Jardine Select Towcester

Used car dealer Jardine Select Towcester, A5 Roundabout Greens Norton Road, Greens Norton, Towcester NN12 8QE, United Kingdom: 220 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Jardine Select Towcester
Address: A5 Roundabout Greens Norton Road, Greens Norton, Towcester NN12 8QE, United Kingdom
Website: jardinemotors.co.uk
Phone number: +44 1327 579026

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 52.1395230
Longitude: -0.9981030

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Ben Buller
Rang this morning to book my VW in for a service. Originally I was caller #5 and after 5 mins or so became caller #2 where I remained for over a further 20 minutes. My guess is caller numbers 3,4 and 5 had given up. In the end I left a message for someone to call back which, at the time of writing, hasn't happened. Out of interest I rang back and pressed option 1 for enquiring about buying a car and this was answered on the first ring ! It is fairly apparent where their interest lies. To be fair, someone did eventually call back after I'd posted this but I'd already booked my car in elsewhere
7 months ago
Ali Dickerson
Everything went as planned, had booked for MOT and service which were carried out on the day. Used collect and return service which worked very well for us as it meant no need to travel to garage.
5 months ago
Todd Beaumont
Everything was great
6 months ago
Mark Shamblin
It’s such a shame that advisory’s on mots are not fixed, in my case tyres were advisory as at 3 mm , as it’s still classed as a pass but leaves the new owner with parts to replace or fix, very soon after ownership, apart from that the dealership is excellent to deal with
2 months ago
Stephen Tenniswood
Really poor service.... I left my company car at 8.30 AM for the service and I was told that they will call me as soon as it would be ready. Around 3.00 PM I called them to get an update and they couldn't tell me exactly what time it would be ready but they assured me that it would be ready before 6.00 PM. It was 5.40 PM and because nobody had called me I called again to check if I could come to pick it up. Anna told me that the service guys were busy but would call me back in 5 min....obviously no one did. The day after around 10 AM I was called to pick it up ...I was literary given the keys and was sent outside to find my car without anyone talking me through the work that has been done ...I had to go back in as I couldn't find the car... I usualy go to the MK branch where I always feel pampered and I always get a complimentary car wash as well. Not only I haven't been asked at all but the mechanic's fingerprints were everywhere... As soon as I got out of the service I nearly bumped into the car in front of me as they had changed my brake pads but didn't bother to tell me to drive carefully so the pads can "bed in" properly...lastly, on my way home I realised that my Adaptive Cruise Control doesn't work anymore....I have had to book another appointment to the MK branch to sort it out ...
5 months ago
Lauren Taylor
Very helpful and a pleasure to deal with
9 months ago
a pina
Twice forgot to put the Connect dongle in the car. Took way too long to book the car in and I was in a rush to get to work. Courtesy car needed clearing out as wasn't ready
5 months ago
Felicia Theobald
Superseded my expectations with a straightforward transaction and no hanging around, (as I have experienced with other manufacturers). Well done Anna who was more than helpful and came up with a deal that I was happy with.
9 months ago
Peter Carey
Keith Dunlop was excellent .... polite and understanding. Not pushy at all, just genuine and passionate about VW cars... perfect service!
11 months ago
Sandra Park
Helpful, friendly and not pushy. Highly reccomend buying a car here.
5 months ago
Jean Boone
Bought 1 year old VW Golf in "perfect" condition after 142 DasWeltAuto checks with clear service history. Took it to garage for check and been told that rear back panel been damaged and repainted. When complained been told that they didn't be aware of that and they did everything according to DasWeltAuto procedures "Used cars you can trust. Guaranteed". Be aware when planning to buy a car thru this program. Unfortunatley I trusted them as they are approved VW used cars dealer, my fault. Didn't resolve my problem as been told they did everything according to DasWeltAuto scheme and they don't see any fault on their side. The only option been that you can is change it for different car from the same dealer. Unfortenatelly didn't find any similiar one. Don't trust DasWeltAuto scheme, be extra vigilant when buying used car from them.
9 months ago
Stephen Craig
Great team at Lancaster highly recommend for all your needs
5 months ago
Judy Montgomery
Various assessment's on my car weren't true as looking over the car after the service and areas that were highlighted during the service were far from accurate.
9 months ago
Jonathan Miller
Nice place friendly staff
6 months ago
Brad Gunner
Very helpful and considerate it was a pleasure doing business with the team.
9 months ago
Billy Brown
Great service, contacted the dealership regarding a vehicle Scott - Sales advisor was really friendly and listened to what I needed and specifications I wanted, would highly recommend anyone wanting to purchase a VW to see Scott at Towcester, really happy with the recent purchase!
9 months ago
Gail Levy
I was extremely pleased with the service provided by Towcester Volkswagen and especially Rob Beke who dealt with the sale.
5 months ago
Pam Burgoyne
A nice and friendly place to buy and service your car
9 months ago
Stan Johnson
Nice service ... but ve advised this is a used car store.
8 months ago
Alaa H
Very helpful and friendly every thing went to plan.
5 months ago

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