Buckingham Palace

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Buckingham Palace
Rate: 4.7
Address: London SW1A 1AA, United Kingdom
Phone number: +44 303 123 7300

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Latitude: 51.5013640
Longitude: -0.1418900

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Kaitlyn Raterman
A superb place to visit. I really do wonder what goes on inside and what IS going on inside when we’re all outside! Such a magical place steeped in world, let alone English history. Some real fascinating stories about the site. Nobody was …
3 weeks ago
amb oo
A magnificent palace and one of the most visited sites in London. Every time we've been there, there are large crowds. But irrespective of that, it's a must visit location in London. Worth it to walk all around the perimeter, take pictures …
2 months ago
Toni Merritt
Buckingham palace resides at the very heart of London.in 1837, the palace became the London residence of the most famous queen Victoria, the longest reigning monarchs.it spans over 39 acres and has 775 rooms. For tourists what attracts is …
1 week ago
Jason Langhorne
One of the most beautiful, historical and magnificent building, you have lots to see both inside and outside, despite the crowds it’s one of the must visit place in London, you cannot park your vehicle near the premises still you can spend …
3 months ago
Delia Shaw
It's a beautiful and magnificent place to visit and have a walk around the gardens. Very iconic!
1 week ago
Azizam Jessica
Good tour of the gardens with a bonus of the coach house being open on a Friday.
6 days ago
sean reed
There is nothing to hate here. Beautiful architecture, gardens, monuments, etc. Love the place.
2 weeks ago
Julia George
I was on the garden tour, it was very interesting, informative the guide was full of enthusiasm and knowledgeable.
6 days ago
M Ames
Quiet today, but nonetheless enjoyable. Her Majesty wasn't in residence as the Royal Standard wasn't flying...
1 week ago
Ronneal Colbert
Truly a magnificent experience to cherish. Never feel tired of walking around and waiting to see the guards changing. Maybe most visited place in London.
3 months ago
Kipruto Kipchumba
Historical place the residence of British Queen. Nice surrounding. Parking not available right in the vicinity. But If you travel by car please look street side nearby areas. Very good tube connection.
5 months ago
Brian Anderson
Incredible Palace. Totally recommend visiting at least once in your lifetime.
2 weeks ago
This is a historic and magnificent building. The grand embellishments at the gates are worth visiting, st James park is a beautiful park for a combination visit. The Victoria Memorial statue standing right in the centre is glorious. It has …
7 months ago
Aristotle Edmond
It’s an experience !!Everyone will love it !! A total different vibe So beautiful!! Lucky to see a royal guard March If you ever in London it’s a must visit
2 weeks ago
Xin Weng
Very nice Palace, nice place to visit
1 month ago
Lucius Ballard
The area is just so calm and relaxing. St James's park is beautiful too
1 month ago
Parth Patel
As always majestic to see it from outside. Must be amazing doing a tour inside.
1 week ago
Kevin Tran
Visiting this place was wonderful experience. Very much exciting to see royal place. Beautiful gardens, royal gates, architecture wonderful, you seem to be in different world.
4 months ago
Jordan Barclay
Not too bad. Tried to treat the queen to some Chinese takeaway but apparently Buckingham palace isn’t an acceptable delivery address. Tried chatting to one of the guards to take it in for the queen herself but instead he punched me, all recorded by my brother. The picture shows proof:
2 weeks ago
jing liu
Beautiful building, best time to go is early in the morning, not crowded and lots of space
1 week ago
Lisa Graham
Warm greetings! I've a question to ask you first! Are a person, who loves to see and experience Royale Living? If yes, then proceed to read further, if not, then do check the pictures, then you would like to read the rest! Well, I visited …
5 months ago
Nelly Mate
Stunning as just Buckingham Palace could be. A bit sad for the lost but this is life. ????????????????????????
1 month ago
Merry Cox
One positive aspect of the Covid era is smaller crowds.
