min wiping cup holders and vacuum crumbs they forgot. The outside of the car looks great but they did a terrible job on the inside. I took photos but can’t find where to upload
11 months ago

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