Euro Car Parts, Brighton

Auto parts store Euro Car Parts, Brighton, Portland Business Park, Unit C4, Portland Rd, Brighton BN3 5RY, United Kingdom: 123 reviews of visitors, the most complete information about the address, business hours, location on the map, photos, phone number, website and other contacts.
Euro Car Parts, Brighton
Rate: 4.0
Address: Portland Business Park, Unit C4, Portland Rd, Brighton BN3 5RY, United Kingdom
Phone number: +44 1273 425700

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 50.8357166
Longitude: -0.1969165

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Kathleen Chlanda
Good service, Helpfull stuff and good value !
4 months ago
Melissa Matyiko
Extremely bad attitude by the two guys manning the shop counter. Totally unhelpful with dealing with my returns. And extremely rude to another customer. I will never use EuroCar Parts again.
2 months ago
Danny Dale
dester Was very friendly and he did his best to help . He took the time to understand what I need and help finding it and brought it very quickly. Will get all my parts from this store from now on
1 month ago
Patricia Damren
Very helpful with choosing the correct and most suitable part for your car. Highly recommended. ????
5 months ago
Stephen H
Parking ok out front of stores, staff were polite but a bit too busy to chat so it felt a bit rushed. Reasonable prices
4 months ago
Geneva Parrish
Great service, friendly and knowledgable staff
2 months ago
Isiah Tatum
Need to put more staff in the shop. Always a very long wait.
2 months ago
Fabio Deponte
Get on the mailing list as you receive good discounts up to 55%.
1 month ago
Vince Wallace
Rude staff, unhelpful, attitude, threw money at me when getting a refund. Don't bother go elsewhere.
3 months ago
joey ohaion
Good service and easy to return goods if not required
5 months ago
Carter Lantermans
Fast service and very happy to help
4 months ago
Rik par
Just about everything you need but call first and always be ready for a wait
2 months ago
Pamela Phillips
Their slogan is a lie. "Any part for any car" apart from my vehicle that they can get nothing for. It should say "any part for any car as long as it wasn't made in America".
1 week ago
Emily Dorman
Staff are absolutely fantastic in there and they always have parts that I need for ford focus 2002 and VW Polo !!! Best place!
1 month ago
Amy Tuttle
Good price and good service.
3 months ago
Stephanie Pendergrass
4 staff outside telling customers they have closed early because there is only one person serving and he is busy.
3 months ago
Connie Miller
Very helpful any questions you have they can help
4 months ago
The guy behind the counter is very knowledgeable & helpful.
4 months ago
hunter smith
Great place always good discount
5 months ago
Lily H
Very knowledgable staff, great customer service and reasonably fast times to pick stock
7 months ago
Alex Baetens
Great service and super freindly staff who know there stuff.
3 months ago
M Miller
Friendly and helpful staff but busy long queue.
7 months ago
Sonia Iniguez
Very friendly staff, good parts and good prices too. Just excellent.
7 months ago
Large stocks and competitive prices. Euros are very professional and will normally source the bit you need.
5 months ago
Richard Luebbert
8 months ago
Jenny Delgado
Superb service (and entertainment) even when punishingly busy.
4 months ago
Jennifer Willson
Best car part always busy..
3 months ago
Amy Prindle
went there one's thay give me wrong part watch is idea my car registration when i got the part. Member of staff wasn't helpful.
4 months ago
Jody Yount
Ages to be seen and not very good service
2 months ago
Donna Vaughn
Cheap, fast, lots of stock
7 months ago
Andrea Moore
Great fast service .yeeehaaa
1 month ago
nikki crisp
Euro car parts are great at providing what we want but there is a desperate need to have more staff. I often wait up to 20 min to be served.
4 months ago
Greg Thrasher
Scot is the most helpful dude.
4 months ago
Lacey Sheridan
Systems problems meant I had to go away and come back 3 hours later. Not great
9 months ago
Susan Glatki
Slow service
11 months ago
Ru Nataraj
Great service and price
1 month ago
Friendly staff and fast service.
7 months ago
Jesse Hudnutt
Friendly counter staff. Chatty
5 months ago
Amit Talekar
2 months ago
Dave Pettigrew
Excellent service and price.
4 months ago
Rebecca Swab
Great friendly and helpful staff member!
3 months ago
Dave Neely
Quick service and very polite
1 month ago
Nadeem Simirioty
Most parts are found in this store. Very hepful staff
4 months ago
Charlie Magiera
that guy from till must to shut his mouth.talking to much i was treated with disrespect every time when i went there
4 months ago
Isaac Darragh
Very helpful and friendly staff .
4 months ago
Joseph DiVincenti
Great range and prices
2 months ago
Matthew Roney
Just been to the store. Staff are very rude. Customer car park full of there vehicle. They asked me to park my car somewhere else.
3 months ago
Teresa Brunetti
Very helpful
3 months ago
Cali Huffman
So helpfull and great price on parts
8 months ago
Sandy Garrett
Very poor
2 months ago

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