2 weeks ago
Madison Cecilia
Being the home of the British Queen/King Since it's construction in the early to mid 1800s, the building with it's elegant Gregorian and Victorian Styles makes it stand out as a good building amongst the others around it. Tours show about as much as you'd expect for a home. Guards did their job properly.
2 months ago
Lorri Badolato
Place is amazing. You have garden space to chill and have a good time.
1 month ago
James Snow
Of course if you come to London Buckingham Palace is a building that you have to observe ! How beautiful gardens you will see around especially in a sunny day!!
1 month ago
Chan Long
You have to visit this place on a sunny day for the most enjoyment and vibes from the public. The parks are beautiful
3 weeks ago
connie campbell
Superb visit. I met the Queen, she was very hospitable.
2 weeks ago
Prabjit Bassi
I haven’t been there at all, I just know it’s probably a very nice place to be. =)
1 week ago
Shannon Curran
Had such a beautiful sunny afternoon. R.I.P. Prince Philip ????
1 month ago
Kezie Bruce
Beautiful, clean and nice place and awesome Palace
3 days ago
Raquelia Rea
We had a lovely day, my grandson enjoyed seeing everything around Buckingham Palace
1 week ago
A beautiful place on a beautiful City, I recommend everyone to go there at least once on your lifetime.
1 month ago
Mayra Alvarado
How can you really review such an important and historical place like Buckingham Palace? I just been honoured to see this imposing building and the lovely gardens near the palace. Defiantly I will try to go there every time I will visit …
9 months ago
Richard Lowney
Must see for first time visitors. Even if for most of the year you cannot go inside, you gotta see where thr royalty is hiding out and then ask yourself, do they really need that much space? Either way it is an impressive sight.
8 months ago
Buckingham Palace is the London residence and administrative headquarters of the monarch of the United Kingdom. Located in the City of Westminster, the palace is often at the centre of state occasions and royal hospitality. It has been a focal point for the British people at times of national rejoicing and mourning
1 month ago
Gonzalo Armendariz
Always well manicured parks. Some roads are closed on Sundays which makes it a more pleasant place to visit.
1 month ago
Elaine Whitehouse
Been here two times, only to watch “ Guard Ceremony”. It’s very interesting and attractive attractions and the palace itself is very beautiful. Changing Guard Ceremony take place everyday ( summer time ) start at 11 am, if you want to see …
3 months ago
Brenda Cortes
Great place to see great experience good day out
1 week ago
Kent Speigner
very good but i didnt see the queen, very dissapointed never going again
1 week ago
Betty Yanak
Amazing as always and...Pretty emotional today...
2 months ago
Alan Stirling
Buckingham is a nice place to visit, especially when you come in early June. The Queen's official birthday celebration (also known as Trooping the Colour) is really a fantastic crowded event. It will take whole day and worth your time. The …
5 months ago
Tim Siemsen
I enjoy visiting our grandmother QUEEN Elizabeth, beautiful environment and great place to visit. Awesome and wonderful place in London. I encourage everybody's to visit Buckingham Palace.
2 months ago
Umida Anwarowa
Beautiful, historical, magnificent Palace to visit! Lots of astonishing gardens around! One of the must visit place at London!
1 month ago
Jeff Cox
Be prepared for a crowd surrounding the gates of the palace, and if you are truly interested in seeing the changing of "royal guard" honestly its not worth it. Whenever I watched it happen I remember thinking, "what happened, did I miss …
9 months ago
Will Park
The sun was shining & I got to see the Queen
1 week ago
Natalie Carter
Just love the place. I've been inside and it's AMAZING. RIP PRINCE PHILIP ❤
1 month ago
barbara richard
Wonderful place,been many times inside as well.Love to walk around the stunning building in every season.Highly recommended to see it,always a nice experience.
1 month ago
Johnny Boy
Lovely to get a chance to pay my tribute
2 months ago
Donna Sweetin
The experience of seeing the palace in real time was so surreal ????
2 months ago